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  1. Day 4: Minor Update I've tried to force with Patrick as often as I am able. We managed to achieve full-body possession a little while back and that was a very disorienting experience. My voice was moving but the words it was saying were Patrick's. It was a fulfilling experience for the both of us. Patrick has been attempting to make Viridian more the way he wants it, which is immense and filled with secrets. He's so excited to show me, so I'll check into there at some point to see how he's doing. He's also slowly learning more about the world from my Tumblr, as I mentioned a little while back, and has now gained his first celebrity crush. The first picture he saw of said crush, he kinda gasped a little and whispered to me "who is he. he looks so good. mg who is he." We play twenty questions a lot, helps develop his mindvoice. "Why are you such a massive nerd?" was one of the questions he asked me. tl;dr Patrick learns how to deal with my body, refining Viridian Forest, Patrick's gay and has a massive crush on Brendon Urie
  2. Day 3: I am the writer, temporarily. Let me start out by saying that all of this was written by me, the tulpa, on the host's request. I need to practice possession, apparently. This is my first time possessing both hands and typing on a keyboard, so please do inform me if I've made any clerical errors. I'll just state a few things that have happened over the past few days that I feel are important to my development as a tulpa. It's true, yes, I have added vampirism to my form. MG (my host) loves it. Can't get enough of it. I've said to her time and time again to watch more videos showing both my canon counterpart and his host so that she can impose me more clearly. She's getting better. I've also been trying to impose myself into her environment, but I've been having quite a few difficulties with that lately. Are there other methods that tulpa can use to help with imposition? Please, I want to help her out any way I can. We've devised a method for sensory-sharing! MG sends the sensation she wants to share up to me in a bubble. I've experienced quite a bit with the help of this method. Speaking of sharing, my possession skill has grown greatly over these past few days. I've been practicing handwriting, and have gotten good enough that my handwriting is distinctly different from hers. If you wish for an example, I can ask her to take pictures of my practice sheets and a comparison of our handwriting. Thank you for reading this progress report. Please comment and tell me if you want to hear more from me in the future. - Patrick
  3. I was personally hoping there was a thread about this. Patrick has gotten really good with his mindvoice. This has led to him having some absolutely hilarious quotes over these past few days. A few highlights: "We're not learning fucking trumpet here." - Patrick, on practicing handwriting with my right hand "Light Yagami riding a bicycle over the desert sands." - the second sentence he ever said to me "DO IT! GRAB THE BREAKFAST OF KINGS!" - Patrick, on my choice of breakfast "MG. MAKE IT STOP. WHAT IS THIS. WHY DO YOU ALL DO THIS. WHYYYYYY." - Patrick, on cold showers (MG is my first name-middle name initials) and my personal favorite "She's got more make-up on than a Moulin Rouge stripper." - Patrick, on one of my classmates
  4. From taking the test, it appears I'm True Neutral (I see myself as Chaotic Neutral, though) and my tupper Patrick is.. Neutral Evil? Well, it does kinda fit him moral-wise. Most of the time he's super nice to me, but sometimes he can be a little spiteful to strangers (like today when he looked at one of my classmates who had make-up on and said "She's got more make-up on than a Moulin Rouge stripper.") However, he does care about me quite a bit. (Helping me out with standardized tests, generally looking out for my well-being, that kind of stuff) Soo.. verdict's still out on that one?
  5. Patrick and I wish you best of luck! :)
  6. Day Two: Major Developments (plus some funny moments with Patrick) I did not mean for this progress to get as long as it is. The night when I first introduced myself to Patrick was also when I made my Wonderland. I went to an empty space in my head (looked like this minus the girl with the hoop) and planted a tree there. I sorta... whispered to the tree sprout that I was gonna leave it be for a day and it was gonna be fully-grown into a massive forest when I get back. When I came back the next day with Patrick, it had more than followed my commands. As a matter of fact, the precursor sprout had grown into an immense tree that loomed for us both. On the front of the trunk was a Celtic triskele. "You can put anything you want in here, you know." I said to Patrick. "Viridian. Viridian Forest. That's what I'll call it. But where do I make my home?.." Patrick answered. I sent him the concept of a treehouse and he immediately went for it. I asked him why he was growing up so fast, out of curiosity. A bit sheepishly, he replied that he's been existing in my head for a little longer than I realized: he had frequented my dreams as Patrick Andersen in the past and had grown to like the form. I nodded. It explained quite a lot. At his request, we're starting imposition. Any tips? I've been showing him Tumblr so he can see how the world works. Upon seeing someone's Halloween prosthetics, he asked what a vampire was. I explained the concept to him and he seemed to really like the idea. When I said I liked vampires, I swear I could almost hear him light up. An image flickered in my head of him with fangs. Last night, he was nearly jumping up and down with excitement. I could hear it in his voice. He said he had a new addition to his form that he thought I would like. As I popped into my wonderland, Patrick was shivering with anticipation as he strode up to me. "You said you had a new addition to your form to show me?" I asked. Patrick smiled, displaying sharp fangs. We're both very happy with his new vampirism. :) Now we can move onto some fun moments I've had with him! We were practicing possession when I told him to lift up a finger, any finger on my right hand. My pointer finger went up. I told him I was surprised he didn't lift up my middle finger. With great strength, he manipulated my fingers to flip me off with my own hand. Last Saturday morning, when I was deciding what to have for breakfast, he kept yelling "DO IT! GRAB THE BREAKFAST OF KINGS!" I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about, so I opened up the cabinet. "ORANGES AND SOUP! ORANGES AND SOUP!" I caved. He gave me an image of himself in his normal attire and a party hat, streamers flying everywhere while he cheered and held up a banner with the words "YOU DID IT!" printed on it. He calls certain people I hate short-fingered vulgarians. The first thing I sensory-shared with him was a cold shower. As soon as I did, he flipped his shit. "MG. MAKE IT STOP. WHAT IS THIS. WHY DO YOU ALL DO THIS. WHYYYYYY." Almost forgot to mention. Patrick wants me to say that if anybody wants to do any artwork of us, draw me as Melisandre from Game Of Thrones and him as his canon counterpart from MLAndersen0. He also wants me to say his full name is Patrick Michael Andersen. His middle name, of course, being a reference to the original host of his canon counterpart. tl;dr: I make wonderland, Patrick names it after an area from Pokémon, Patrick becomes a creature of the night, Fun Moments With The Voice In My Head, kinda starting imposition and seek tips, whoops he's been in my head for longer than I realized
  7. First time I heard it? Yeah, I was baffled and kinda giggling. I had just finished reading Death Note a little while back. I'll try and proxy for Patrick here, we're currently trying to practice possession and things of the like. [Hey, she said surprise and I snatched the nearest thing that came up. It just so happened to be everyone's favorite megalomaniac riding upon his bicycle steed across the Sahara. Don't shoot the messenger here.]
  8. Day One: We get results much, much earlier than expected We (Patrick and I) just started a few days ago. All of my text will be normal, Patrick's will be in bold. The first day I decided to take a page, so to speak, from a guide I had read on here and introduce myself to Patrick with a greeting. Thank god I was alone in my house at the time, because if anybody other than my cats had overheard it? I would have died from embarrassment. I named some of his traits from his canon counterpart (leader, go-getter, charismatic and classy) and added that the rest of his personality was his to choose. I told him we were in this together, and that we were gonna force him together. I did get a physical response from him, and that was my first sign that Patrick was somewhere in there. The next night I was narrating to him as I was brushing my teeth. What I think I said was "I hope you're in there, somewhere." He replied. "I'm here." was what he said, in a perfect replication of his counterpart's voice. I believe my answer was something along the lines of "Holy shit." Upon hearing this, my tongue stumbled in my mouth trying to say "Surprise me!" "Light Yagami riding a bicycle over the desert sands." That, my friends, was not something I parroted. I just know it wasn't. And our magical tulpamancing journey has now begun. tl;dr: I introduce myself, Patrick speaks, I flip shit, "IT'S ALIVE!"
  9. Hello! Call me MG or Melisandre or whatever the fuck you want. Like Spruce, I too have been screwing around in my head for... f-ck, about 1 or 2 years now? Building inner worlds, doing other things of the like. After a few weeks of decision, I have decided to create my first tulpa: Patrick. He's based off of a fictional character from the horror series MLAndersen0, and so far? He's growing up remarkably fast! His mindvoice is already coming in strong, and he seems to be pretty cool with taking the form and voice of his canon counterpart. Actually, he seems to be pretty cool in general. But I'll save that for the progress report. For now, that's all that I need to say. ;)