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  1. Well, I didn't read completely the lasts posts about this mask and galantamine and mind stuff because it's a lot of stuff, just skimmed, but I think you should do it. About disappointing other people, speaking for myself, I am ok, I think if I was in your situation I'd be more worried with disappointing myself, I'd feel like that too. So yeah, I think you good. Buying this is not going to be the case for me, maybe when I have money myself if I don't acomplish it until there, but I wish you success in this.
  2. Hey guys (mainly Tewi), I'm pretty much in the situations as yours in regard to lucid dreaming (though in my case I'm having little time to sleep too). I was reading things in LD4all these days again for any idea, and I remembered about this: http://www.ld4all.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=43988 (if someone could put this as a decent link would be nice). Now, I know that you have been trying LDing for a long time so probably you have already stumbled across this technique (or maybe not, I hope), but maybe you wanna give a try. Well, I say this because the author (and other sources over the inte
  3. 1) They are still a mistery, and at school is not an exception, I think. 2) Nobody knows, sure would happen the classical "You crazy dude" stuff. I'd be very surprised if I found anybody at my school that even has a thoughtform thay they treat/think as sentient. 3) I think yes, most of the days she stays some time at school with me. And even if she didn't I think she would still learn, same brain. She doesn't help with school because I have not problem handling it myself, so alternating and mixing things would be more unproductive. But sure, it seems a nice idea, a tulpa helping the host wit
  4. Hey another Brazilian :) !!!! greetings from me and Cecilia and welcome. Wish the best to you and Seth.
  5. Ah, yeah, I'm doing that. I forgot to say it. As I already practiced lucid dreaming before coming here in the site, I was already used to use it to do things relationed to inner stuff. So, basically, first she enters in my body, as if I imposed her overlaping my body. Then, we associate each of our minds/ bodies/ consciency/ however with an energy /feeling / however, and I visualize/imagine mine going to the back of my head and getting smaller and weaker, and hers getting stronger and permeating all the body. Seems the most direct and obvious way to do it to me. When I said "more difficult
  6. Well, just passing by to say what is happening, I think. We started trying possesion some time ago. Something between 1 and 2 months. So, I don't have really problems with dissociating from body, it's ok this part. More difficult now is she learn how to control the body. We had sporadic sections between these days, and she is currently able to move the arms in a not-much-but-still-significant twitched way, and without much "accuracy", like moving fingers to do something. Also it's kind of "weak" still, she cannot make any strong force. We attempted to move the leg once, but, yeah, gravity w
  7. Well, let me explain what I understood of all this conversation and stuff about median vs. tulpas (correct me if you think I'm wrong, I am used to be). Maybe some of the problem is about definitions: we, I mean, most people in the community (as seen in the poll), DEFINE a thoughtform as a "tulpa" when it has some degree of independence (where the "enough independence" is subjective) in relation to the host, and we DEFINE a median system where the people involved are aspects of just one person. So, at least in a semantical way, speaking of a "median tulpa" just doesn't make sense at all, bec
  8. guy this freaked me out when I read it because exactly this happened to us, I think something like a month ago. Though it was more like a robe (but still a white pajamas), and also there was a mug of coffee in her hands xD . Sometimes unexpected things happen.
  9. Have been listening to because I was trying to play it on the piano, but I have little time to it + it's hard= it's still crap. Anyway, it's a good music, enjoy :)
  10. I haven't seen it with no other people, but Cecilia likes to changes her form once in a while (althought my visualization sucks so doesn't matter much at all). With form I mean really everything, not only using accesories or changing clothes or something like that. Does somebody do it too? Well, I can't think in nothing but your "hoppiness" and your general "effort"(I know that's not the right word, but the best I can put) to be always happy. Hum, don't think it counts thought, it's more as you are... idk.
  11. Hum, I understand. Maybe it was a dream character image of her, if it didn't "felt" like it was her. Well just you can say it. Yeah I think remembering of her in a dream is good for now :)(hum, although I think the truth is that I never actively intented to dream with her, what normally is called incubation... hum... hum... I think it worths a try, although never tried to incubate anything). As you said, the thing about visualization is really attractive yes, it's like a super-duper-competent imposition that you don't even need to worry to create! Yeah, more with the nice things you c
  12. Hey people! Just wanted to say, hum, I'm not dead? Life was just busy for a while, although I still had time to read a little about what was happening. But writing this or something else takes more time I would like to admit :P so it's hard to do it when life is busy. Hum, I don't have anything to say, I think? thought things ARE happening, but I'll borrow what Tewi said sometime ago if you don't mind :) : what we think, the mindset, is in costant progress and yeah, basically we are "working on it" in most things; if I write anything now probably 2 months after it may be be something differ
  13. Ephemeral

    Stupid Jokes Thread

    (credits to my brother) The man enters in a pet shop, and the seller show him a parrot that has recently came. The salesman happily says: "Hey man, I have an interesting thing for you. See this parrot? He is bilingual: when it lifts the right leg it speaks english, and when it lifts the left leg it speaks spanish!" Then the man asks, "what if it lifts his 2 legs?!?" the parrot then answer: ”Then I fall, you idiot!".
  14. Hum, sorry, I kinda just saw this today xD. I have been having the same problem, but I don't know if you still have it. anyway... the best advice I can give is say what I do, that's basically ignoring them too. Sometimes I get intrusive thoughts when I'm talking to Cecilia, when I know usually my mind is kind of rushing, and then it "talks" before her being able to. I know it's bad worded but I think you could get by what you said. This happens pretty often, then I talked to her about it, so we reached in a conclusion: these thoughts have an immediate feeling, so when I ask her something, she
  15. Hey! So let me ask, any of you all has something planned to do about lucid dreaming? Or you are kind of not worrying about this in the moment? I mean, you said that Lumi discovered it about the time of Reisen was made years ago, I would like to know what you have tried. Ah, sometimes some things are harder get out of your head, damn it Linkzelda!
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