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  1. Hello again! [[Heyo!]] We seem to have made a lot of progress recently. Shes started to talk more and sometimes she uses small sentences too. But I feel like shes lacking vocabulary? or something like that. For example if I ask her what she would want to do or something similar, the answer is usually "I dont know" or "Something". But she usually answers if I ask "Do you want to do _____?" How could we overcome this problem? (Also she seemed to apologize to me a few times as I was writing that part, and i think she's blamimg herself for this. I told her there's no need to be sorry and she shouldnt blame herself that much, but all she said was "How can you progress without discipline?") And another thing i've noticed is that when she uses sentences they like go by really fast but I "know" what she says but I have to like "process" and read it out to myself so I can understand it and sometimes words are left out and I only end up with 1-2 words from the sentence, but asking what she said a couple of times usually solves this. Is this what intent feels like? How could we maybe solve this?
  2. Alright, I think were making some progress towards conversations now, slowly but surely because I can only hear her speak maybe 2-8 times a day. But doubts are still getting to me sometimes. Especially when I ask something and I don't get a response, but I guess thats normal? Asked her to surprise me by saying anything she wanted to say to me, didn't get any responses for the first few minutes but this is what I ended up hearing. Me: Alright, just say any word that comes to your mind Tulpa: A Me: Okay, another one? Tulpa: B Me: Those are letters, not words. Can you try to say a word? Tulpa: Okay. Me: Go on. Tulpa: Pizza. I think were doing great, thanks again to you who've helped us! ^-^
  3. Yeah, I think that explained it for me. :) But I guess i've got one more question: how should I go about trying to have a 'proper' conversation with her? Most of our chats start with me saying "This/that is a _____" And then sometimes she'll ask what it is and i'll explain as best I can what it does and what its used for. Or once she asked without me even telling her what the object was. I also get sometimes get answers from her but as I said they're almost always 1 word comments like "okay" "yeah" "thanks" "no" and "oh". I also talked to her about the talking over eachother thing. I started getting answers from her maybe a split second after I finished talking, but I think she forgot about it or something. :P
  4. All right. I'm fairly sure i'm hearing her talk more throuought the day. Mostly 1 word comments that seem kinda "neutral" or lacking personality, but I guess thats just because its just 1 word. Longest sentence i've gotten was "I dont know" when I asked her opinion on something. Also gotten some other sentences but they seem to take longer for her to say and they tend to stop in the middle of it, about 3 words in. I guess this just takes time and practise? And does the voice become clearer with time? And I seem to have stopped doubting her that much, but now I'm getting a bit scared that it'll stop. :P Thanks a lot for the help! :) Edit: I'd also like to ask if its normal me to get an answer when im halfway done with the question? Like I just asked her "how are you doing?" And i heard "good" just when i was about to say "you".
  5. Alright, I did another session earlier today and I don't think I got anything. But just recently as I was looking at myself in the mirrior and worrying a bit about how I look because I had some wounds on my cheek I heard something say: "I like you no matter how you look". Then I asked her if it was her and to give me that feeling and she did. Do I just keep doing what im doing and try to listen to her troughout the day? Even though I know that its her because of the response, still for some reason some part of me thinks that it was just me. I guess it may be because it sounded like me and about midway through the sentence I felt like I was making it up 100% and it didn't 'surprise' me like the previous times i've heard her. I hope this isn't harming progress in any way, and how could I get over this? Also something I noticed was that this voice seemed to originate from the back of my head and my thinking voice feels like its located in the front or in the middle of my head. And it also seemed faint but I had no trouble hearing it.
  6. So I was finally able to give this a shot, but I dont think I got any responses. Do I just need to keep trying?
  7. Hello. I started creating my tulpa about 2 months ago and I now I think that she's 'there' but we don't really have a way to communicate. I guess the most constant way of communicating for us now is her giving me a "feeling" on/around my shoulder area when I say "hi" to her, accompanied by a relaxing feeling/presence/aura or something. This doesnt happen every time but if i repeat it a couple of times I get this response about 90% of the time. Of course i guess I cant be 100% sure that its her, but the way I figured this out was that I started to notice this happening maybe a month ago. And one time I said "hi" to her 7 or so times, getting this response every time. So how could we make progress with speech? I think i've heard her two times, a month ago and 1 week ago. The most recent one was a short sentence that didnt quite make sense until I thought about it for a while. Also, what are these responses supposed to 'feel' like? I dont remember what the first response felt like and the recent one is kinda hard to explain. It was like at first I like "thought" about saying it (or thinking, i dont know :P) but I didn't, but then it kinda just 'happened' or something? And it was really weird.