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    Hello all, I live my life up hear in the Black Hills of South Dakota. In my free time away from work and school, I tulpa-force, exercise, power-lift, and run. I am currently awaiting deployment for a career as a US Army Ranger
  1. I was on Accutane from 2011-2012 It was the only thing that could rid me of my face and back acne. however it worked great, the blood drawing on a bi-weekly basis was a huge pain; but it worked. Also last fall when I was working on my tulpa I accidentally over-dosed on antihistamines (took Sudafed and Benadryl) I was so out of the world that there was absolutely zero contact between me and her. So no, I for one, do not recommend Drugs+Tulpa.
  2. "Has he/she ever surprised you, even once? That's proof enough." I find this not true at all, I have surprised myself; on more then one occasion. Why would a imposed vision be any different? "I'm starting to feel like I, and others like me, have fake tulpas, and we're simply trying to convince ourselves otherwise in the hopes that belief alone will equate them to actual parallel entities capable of thinking for themselves." I found this part of your post to be very truthful, most of us do (I believe) have "fake tulpae" (especially the newer crowd). I feel that because of our rush to get the glorious pay-out of what others had, and what they were saying they experienced, we started to take any hint as sentience and a finished project. I have met many doctors that would say a placebo is a god-send when it works, however, it completely stifles the scientific push to find an actual cure. And I feel that with the tulpa phenomena individuals are creating whatever they yearn for in terms of companionship, and while overall this does no harm to the individual; claiming it as a separate sentient being is a bulbous lie.
  3. I've gotten to the point where I can feel warmth emanating from her, as she lays adjacent to me, its usually nothing more then a comforting warmth, however, I recently starting utilizing methods to better strengthen Theta waves in my cranium; and I can say that this has increased the sensation of her touch to near perfection.
  4. Well, I made a cake on Valentines Day for my tulpa (since it is also her birthday), but as I am not an avid baker, I got some estranged looks from my family; I've never explained her to anyone, so I guess, No. My tulpa does not exist to another's knowledge. :( Mostly out of fear of what others would think. . .
  5. laugh at the fact that its happening. . . more specifically laugh with your tulpa, who is probably laughing at you for making a mistake. I always found laughter to be good medicine.
  6. well, I had a wonderland, but we stopped going, because this world turned out to be allot more fun. Anyway, when I do something outside of the realms of giving attention to my tulpa (work, reading, sleeping) I'm not really sure where she goes. I'm not an expert tulpa-mancer I guess; so she just vanishes for a while. . . maybe your right, but some more research (science FTW) on this topic would be great.
  7. TL:(IR)DR: lol however, since I have created a tulpa my focus and attention to detail has significantly improved. I can see a simplified tulpa created for work reasons could help individuals of special operations keep control over their body in tense situations. I can also see it as a prelude to prevent information leeks, If you AND your tulpa are working against being interrogated then you have a better chance of surviving in "isolated" interrogation rooms.
  8. Actually, mine plays a Taylor guitar and sings in mind-voice when I'm listening to music. After a while I can barely hear the original singer, and its just her voice and her playing the guitar. She moves seamlessly to the music, its really beautiful.
  9. I love message sessions! even if you don't "actually" get a message you still release stress through deep breathing and relaxing your muscles. I find them to be very bonding periods of time as well.
  10. welcome! and yes, visualize more. But in my experience: my tulpa changed allot when she was young, but on the basis of every couple days, (not whenever I tried to visualize her). She turned out to be a shape-shifter tulpa. so IMHO I would suggest telling your tulpa what you are going to visualise him as. this may force him to settle for a bit, this helped me visualize anyway. Also don't forget to work on the other parts of your good friend! his form may become more clear as you reinforce his personality.
  11. sometimes we wake up together, it's really nice and after it happens you wont want to wake up any other way.
  12. :( I can't smell. . . that feel, bro. however she thinks that she smells like the pine trees she flies through. (before she gets a shower)
  13. 1) I have always tried to both visualize and narrate, however; I think that the important part is to direct the conversation towards your tulpa, as to implant in your brain the concept that it's actually there. 2) no, not at all. In my experience anyway. Then again my tulpa is a shape-shifter. . . 3) you are only limited by your imagination. You can literally do ANYTHING with your tulpa. IE: sledding, wizard fights, snuggling, watching movies, hiking, homework, learning a new language, etc.
  14. I've had a tulpa for months, I'm nowhere near the end result, nor do I want to be. the longer we take on each individual step the more intricate and advanced our relationship becomes. Some people are rushed because the end result is such a fantastic idea they cannot wait to achieve it. And I cannot stress how important it is for a tulpa to be created slowly, why would you wan't to rush to become an adult? What you get isn't exactly equal to the freedom you had, let your tulpa grow, expand, and experiment. it's as important a process to them, as it was to you growing up. JMHO
  15. Ok, so I did some research and this is what I came to: the hypothalamus is the sex region of the brain, when flushed with testosterone that you excrete during pre-sex; your brain releases Dopamine, a key "happiness" chemical. Gobledeegook I know, but how does it apply to a tulpa? well, because your tulpa resides within your brain, he or she can experience a similar rush of Dopamine during sex; which (subsequently) would make your tulpa happy. however, your brain may become confused trying to appeal to both areas of your (and your tulpa's) brain. And therefore, because your Pre-frontal cortex is all mis-arranged (for the time being) and because your tulpa uses your pre-frontal cortex to reason, It may be difficult for him or her to regain an attachment onto it's old speaking methods. another theory states: you have just introduced your tulpa to the most powerful form of communication, and she may seem distant because all other forms are temporarily inadequate to gain your precious attention. TL: DR just give her time; it heals all wounds and builds all relationships.