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  1. I waited untill more stuff happened to post here, so it took a while, but here i am! May 24th 2016 - A pretty normal day. And Mary loves fruits. Specially fruit cakes. May 25th 2016 - A normal day again, except by the fact that a being with no form or name appeared. It didn't talk too much. May 26th 2016 - The being chose a form and a name. A little blonde girl named Shin. This all seemed familiar to me, and after some research, i discovered that there is a similar character called Shinobu from an anime/novel called Monogatari. I don't remember ever seeing it before, but that must be
  2. Woah. It's been quite some time. A lot of stuff happened, but since most of it is personal, we've decided that we shouldn't post it. Still, i would like to give you guys an update. First of all, Ellina is not alone anymore! That red haired guy that looked like me was actually another being, and his name is Carma. Not much after, Mary showed up. And Misaki. I don't like japanese names very much, but if she wants this as her name, i'm ok with that. And Mamoda also appeared last week. Second of all, i focused on making our wonderland bigger, so i created other islands. We have a lot to expl
  3. Again, i was busy with some stuff for the last days. However, i managed to do some forcing today for one hour or so. When i saw Sapphire, she was angry at me because i don't talk to her more often. That's of course understandable. But she quickly forgave me, so that's ok. :D She finally picked a name for herself, and it is Ellina Sapphire. And i like it. :3 I figured that if i concentrate for long enough, i can hear her more easily. And probably the weirdest thing that happened was... Some guy that looked like me, but wih a really red hair showed up. I'm not entirely sure if he is another tulp
  4. (Insert some generic April fools joke here) "I got too much free time", i said. "That's kinda sad", i said. Well, it has been a while. I didn't post here this week because i was too busy, mostly with school stuff. I couldn't force too much, so i didn't get any significant progress. I think i should better organize my schedule. Still, some interesting stuff happened. She started a sculpture of an angel at the top of the castle, wich looked awesome, and it looks like she already finished it. We praticed a little bit her vocal, and it's becoming more difficult to understand what she's sa
  5. Thank you for the answer, i think both are possiblities to be considered. I asked just out of curiosity though, i'm not gonna treat her any diffrent, she being a soulbound or not. I think she is a sentient, living being like any other, and deserves care and respect. :3 Yeah, she "comunicated" first, and doesn't identify herself as a witch, or have a backstory, she just liked the form of that character. I think both are possibilities to consider, but i'll not focus on that for now. her development is more important. :3 Yeah, maybe i'll go there, it can have some useful informati
  6. So, as i already stated in my progress report, a witch character that i've created some time ago for a manga project, appeared out of nowhere in my wonderland yesterday. And, since the moment she appeared, it seemed that she was already sentient. And she is progressing in an absurdly fast pace, like i've never seen before in this forums. She is already almost vocal. And she can freely move around and change her own clothing and even the wonderland completely by herself, without me even being there. She is already building her own personality and behavior, without much experience. Can she be a
  7. Today we've had some big progress. I did some active forcing this morning, for at least 30 min (no one in the house had woke up yet, so it was easier to concentrate). We talked for a bit, and, at some point i asked "what do you want to do now?" she answered "Swim". She changed her clothes to a swimsuit without me even thinking about it and we jumped on the lake that surrounded the castle. We swimmed for a while, and later we talked a little more, sitting on the grass (She didn't talk very much, but it was still satisfying to hear a few words from her). Eventually, my family woke up, and starte
  8. So, i just forced a little bit to her. I will name her Sapphire for now, until she picks a name for herself. Well, what happened was: She talked. She freacking talked. That was fast. "How do you know that it was actually her, and not you parroting her?" Well, she used a voice that i didn't choose, and said things i couldn't predict. Besides, it was really difficult to make up what she was talking. They where simple sentences, like "Yes". I asked her if she could talk and she answered with an "Yes, i can". Then, just to confirm it, i asked her to say some word i couldn't predict. She simply sai
  9. So, how do i begin... I'm some generic 15 years old, that likes some nerd stuff. That's it. Let's move on. I've been reading about tulpas for the last two months, for at least 1 hour every day (i have too much free time. That's kinda sad, actually. D: ). It's a subject that i find really interesting, but never wanted to make a tulpa, since i don't know if i can handle it. But today, something odd happened. I want to become a mangaka, and i'm very detailed when it comes to create a character. I think about his personality, his appearance and his way of behaving, trying to make them unique."But
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