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  1. I've been working with the visualization nowadays. I think that I won't focus on other aspects too much until I am entirerily sure I could just imagine her somewhere on a rather easy whim. Anyway - regarding personality. I had the idea of doing a huge personality test and answering according to what I perceive she will/would be like. Then, using the QUESTIONS itself, I could tell her why is she where she is in, say, a gauge of "Lazy ------- Hardworking" for example. This way I can not only get a huge list of personality traits, I can also access them easily and tulpaforce effeciently. Thoughts on the method above?
  2. Greetings, fellow tulpa enthusiastics. I'll skip the "where I heard about tulpas from" part and get right onto the point - I am planning on creating a tulpa based on Pinkie Pie. (Read - based. I will not force her to be Pinkie Pie, only base her persona on Pinkie.) I face problems with imagining her in 3d. Considering that she is a 2d-character, and not having much examples of what she could look like. Any advice on how to pass this problem? Perhaps the biggest challenge I am going to face is personality. Now don't get me wrong, I know how Pinkie Pie is - but I am not able to list even 50 different traits. As silly as it sounds, I would appreciate someone (perhaps another Pinkie Pie tulpa?) listing up traits. Not explaining them naturally, that's for me to do.