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  1. Zaya

    Mass Leaving Thread

    In making an account, I had the intent of researching the practice of tulpamancy and maybe bettering it in the future. The future came, I'm on the verge of switching and full on imposition, yet I feel no burning desire to further contribute to this website. Not that I contributed much to begin with, but to be honest, why should I? NoneFromHell was completely correct in his assesment of the website's content, sheer drama. And much like NoneFromHell, I don't particularly feel as if I want to get shit on for my opinions. I'm going to pursue my research, and continue to help fledgeling tulpamancers, but I'm convinced that this isn't the right place to do that.
  2. Zaya

    LGBT Tulpamancers

    I'm not using a tragedy to change someone's opinion, I'm referencing a tragedy to state that GuessWho seemed to create a purposefully inflammatory comment in light of a tragedy. Frankly, I thought some of the stuff you posted on the site was funny. I'm disappointed in your viewpoints. Regardless, considering nobody can change your opinion because you're an iron-willed alpha male, I'll just state the fact that comments like GuessWho's perpetuate the notion that LGBT individuals deserve to be ostracized because they ostracize themselves, which is ridiculous. Why not just say that those LGBT individuals during WWII stuck those pink triangles on themselves and walked themselves to concentration camps? God, this makes me sick.
  3. Minami has rabbit ears and a rabbit tail, does that count? I replied to this question of his (the op's) on the /r/Tulpas subreddit, so I'll just drop the links I left out in my last post here, (in the above guide, follow the parts that have to do with "reverse imposition") These are my favorite guides from the site. Hope they help!
  4. Zaya

    LGBT Tulpamancers

    This guy has to be a troll. He has to be, with a comment like that, especially after the sh!t that went down just the other day. As for me, 1. Bisexual 2. Male 3. Very important 4. Zaya and Minami both consider themselves Homosexual. Rhine is pretty much up for whatever it seems, and doesn't really care about sexuality or how He classifies himself. He barely considers himself human as far as I can tell.
  5. Zaya's original personality was meant to represent a lot of the suppressed or neglected parts of myself that I enjoy and never wanted to push under the rug, but felt like I was forced to due to my environment (mostly my family, "friends", i.e. the people around me). He wasn't stuck with all these traits, and a few haVe fallen by the wayside, but I never wanted him to be the "repressed me", and I let him know that. He still has a good number of them though. Seeing him as a physical interpretation of these traits, it reminds me of just how hateful the world can be to beautiful things that simply "aren't normal".
  6. Adding more fuel to the fire, what about walk ins? I see "accidental tulpa", which is close, but we've seen plenty of distinctions between the two made far and wide throughout the collective tulpamancy communities. I mean, half my total system is comprised of walk ins! Both from separate origins, at that. One completely random, one "seeded", both spawned from the ether spontaneously. Once again, all of it is arbitrary and pretty pointless to say. Just trying to represent, is all.
  7. Quite frankly, I'm disappointed that the communities have caught onto this video, mainly because it doesn't really give you any real information. All it does is tell you the symptoms of what's actually called a Corpus Callosotomy, then the author of the video goes on to personify the hemispheres and act as if they're Tom and Jerry, which does make for a humorous video, but he doesn't actually give you any reasons for the symptoms AT ALL! What's even worse is that nobody in the communities seems to want to come out and say this! People want to talk theory, and talk about the situation, but nobody actually seems to want to look into it. Here are a few links: This has nothing to do with Tulpamancy. The only reason people think it does is because of the wording of the author of the video and his need to indulge himself through the publication of a wacky and zany, blow your mind science video! TL;DR The author of said video makes the whole thing way more dramatic than what it actually is. Read up.
  8. Zaya

    Chat Thread

    Then you run into the problem of trying to learn music theory without actually knowing anything about playing music. I've been playing electric guitar for almost 8 years now, acoustic for almost 1, piano for 3 and we just recently got a violin for Zaya. I've also studied music theory in passing for the past 2 or 3 years, learning all I can about theory in general and theory specifically having to do with my instruments of choice (all of which I'm proficient at and practice almost daily, mind you). The problem with what you're proposing is that those "guys who just crank out crap" aren't bad because they don't know theory. Trust me, taking actual paid courses on the subject, I can tell you, 95% of the people who try and learn theory are still complete sh!t at whatever instrument they play and the music they compose is still complete sh!t. Don't take my word for it, take an example from a personal idol of mine, Tosin Abasi. I've learned like every song he's ever produced just to glean what information from it I can, because its that good. Did he take music theory classes? Yeah, but when? After he already got good enough to be on stage, and get offered a solo record deal. Music is heavily subjective, similar to Tulpamancy. There's no such thing as one simple method to making good music, and music theory is not The magical thing a lot of people like to think it is. To be quite honest, if you know how to play an instrument, a lot of the more basic stuff is just common sense.
  9. I believe that everyone should read as much as they possibly can on pretty much everything, not just Tulpamancy or psychology related topics. I do believe that a lack of reading can be detrimental, but only when compared to the amount of progress or knowledge you couldve amassed from the reading. I feel that certain topics in psychology, whether they be considered "fringe" or not, kind of overlap at a certain point. Undergoing my research in lucid dreaming, I found little to no difference between an OBE/WILD/Astral projection. The only differences are the level of clarity and the theoretical perspective you believe in which "causes" the phenomenon to occur. These overlaps also have to do with tulpamancy. There's a lesser practiced method of inducing a lucid dream called CILD (character induced lucid dream) that involves a character you create that has the ability to "pull or assist" you into a dream. Tulpas are one such "character" that can be used for such (not specifically for this purpose, of course).
  10. In any "art", or any real form of embodied agency in general, comparison is used as a common tool for determining the "skill" of the person actually doing the art, but this also has drawbacks in certain scenarios, especially those involving highly subjective definitions of "success". Tulpamancy is most definitely one of these scenarios. Why compare yourself to the status of others and subject yourself to the turmoil involved in doing so? Is an artist, when compared to another artist, any less an artist? Is a person, when compared to another person, any less a person? You are what you are, comparison should not be a tool used against oneself.
  11. It's been quite a while since our last post, at least for us. I figure the wave of interest in the communities has waned a little, as I merely lurk a lot on the website now, and find less interest in writing about every little change in our system. I'm still interested in logging our progress, and seeing as how I can't very well log it physically, this is probably the best place. At any rate. It's been 20 days since my original attempts at imposition, but I must say that the original plan wasn't efficient enough. I was forced to reassess after 2 weeks, and changed the plan into a more streamlined version. The original project, although I was excited for it, ran into some trouble. I feel as if it wasn't quite imposition I was achieving, but rather simply using the Ganzfeld effect with some real success. My process aligned with what some other users report finding success with, although with the simplicity of a simple black void, maybe I was really just using the ganzfeld effect. Who knows. Point is, we've shifted into high gear, and have started trying to impose a HUD. Nothing too out of the ordinary or complex, in fact, its just as simple as the void. Maybe simpler. However simple it is, doing this has given me legitimate, tangible results. Maybe this is because of the experience that the void imposition regimen was giving me, but it's exciting. So far, I've hit stage 5 on the "Cinemascale", another user's definition of the various tiers of imposition (a search will bring it up). We've been passively imposing a cyan colored, open-bottomed rectangle on the bottom of the body's field of vision. It looks similar to the bottom of the HUD of the various Halo games. We've also realized that there are no guides on this, really. It's a shame, because if I'm achieving results this quickly, I don't know why so many people throw themselves into full on tulpa imposition, when it's not a logical sequence of progression. I don't know, maybe there's just not a lot of people who want to fashion a HUD or other various simpler objects. Progress Report -Getting better at imposition, started fashioning a HUD. -Minami's doing great, he's gotten down full possession and loves playing DS3 -Going to start servitor creation soon. That should be fun.
  12. As far as the "perfect memory" thing goes, there is no such thing as a perfect memory. There are perfectly "mundane" methods to achieve better memorization and retrieval of information, i have like 7 books on the subject. These skills can be used in conjunction with Tulpamancy skills in order to go about it in a more streamlined way, but like I said, there's no such thing as a perfect memory and definitely nothing innately tulpamancy related about the subject. As for us, I am still going through college and med programs, and my systemmates generally despise it. Zaya and Minami hate being drug into helping me with college related work, but they'll begrudgingly oblige if I'm persistent. Rhine doesn't mind assisting me, but he'll constantly make comments about how he's displeased that were forced to do it at all. Like others have said, they can help, but it's not like their actually obliged to do so.
  13. Possession has always been a pretty sketchy word for me. Coming from a completely republican, "so deep in South Texas we're basically in Mexico", heavily religious family, this has always carried a darker connotation for me. Not that I believe in demonic possession, but the fact that other people (my family included) still to this day believe that certain psychopathologies can be summed up to demonic possession legitimately frightens me. Those same people would probably believe that I am currently collaborating with demons. EDIT: I was incredibly tired at the time of posting, my grammar was terrible.
  14. @waffles, @vosaiu thanks for the replies! I just abandoned the thread at some point and chalked it up to me not really getting my point across in a coherent and reasonable fashion, but it seems as if you both brought it back from the brink. And thank you, @waffles for your wonderful translation of my incoherent ramblings, you really captured what I was thinking about at the time with your ending paragraph about describing events and really logging experience instead of just describing the process to achieve said experience. I've always had a thirst for knowledge, but not just knowledge, the actual experience that goes along with the discovery. Such as, I love the SCP mythos because it is all tied together in a "lab report" type of style, where you can not only read about these creepy mythological creatures, but you can read the lore of how they were discovered, who found them, what happened when they threw a human in there with it, et cetera. You actually get to read the experience and in depth progress logs associated with it all. I mean, that's why I love the progress logs on this site as well. Unfortnately, that's what led to this post. The lack of perceived detail in amadeus's article left so much to wonder for me, I wanted a better explanation, and craved that in depth description. I don't think I'll ever get the description about his experience that I still crave, but at least I have a vague knowledge of what it would be like.
  15. Zaya

    Chat Thread

    I highly considered getting doom as we need a new game we can all play. Despite Zaya not enjoying the insane gore of it all, Minami seemed to want to dive right in. Unfortunately, the schism in the community over the multiplayer kinda did it in for us. Apparently the multiplayer's not anything special, nor very repeatable unless you're just super into it. But that's just the multiplayer. Everyone says the campaign is fantastic and that although it lacks a lot of story, since when has doom had story? As far as games of late, we caved and bought Souls 3 today. First boss had me raging as soon as the twist came. Took me like 5 tries to get him down, but my instincts came back from souls 1 and I started dodging like a boss. Minami loves the feel of the game and the dark style, and wants to start playing ASAP. Unfortunately, he didn't get a chance to tonight, but I promised him he can start dying all on his own tomorrow.