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  1. Uh, I think you misunderstood me. XD I meant, every time you want to add an update, add it as a reply to your original thread. It bumps your original thread without having to create a new one. Just use the button at the right side of your screen when you want to add something new to your thread. Sorry, I wasn't specific enough this time! I'm sure a moderator can merge both your original and this thread, and then you'll be able to post updates as replies to that thread, bumping it every time you add something but not creating an entirely new thread. I don't think I have ever worked on tulpa smell to be honest. Then again, I'm pretty slow... hopefully you'll have a better pace on this. Good luck!
  2. You don't have to call it forcing. Some call it forging. Or you could use... merp. Yeah that works too. Also, get well soon!
  3. You might want to post new day updates instead of editing the first post as that will bump your thread making it easier for people to read your progress report (and to give you advice as well).
  4. Hey, this progress report seems interesting to me because I don't think there are that many hosts who have used self-hypnosis as a forcing resource. At least not that I know of. Keep at it, and you bet I'll stay tuned!
  5. Welcome to tulpa.info, and good luck on your tulpamancy efforts! That's absolutely okay! Ultimately, tulpas tend to deviate (aka change their traits/form) at some point. Some don't but well, it's rather random. If there's a particular trait that you'd like your tulpa to have then doing personality work is recommended -same with form- but not really necessary. If they deviate it's usually not a big deal and most times both host and tulpa end up liking the result. They live inside your head after all.
  6. timethief

    Chat Thread

    That description is like, . Makes you wonder how they were able to get out of the "check out my track pls" stage without ever really changing their sound. Yeah man, better learn theory first. But actually do it. I'm sure you can do better than that.
  7. Mistgod's comment has nothing to do with Freudian psychology. The anima/animus concept is part of Jungian analytical psychology, and in any case, in my own personal view I consider it mere symbolism from his part. Doesn't mean that there isn't anything that can be rescued or that his views are inherently flawed, but I think that ultimately those concepts are symbolic representations of unconscious mechanisms that are much less arcane than Jung made them to be on his Liber Novus work. To OP, if you feel like she is, then in my opinion sure, Melian might be your anima. If you believe in Jungian psychology, that is. The other person that I've seen holding this belief is glitchthe3rd. You might want to ask him about that if you see him around. Also, to the new reply you posted while I was writing, Jung saw the need to keep his anima in place because she sometimes tormented him. I can't recall the exact details since I read the Liber Novus once in a whim and really late during various nights, but she ascended to Heaven (inside Jung's mind of course, nothing metaphysical) and while she enjoyed the benefits of living as a divine being Jung was thrown into the realm of the living (or the dead I think? I can't recall). She sometimes taunted him from the skies, so yeah, obviously he saw the need to keep her in check.
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    Chat Thread

    But you never actually produce anything dude. Or at least never publish it. git gud
  9. Aw man, that sucks. I know that >I didn't remember about her at all< feel too well. Go easy on yourself, I'm sure you can make up for it later; Seeing how nice you have been with Seren I'm sure she won't mind. Get better soon!
  10. I think I can talk from experience, as for a while in the beginning, self-hypnosis was all the active forcing I used to do. I progressed somewhat. I don't really have any "benchmark" to compare to since I don't know what would have happened if I had gone the common forcing route. However, the progress I got (mild communication without mindvoice) from using self-hypnosis has, in my experience, been long-lasting and quite stable. I would recommend it, but I would also urge users to do other forms of forcing to truly advance at a steady pace. My advance has been slow because I only used a single method for months on end, combined it with narration and called it a day. Nowadays, self-hypnosis is a supplement but not the core of my forcing methods anymore, and I'm seeing vast more progress now that I've diversified my techniques. Hypnosis isn't really for everyone, and if you're particularly uncreative you will be reading the same scripts every time. It can either be comforting seeing the same script and "feeling it" more each time or it can become a chore. Personally, I got used to it, and don't find it tedious at all. The individual's receptiveness and autosuggestion levels are important when resorting to self-hypnosis, and if they don't trust the method, they will need a good amount of sessions to sensitize themselves to hypnosis. I'm not going to claim that this is an universal constant though, I only speak from my own experience. It is an useful tool, that's for sure, but knowing the methodology and inner workings of it beforehand may give a better effect. Be patient, look forward to having your goals accomplished and have confidence that every session helps in some way. There's really nothing to lose other than time really, so if you have it I suggest you try it out. Just don't rely on it 100% (but this applies to all methods really, if you don't feel any progress, change them or even create your own way). Good luck!
  11. Basically, some people arguing if "complete" dissipation is possible (do tulpas die?), if dissipation = murder or something, if returning a tulpa from death/dissipation changes the tulpa or stays the same (would you be actually reviving them or would they be a "different" one, whatever that means) and some dude that took offense and left the forum (at least from what I can recall).
  12. Your link is broken; this is the proper link: https://farcaller.gitbooks.io/nbtb/content/
  13. Nice job so far dude. I'd say you have far more motivation than I do, even though we started practically at the same time (I started on December 20). Keep doing those things and I'm sure you'll be able to hear Seren clearly sooner than you think. :) Good luck!
  14. That stuff with the random images are most likely just a lack of focus. The mind tends to wander naturally and we normally don't notice it because that kind of thinking is actually encouraged in most of our society (linking ideas, concepts, basically thinking fast), but when you want to focus on a single thing for quite some time, it backfires and things like losing track of what you were doing/seeing/thinking can happen. I believe that doing further sessions will ameliorate the issue, until it isn't really that noticeable. You have to re-train your mind to stay focused on a single thing. Start small, if you can't tolerate long sessions do multiple short ones. The trick is consistency. The more you do it, the better you'll get at it. Every time you catch yourself thinking something that isn't relevant to your forcing sessions and re-focus on whatever you were doing, you're advancing. Little by little, but you'll get better at it. Good luck!
  15. timethief


    Time to revitalize Elliot. Ask for forgiveness, then go do something fun together. Welcome back, and good luck.