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  1. Personally I'm a really crappy artist (I suck at drawing or painting or whatever anything in general) so I honestly like to find different character creator websites that have a bunch of pre-picked and pre-drawn elements and choose the ones closest to how my tulpa looks. Here's one I made of Kase and I on an anime creator.
  2. We don't spend a whole lot of time in the mindscape I guess; usually I just envision them in the physical world with me, and I talk to them out loud as often as I can. They gather all of their new senses through me, so when I'm eating things they can taste it, too. Sometimes we like the same things, and other times we don't. Kase is very big on eating healthy, which I rarely do between two jobs, school, and chores, while Saoirse is very much like a picky little kid in that she only ever wants pizza or PB and J sandwiches. Redd is just a glutton in general, and a real carnivore most of the time.
  3. Yo, it's PotterandPinkFloyd, and I'm hosting Kase and Saoirse. I'm not sure either of them would be able to speak (definitely not Saiorse) and if Kase were to want to say anything it would basically be a rough translation coming from me. I know I haven't been around on this forum for very long but I do have five ish years of experience with tulpas. My first tulpa is no longer with us, of his own decision, but because he began as something entirely his own rather than something I forced from the beginning I would love to discuss unplanned tulpas and how easily a thought form can transition from imaginary friend to tulpa.
  4. In the case of Kase and Saoirse, they both often appear in my dreams, so whether or not they would have to be asleep or awake to do that is left up to interpretation, I suppose.
  5. It's funny to me that this is a topic somebody's just brought up, because ever since Kase became sentient he has this obsession with all music (but mostly country, unfortunately for me) so he's the one causing my constant earworms.
  6. Kase didn't start off with a definite form, but once he chose one he hasn't seemed to want to change it at all. Other than the few times when he decided he wanted his ears to be pierced, and the time we saw a picture of a dragon and he wanted dragon wings. So I guess what I'm getting at is it seems that Kase can fairly easily, but prefers not to.
  7. Because Kase hasn't really found his own voice yet, I think music is very important to the both of us in helping out ability to emotionally connect. I'm very into hard rock and dark or dissonant classical/instrumental. Kase is fine with that stuff, he enjoys it mainly because I enjoy it, but he has a penchant for country. I am so not a country fan, but I'll tolerate it for his sake. :)
  8. I also haven't actually experienced anything physical, but that's not to say that it can't happen! That seems like an interesting way to communicate to me. Personally, with Kase, as he hasn't yet been able to communicate full sentences to me yet, I get sort of a vague feeling or noise in my head as a response. Like, I'll ask him if he wants me to change the song on the radio, and if it's a yes I'll get this warm humming sound, and if it's a no he usually creates a sort of pressing down feeling, like there's a gentle pressure inside my head moving downwards. I've only gotten very, very few non yes or no responses from him, and they typically end up in my own head voice, like when he chose the name Kase for himself while breezing through baby name websites. (I had previously been calling him Rhys, which he didn't seem to mind.)
  9. Well, my username is PotterandPinkFloyd, but you can just call me Maddie. I created my first tulpa four years ago without exactly knowing that's what it was. His name was Chauncey, or Chaunc, and because I wasn't informed about tulpas I essentially thought of him as an imaginary friend. I loved him very very much and we were super close, he was very supportive of and comforting towards me during a very rough patch in my life that I've since mostly overcome. At first I could only understand his responses as strange thoughts that popped out of nowhere, in my own mind voice, but overtime he came to have a voice of his own. You'll have noticed by now that I'm referring to him in present tense. Unfortunately, almost a year ago now, he just disappeared. I felt him slipping away from me and he became harder for me to hear until one day he wasn't there at all. It was a very depressing time for me, but I have since recovered and spent the last four-ish months creating a new tulpa. I called him Rhys up until just about a week ago, when he decided he'd prefer the name Kase. He can't really form full words yet so I mostly understand him through disconnected thoughts and feelings, but he's definitely getting stronger the more his personality solidifies and the more he defines himself as a tulpa. I was excited to find this forum and both Kase and I are really pumped to be able to communicate with other tulpamancers and tulpas!