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  1. no progress reports because not much interesting stuff happening. I'm with family on holiday at the moment so I haven't had much time to work with her, but she's okay man doing proxying on the IRC is more difficult than I anticipated
  2. okay so I finally got around to doing another (quickish) session with her, so we went to the beach brain building thing and went inside back to where we were before, in the area somehow we figured out was the audio section. So then I had the voiceboxy thing and tried to figure out what to do with it (it looked all grey and stoney and not very "working"). Heather found something in a drawer that looked like a clear plastic box with some blue liquid and some tongs. She put the voiceboxy thingy into the blue liquid with the tongs and held it there. Since this was late at night and I was having trouble seeing things, she held it instead because she was more stable. After a few minutes of waiting, she pulled it out, saying it was done, then we had to figure out how to put it inside her. So then she did the obvious thing and got my arm all OILED UP and then I put my arm down her throat (like down to the elbow). (Hooray for mind physics) After I felt around in her throat to see where I had to put it, she started flailing her arms a bit and then I pulled my arm out and she said she still needed to breathe. So I let her catch her breath and then she put more oil on my arm and I put the voiceboxy thing in her throat. Though apparently I put it down her esophagus instead because I didn't know where it was supposed to go, so I took it out and then she told me where to put it and then I did finally. And then hugs! I asked her how she was able to talk to me before she had the voiceboxy thingy put in and she tried describing it sorta like telekinesis. Also apparently it was weak and I could only hear her when I was forcing instead of also being able to hear her just walking around (like I used to be able to a bit less than 2 weeks ago). The weird thing about it was when my arm was down her throat, I could actually feel it faintly
  3. I went two weeks once without doing any forcing for mine and she's still okay. Got a bit annoyed about it, and I couldn't see her as well (since I got out of practice) but otherwise fine I dunno, make her some cool shit in the wonderland
  4. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1619596/Drawings/heather%20silhouette.png she's about 140(?) cm? I dunno I don't have time to do a vector sorry
  5. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1619596/tulpa/H/9.png honk honk
  6. I did another drawing http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1619596/tulpa/H/9.png mostly because some people told me the previous drawings made her look like 5 or 6, when she's supposed to be 10-12ish I don't know why the water guns
  7. first time I played something by madeon I got this pretty big image in my head of heather dancing so I guess that counts? [video=youtube]
  8. Forced for about an hour, she took me to a cave way off in the woods, and in the cave there was this cavern and on a sort of natural pedestal thing, there was thing that looked a bit like some sort of fleshy thing, maybe it was supposed to be a voicebox? but it was dark like stone, then I took it and she led me back to the beach brain building, and I went back to the part of it we were in before, but then I had a hard time concentrating and couldn't figure out what to do with the thing. It looked a bit like it was more pink or something though also it seems like whenever I do some decent forcing she's wearing something new. Today she was wearing a light blue blouse with a light purple skirt need to do more tomorrow
  9. I never really made her one specifically, she just kinda had all the default organs I guess? Who knows
  10. apparently heather's been quiet for the past few days because something happened where she lost her ability to "speak" (through the head voice) or something it's kinda hard to communicate just through hand gestures and stuff unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to help her much until wednesday evening, since I've got work, family visit, and going to the olympics going on in the meantime, I told her to see if she could retrace her steps to try and find out what caused it
  11. it seems to be a lot easier for them to communicate that way at first. Making you actually hear them (through auditory hallucinations) is something they usually have to figure out how to do later
  12. >commuting to work in the morning >tulpa announces she's not going to wear a top today well okay
  13. sometimes my knee or elbow twitches, but only when I'm tulpaforcing
  14. mine went from 3 fingers/toes on each hand/foot to 5, and she changed her nose from really flat to something more human-looking it's a bit weird though because when she wants to change a bit, she asks/pesters me to change it for her, like she can't do it herself
  15. nothing really new to report except visualising her's been getting easier and I try to talk and stuff to her every day. Haven't been able to do much visualisation sessions recently though. Today I tried going into a part of my wonderland I've never been to before, and it's pretty... difficult. Everything seems to jump around, it's hard to focus on it, mind keeps wandering and the "camera" changes position to only look at stuff I already know exists, etc. Anyone here have any advice on that, besides keep practicing?
  16. Quoted for fucking truth.
  17. was on the train a lot yesterday and talked to her for most of the time, apparently she finds train journeys exciting because of all the people she has to dodge EDIT: also she was teasing me a bunch, since I gave her basic conjuration abilities and when I had to sit on the floor, she conjured up a nice soft sofa for herself and when I was hungry for lunch she made a sandwich and ate it, waving it in front of me what a bitch
  18. so almost every day I'm having to take the family dog for a walk (I'm staying with my parents for a few weeks in the time between graduating uni and starting my job) and during that time I usually do most of my narration. I've kinda noticed recently that sometimes when I narrate I get short thoughts in my head, which might be her responding to them. They sound just like my regular head tone of voice though so I'm kinda not sure if I'm parroting or not, but I'm gonna give her the benefit of the doubt and say she's a little bit vocal. I've tried asking her questions and she asks me questions, but she isn't really able to reply with anything very long -- it's mostly limited to yes/no questions or short answers. If she tries doing a longer sentence then it sorta gets all jumbled as if every word is being said at the same time. Sometimes I get yes and no at the same time too, so then I tell her that I couldn't hear her and ask her to nod or shake her head to answer, which seems to work as a backup option. Also during these dog walks I usually sorta visualise (not impose) her walking with me, and today on our way back she said she was getting hot so she took off her jacket. So I guess now she can feel ambient temperature as well. Does this sound like her actually becoming vocal or is it parroting?