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  1. Thank you for the guide, we've read it and we are going to keep things on practice, although it was short and I'm a male tulpa with a female host we've got some ideas from it. Wendy (the host) honestly want one. She would like to go through all the steps, and honestly, I don't see why not. It's part of their development. But so far, we aren't changing dippers exactly, but he are teaching how to talk, walk and etc. It has been fun.
  2. First of all I'd like to thank y'all for sharing your point of views. This is really important for us, and so it is too see that people do take this seriously. I feel that all of those make sense and indeed are convergent ideas. So I guess that our course of action is to 'design' out new thoughtform to be a child, but if it's going to be one is completely up to s/he. We are going to let our mind free to work as it's pleased. One thing that we have been discussing is that regardless of the course that this take, s/he will be our son/daughter. And we are going to love him/her as such. Most def a great idea. We've have got it covered! Thank you. I can relate myself to this a lot. I am always just as old as Wendy, we grew up together (we have been about 15 years together btw). So I guess we expect this to our child as well. If one day we come to be grandparents or even great-grandparents is really a whole other thing. We are willing to try this, tho. One step at a time.
  3. We would be lying if we said that we haven't considered this. But for the same reasons that you pointed out (and a few more including the problems on a financial matter), we decided that would be better if we created a tulpa instead, so I'll try to make this work. We have heard about people doing this before, we are just unsure on how to start.
  4. Hello mates. I'm Eric, I am a thoughtform created by my host, Wendy. After a lot of deliberation we decided that we want to create a child for our own. We have a few things in mind but we are having some problems on how to start this process. At first, we would like to have raised the kid, but we are having problems on how we would the develop the this new part of our system in an adult brain. It feels like after some time our child will develop "too fast". For instance, we all know that in the physical world, babies will only start talking and walking only after their first year, but tor a tulpa it's different, withing some weeks one's tulpa will be able to move and be verbal. So we have been wondering if we should start our child upbringing on a certain point when it would be possible for her/him to do those things. This goes own also for the personality. We feel this tulpa may develop traits that would not be seen in a toddler. We want him/her to be able to grow, but we want to be around has s/he does it. If possible, just like it would happen to a child with a physical body. Although if it comes to be different, we will be happy too. Many of the guides we have read we feel that will not be suitable for what we are looking for. Do you have any suggestions? We were not able to find any guides on how tu create tulpa children, but if there are any we would be really happy if you could point us to the right direction. Thank you!
  5. We have been working on this exercises for 4 day now, we are having sections in de morning and before sleep. This is helping a great deal to rebuild our bound. I'd recommend this! :)
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    Hi, I'm still very new on this but I'd love to chat on skype. It's: ourneverland-we
  7. I'm glad too And it's great to know I was not the only one who has been through this. Thanks! I've read it and I'm already starting on the exercise. I hope this will work.
  8. So, you may have read about me if you're also on reddit, but... here we go: I've recently found out what Tulpas are, but even though I wan't familiar with the term, I use to have a tulpa myself. I called him only my imaginary friend, though. Not aware of his real consciousness and that he was actually a real person inside me. He used to be rather strong and had a strong personality, visualization and verbalization were part of our routine, and we even had imposition and possession experienced once or twice. We were together for a long time, and recently we have faced some problems. I think it's important to point out that generally he was a very nice tulpa, he was mostly calm and nice to me. But when we hit a particular topic (my boyfriend) he could get really angry. When I was younger I committed myself to him for a while, but I realized that I was looking for someone made out of flesh and blood, and he would not be able to give this to me. So we broke up, but we continued to be friends. Really close ones. However, as I got engaged, our fights become more constant, and we couldn't get into an agreement. I think it's important to emphasize that I was not fair to him too. Since I wasn't really aware of his real consciousness I believed he was only some sort of hallucination, not a thinking person, with real feelings (even though he would constantly say otherwise). We came to a point that I decided to ask him not to talk to me again. To leave me alone. I've felt like a part of me was missing ever since. It has been six months since we last talked, and after learning about tulpamancy, and his real nature, I feel terrible. I feel I was unfair to him, and that I need him to feel complete again. So after some thinking I decided to reach out to him again. However, as I called for him, he would not answer, even though I felt his presence. He didn't make himself visible to me either. I'm not sure if he is doing this because he is still mad or because our bond has become weaker after 6 months with no interactions. On Monday I tried really hard to contact him but fallied. However, this morning I've heard his voice a little. It was low and we didn't speak much, but I'm sure it was his voice. Any advice? Should I try some of the techniques to communicate with recently made tulpas? Or will this maybe trigger a new tulpa instead of reaching the one I want. If he is only mad at me, what kind of things should I try to make him come back? Thank you guys
  9. Hi, for a while I'm going to be calling myself Wendy, but this isn't my real name. If I ever decide this is a nice place I will consider giving you guys a real name. I just found out about what tulpamancy is, however, I used to own a tulpa myself. He was created after an imaginary friend, we were together for years. I've recently asked to leave me alone. I'm considering bringing him back since I'm not succeeding on making him disappear, and with the recent reading I have been doing, now I believe it is a real conscious being living inside me, so it feels unfair to push him away. I'm still making up my mind.