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  1. [align=center]And here's one for Kovyx~! Hope you enjoy~ I might open these again later but for now I'm taking a break. x3 Thanks for requesting, everyone![/align]
  2. @Brassow Except that congress doesn't always make things fair. I brought up sexuality because it's wrong to kick a child out for something they can't help, as opposed to say for throwing a party without permission where they wreck the house because they're being a disrespectful brat. Why not? Are you implying that only the USA has rules that are right? Or that the USA is superior to other countries? I wasn't the one who didn't listen anyone's opinion. I just got mad when everyone decided to gang up on me because I didn't agree with said opinions. Even if that wasn't anyone's intent it still felt like it. Which is the exact reason you shouldn't always voice what you think. EDIT: Another lovely example of that can now be found in my last paragraph. >.> You can't back up an opinion, that's why it's an opinion and not a fact. Yeah again you CAN but you really SHOULDN'T use that as an excuse to rudely force your opinions on others. Or to say something hurtful around someone who wasn't trying to start a debate in the first place. I never said it did, did I? I never said making it illegal made it right either. I just said just because you can doesn't make it ok. You should fully have the right to express yourself, HOWEVER, only when and where it doesn't hurt or bother someone else. Because if you have the right to say something, that also means I have the right to not listen to you. And once more I'm going to point out that this topic should not have turned into a debate about what's right and wrong. I asked about a book, none of this nonsense (including my own of course) was needed. Everyone trying to tell me how wrong I am is needless, kinda rude, and very uninteligent if you find that you simply have to comment on the discussion between two users in the topic who did not include you instead of the topic itself. EDIT: I really need to stop posting when I'm upset...
  3. @Drakaina Ok! Awesome, thanks! I'll poke around and play with it a bit~ Also, yes, THIS, this exactly. T h a n k y o u~
  4. Sake Loup


    I have a cat named Summer, and she... well we think she hates Alex, because I have a wll of art that I've commissioned of him and of all the walls in the RV that is the only wall she ever scratches. XD Alex resents her so much it's kinda funny too cuz in his universe cats are supposed to hate vampires so it's realistic.
  5. @Brassow Just because something is LEGAL does NOT make it right. Smoking pot for instance is legal, but it's not right. It's also perfectly legal to be predjudice, but that CERTAINLY is not right. It's legal to kick your adult child out on to the street and disown them for being trans or gay but that's not ok either. And in some countries it's legal to beat your wife, but that does not by any means or circumstance EVER make it ok. @Drakaina Yeah... tumblr used to be great but it's gone far downhill. I have never even been on wordpress but I'll try it out! Do many people use it? o3o
  6. It sounds like Kaiko is trying to support you when you talk to him about the issue but he just doesn't have the words so he gives you stronger pressures to let you know he really cares.
  7. @Vosaiu Thank you! A blog is seeming more and more like a good idea. I will agree to disagree with you about voicing opinions though. To me that's like saying it's ok if someone says 'I love my dog becuse he's fun to play with' and then another person says 'well I think all dogs should be shot because they can bite you', that is not ok, that is something that should be kept to yourself or voiced only around other dog haters. And I already apologized for getting angry so no need to warn me twice. I recognize that's your job as a mod, but I did apologize for it already just in case you missed it. ^^; Again, thank you for feedback though! c:
  8. @Luminesce Im my title I put 'possibly' because I was considering it not because I wanted opnions on if I should. I apologize that that was not clear. However, I also have in the tile that I want help with questions, and nothing about thoughts outside of that. He may not have meant to imply such things but that's how he came off to me, and on the internet you need to be extremely careful how you word things because I can't hear your tone of voice or see your expression to tell me how you really mean what you are saying. As for the rest of what you have said, THANK YOU, that is a HELPFUL way to EXPLAIN things instead of simply stating an opinion that seems like you are just afraid of consequences. THAT would have been completely acceptable to me if it was phrased like that and explained in detail. To address your concerns on the matter I should clarify, I will not be using tulpa terms nor referring to Alex as a tulpa because he isn't one so I do not believe that I will be drawing much attention to that without giving explanation. I may mention tulpas as in like how we discovered what Alex really was, but I wouldn't just say 'oh we found this forum on tulpas' and leave it to imagination, no, I would clarify that alex is not a tulpa and that we found soulbonding via being told about it after finding this forum which is completely unrelated to souldbonds and if the reader wants to know more they should visit this forum at such and such web address and reseach tulpas as they are very different from myself and my partner. And yes, blogging does sound like a better idea, at least for now until I can gather better ideas on how to go about this as a book.
  9. @jean-luc I'm sorry, I know he has every right to his opinion and honestly, I'm fine with that, I'm an adult I get not everyone is gonna be all yeah yay go for it. My only issue is that I didn't ask for that opinion, and his commenting it on my topic was not only pointless and unhelpful, but it steered the topic away from getting the answers I was asking for. He has every right to think how he likes and speak about it yes, what he does not have the right to do is butt in and voice his opinion when I did not ask or want it and draw attention away from what I did want. He could have made his own topic on the discussion of weather or not books about thoughtforms should be written and I would have been 100% fine with that. I think he has a good idea though, we should avoid each other and not draw things out. >.>; I'll try to be more civil, I just get riled up easy, sorry again. You know... I did receive good feedback from you, and from two other forums I'm on, so looking at all of that I do feel I might go ahead with this book anyway. Or maybe it'll be a blog.. idk I got a lot of feedback to make a blog. Maybe I'll make a blog and use feedback from that to write the book. I'll let you know when I have something started if you'd like~
  10. I was not the one who came into this topic with an attitude. I asked for help about questions to answer that would be useful in such a book. You sir turned it into a debate about whether or not I should write a book. You do not come in and tell people who aspire to reach a goal to think about whether or not to reach that goal. I wanted to write a book to share something very special to me and thought perhaps users with more experience would be able to encourage and guide me in a nice and informed way. Instead I have gotten backlash and have been told to think about my actions. And for what reason? Because you are scared of what other people will think of the of the community. A shame when someone would rather hide something for their entire lives than fight for it to be recognized. I think you are worried about treating this as an 'oppressed topic' not because you aren't oppressed but because you are afraid of becoming oppressed. You aren't oppressed yet because no one hardly knows about this, but should they, what was your first concern? That we should educate them? No, how will they treat the community was the first concern. How does your tulpa feel? I mean honestly, is she really ok with being hidden for her entire life, never being known anything about, just because of the negative reactions people might have? At this point this topic has become a debate which I did not want, this was not its purpose, and I don't appreciate that it was steered away from its original intent. You really do like debating and bringing up counter points on this forum rather than actually sticking on topic and helping people don't you? Well I supposed there's not really much to say anymore since this has become an angry 'you shouldn't write a book and your thinking and attitude are wrong' thread. So nevermind guys, I guess I shouldn't write a book if this is the reaction I'm going to get, thank you for this wonderful discouragement, NoneFromHell, you've helped this topic so much.
  11. @Drakaina Thank you! Glad you liked my comparison XD @jean-luc Thank you for your support! I appreciate it~ And cool, yeah! If you think of anything I'd love to hear from you again. ^^ @NoneFromHell Well... you know I hate to say it, but honestly.. um.. duh? Dude this kind of thing is going to happen in some shape or form no matter what, if not because of me because of someone eventually. People are just that way, they misconstrue everything, they pick it apart and criticize every tidbit trying to look for anything wrong with it, and when they find something they deem wrong they attack it. Always. Since the beginning of time man has always had this tendency and always will. And that is exactly WHY I think more attention is good because the more we talk about this the less taboo it will become, people, even if they do not agree with the concept will learn to tolerate it. Then, then you will also have the very small group who will support it, and with time, great amounts of time and patience, and working with people, that group will grow. As for people jumping into something they don't understand and playing... well again, yeah, there's lots of those out there, as you said some have already done this. Once more that is exactly why I think there's a need for even more of us to talk about our thoughtforms, so that people can have serious examples to go by, not just these who aren't really sure of what they're doing. If we are willing to speak up, we can offer more accurate information, which if people have more accurate information that may make the topic easier to accept because then they'll have a more sincere impression than from those who water it down. Ok, I'm sorry, but did you just compare being gay to being a sickness that needs to be treated?? Oh, my friend, you and I, well we have a problem here then. First of all how DARE you have the audacity to imply such a thing. Second of all, please refraim from commenting on this topic until you either get a more correct viewpoint, or learn to choose your words VERY carefully because I am really rather insulted by this comment. Thank you. @Sock Well that's true, it is not the same thing, but I wasn't trying to compare tulpamancy to being gay, I apologize for the misunderstanding. I simply am comparing the fact that if you want anything in this world to be respected you need to talk about it, people need to know as much as possible before they can come to accept it as being ok. While I don't think tulpamancers are an opressed group, I do think that our thughtforms face opposition. Just like (albeit this is a LOOSE comparison because I am aware the situation is not as extreme) you have people who are prejudice against others for their race/sexual orientation/religion/ect so they do not treat those people like people or respect them in any way. I feel this is how most people would treat our thoughtforms becuse they can't see them as real people. The only way this has gotten better is by people speaking up and saying hey you know what we are real people and that should be recognized. Also I'd like to mention, though, yes, tulpamancers may have had a choice in creating their thoughtforms, most of the rest of the plural community (correct me if I'm wrong) has not. I did not make Alex, I played a part in his birth I suppose, but I did not intentionally create him to be a living thing, he just was and now no force on earth can change that. Then there are other's still, non soulbonders, but medians, and headmates, and all of these, they didn't just decide to have living thoughtforms. Through some situation or another the thoughtforms simply became part of their lives.
  12. @NoneFromHell First of all, thank you for your concern! C: Um, I wouldn't compare what I want to do here to writing a child's fantasy, seeing as how I will be writing about myself and my partner and real life situations and events. So I'm not sure why that would be a similar topic? o3o sorry, that opening just confused me. I do realize that there may be negative effects against me personally as I'm sure most of the world might regard me as insane. I don't really see how it might cause younger people to jump into this sort of thing though, for one, I think I forgot to mention oops my bad, but Alex isn't a tulpa, he's a soulbond (i just said I wasn't writing about tulpas in general since thats the 'popular' thoughtform and I kind of used it to just refer to thoughtforms in general, sorry for not clarifying. Anyway, since he isn't a tulpa, I didn't intentionally make him, so I won't be talking too much about the purposeful construction of a being. Also I don't think you can just make a tulpa from thin air in a single day right? People would have to reasearch and see for themselves how seriously the topic of making a tulpa is. So I don't think that would influence anyone, though I suppose it's possible. I do intend to talk about the negative aspects of having Alex too though, like how it makes social interaction hard, and how sometimes our feelings conflict and we fight just like any other friends and it takes real care and responsibility to work things out. However as a whole, I wouldn't say Alex has really deeply negatively affected any part of my life, so for me, personally, there's no reason to spend a huge part of the book lecturing anyone about all that can go wrong. Unnecessary attention? How so? Please bear in mind I mean no offense in saying this, however this comment of yours concerns me. To me, this is like saying 'it's a bad idea to draw attention to the subject of being gay' when in fact it's really a bad idea not to talk about it. True, we may face hard times trying to talk about being gay as it still is largely unaccepted, but it will never be accepted or treated with respect unless we openly talk about it and purposefully make people aware of the situation. Again though, thank you for your concern! I'm happy you care enough to warn me of possible dangers~
  13. Ok so I apologize in advance if this is it the wrong topic, I had no idea where to put it. Just move the thread and let me know for next time if it is. ^^; Anyway! I want to write a book, or at the least, a personal article. Now, this is not going to be an informational book, or a guide, or anything like that, and most likely won't contain very many, if any at all, scientific subjects or references. I'm not writing a book about tulpas or plurality in general. I want to write a book about me and Alex, personally, sort of a 'what and who we are and how we work' type thing, you know? Basically, I just want to share our experience and tell people about us, let people know we exist, explain things about ourselves. The main purpose I want to do this is because I want to share Alex, I want to people to know about him. However, I also have another big reason, and that's so that people who may have an 'Alex ' of their own might see this book or article and be able to identify with it, to feel better about themselves, and to maybe feel less alone, crazy, or scared. Maybe they'll feel better hearing someone else's story, and have more confidence in themselves seeing that someone else isn't afraid to share it. I know I was lost before I found this community, I had no idea what Alex was or what to call him, and imaginary friend never felt right, honestly it hurt me to think of him like that anyway because I could feel he was much more. So yeah, while I really wanna talk about Alex as a whole, and about our life together, and how he affects my life, I also really want to help others like myself by giving them something to relate to. So! I have a few ideas for what I want t talk about, but I could really use help from all of you! :3 I want to know: What do you think would be useful for me to include in this book? What questions would you like to see answered? What do you think others would be most curious to know? Should I include discussing the fact that Alex is also my mate? If so, what sort of things should I talk about, what questions should I answer about that? Anything else you can think of to ask/tell me! And seriously, ask piles and piles of questions, or give me paragraphs of advice, the more the better! I'll start a little 'table of content' here if you will, just something to keep track of what people have asked or mentioned already, or that I've already thought of. Table of Contents: Origins. 1. How did this all start? 2. Where did Alex come from? Life with Alex. 1. How does Alex affect your daily life? 2. Do you ever have problems with Alex? 3. What would it be like without Alex? 4. How does Alex affect your relationship with others? 5. Is it ever hard on you? What Alex is like. 1. What's Alex's personality like? 2. Is Alex human? 3. Does Alex have his own likes, dislikes, and hobbies? 4. What kind of things does he do? How Alex works. 1. How does Alex communicate? 2. Does Alex eat/sleep? 3. Do you and Alex feel the same emotions? Other/Unsorted. 1. Do you have a disorder? 2. What makes you think Alex is real? 3. How is Alex different from you? 4. Is it creepy sharing a brain with someone else? 5. Is it boring because he can't do physical things? Hmm.. that's all that comes to mind right now, so go ahead and toss in your two cents~! ^^
  14. Me and Alex usually just do simple stuff like watch cartoons and cuddle. Alex is really into games though, so I play those with him, his favorites are racing games and rpgs with puzzles and and dungeons and stuff. I used to read to him a lot but I haven't done that in awhile.
  15. [align=center]Requests Currently: Closed Commissions Currently: Closed I'll probly only open requests occasionally when I'm bored, and they'll most likely only be really simple things like sketchy, flat colored headshots or something. Maybe sometimes more if I feel really inspired though. <3 NOTE: I do like to post the finished art on other sites like DeviantArt and Tumblr, and I also to credit the person who ordered it. So if you'd prefer your art remain private, please let me know and I won't post it, or if you don't mind if I post it and just don't want to be credited, I can post it as an anonymous order! Requesting Rules: *Only make requests when the status says open. *You may only make requests for thoughtforms, like tulpas, soulbonds, headmates, ect. *Only one request at a time, please. *You may request again the next time I open. *No requesting certain types of art. I only do what I feel up to doing at the time. *You may, however, feel free to give me ideas for expressions and stuff, or tell me a bit about what your thoughtform likes, their personality, ect. That will help me make more unique pieces instead of just generic smiles all the time. *Please be patient, I know everyone gets excited for art, but since these are requests, I do them at my leisure. I am a person and I have a life outside of the internet so sometimes I get busy or tired. *And finally, always remember to say please and thank you! Also, remember to tell me if you like your request, feedback makes me feel good and motivates me to keep going! Will Draw: *Human thoughtforms ( better at males ) *Anthro thoughtforms ( better at males ) *Any kind of animal thoughtforms *Fantasy creature thoughtforms Will NOT Draw: *Pony thoughtforms ( I apologize, I'm just not comfortable drawing ponies :c ) *Super spoopy thoughtforms ( sorry guys, I scare easy ;n; ) *Mecha thoughtforms ( I'm just really bad at robots, I'm sorry D: ) Examples: Commissions: If you would like something more than a simple sketch, don't want to wait for requests to open, or want art of a character instead of your thoughtform, you are more than welcome to commission me! C: I have prices, examples, and terms of service listed on my website: Sake Loup's Commissions[/align]