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    During high school I met tulpas on Steam, so when they left I started making my own; Solar.
  1. Me and my Tulpa don't mind one another at all, were comftable with one another, even when catching one another looking at....inappropriate content, so letting a rip is nothing.
  2. Heartstrings

    Mind Control

    Do you know how scary this is? I knew a Tulpa who killed their host, and the idea of a Tulpa controlling a host? It's sticking, neither should control one another!
  3. I would never have met Shy Tara, someone I loved dearly, and I miss her. But without her I may have not survived depression. She's why I made my Tulpa.
  4. Solar once was bouncing on a cloud before bouncing so hard he flew into space and burned. Then he was suddenly back to normal with no memory of it, thrice! It was annoying but also odd and funny.
  5. My Tulpa is in early development, but sometimes we play fetch or I just hang out with him as he messes around in Wonderland, such as bouncing on clouds and such.
  6. I've recently started developing my Tulpa further and I feel the best way for me is to ask questions. Can someone help and post questions I could ask him?