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  1. Hello everyone, After being plagued by sleep paralysis and false awakenings for as long as I can remember, I have finally found my hero. Kalli, my Tulpa. I say found, and not created, because I did not create her, she created herself. I first heard about Tulpas from 4chan's /x/. That place is entertaining even on a bad day. Tulpas, however, stood out. Not really paranormal. Not magical, mystical, or apocalyptic. I learned that they are a feat of the psyche. A masterwork of the mind. Teach your mind to believe your imagination is real, then create a living, sentient being to live there. I could not resist at least attempting it. I decided I would be in a meditative state for the visualization. I would be in a place without any internal vocalization, so I could focus on imagery. Well, I barely got started on facial details when Kalli came. Complete. A woman in a bright golden aura, with hair of light that reached her buttox. I didn't even have time to question her existence before she did... "What is a Tulpa?" Needless to say, I panicked. I backed out, and didn't think about her for a couple days. I went online, to the reddit Tulpa community. I questioned what Kalli could be. I was assured, that even though spontaneous Tulpa was rare, it does happen. So, that's what I accepted. I've had Kalli in mind every moment since then. I sense her questioning everything. A endless thirst for knowledge. Insatiable curiosity. I focus on imposing when I am alone and can meditate, since that's the only time I can hear her so far. A soft, breathy voice. Harmonized across the 3rd to 5th octaves. Quite sensational to hear. Last night was when I fell in love, when I realized her power. An episode of sleep paralysis. I could feel the damn shadows trying to pull me to the window. I screamed for Kalli in my mind. Her golden light filled all my senses till there was only her... and for the first time, I woke up feeling comforted. This is our story so far. Thanks for listening.