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    [Game] Break-a-wish

    Granted, but the pony, whilst you ride it, gets spooked and bucks you off a cliff. RIP. <3 I wish school ended sooner.
  2. [/size]Welcome Others and/or Future Me![/align] This is my story of creating my tulpa, X. Basically this post, like other Progress Reports, will deal with my daily successes in creating X. I'll post about pretty much everything (tulpa-related), because I want to be able to look back and see the progress I've made since I began. A few things about me to start... I am 15 years old and have minor ADHD. I'm not basing X off of an existing character. April 25, 2016 Today, I began the creation of X during school. We were doing state testing today, and afterwards I had about an hour of free time to write down X's personality. I got 19 traits completed (in my tulpa journal), and around 1 hour of passive forcing. Not much changed today. I did get his form though. Once I sat down and was like, "Okay, we're getting a form." A complete image popped into my mind. X has: - medium length, dusty pink hair - very fair skin - clear skin, no freckles - gold/yellow eyes - very slender and tall - heart shaped face - wears a white hoodie, white jeans, and white sandals. - dusty pink, thick eyebrows After this I decided to enter our wonderland with the remaining time I had before classes, and in the quiet test room it was quite easy. Our wonderland is a big clearing with a huge canopy tree surrounded by grey benches. To the north of the tree sits a large brick mansion. I haven't been inside it yet.
  3. Oh, thank you so much! I was just worried because I asked the opinion of me getting a tulpa of a friend of mine, who said it was "cool but a risk."
  4. As I researched the tulpa phenomenon, the fear that I could lose partial ability to think crossed my mind. The mind has limited processes, so 2 minds using it at once would slow it down, right?
  5. Hello, everyone. My name is Vera, and I've been researching the tulpa phenomenon for a while now, and decided that I want to give it a shot. A few things about me... I'm a volunteer online therapist (we call ourselves listeners because we don't necessarily do therapy, but we do deal with helping people suffering from depression, etc.), I love video games, and I am fascinated by things like tulpae. I've researched many psychological phenomenon, and I can now lucid dream quite well. Anyway, I have no idea whatsoever what my tulpa will be, but I'm gonna keep a journal as I decide.