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  1. Great White Northerner reporting in. Don't really want to meet, and don't exactly see the point.
  2. I was gone for 8 months or so, dunno if I mentioned it here or not. But I'm back and hopefully here to stay until the end!
  3. Just coming in to say that I appreciate the work you're putting into this, Pleeb. Thank you.
  4. 7,000,000/5000=1,400 Sounds a bit generous, but plausible enough for me. Man, statistics are scaaaaary.
  5. Apologies for not reading/posting more often. I've been busy these past few weeks. Anyhoozle, I will get to your requests eventually. Have some art. Lost and Found.
  6. Only ENFJ reporting in. Although to be fair, my extroversion-introversion scale landed on marginal. guise am i unique yetz
  7. Whelp, I figured I might as well start this. Howdy folks, I arrange lines on paper in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Arts will be dumped, egos will be stroked, jimmies will be rustled, and requests will be taken(should I find them easy/interesting/relevant-to-my-interests enough). Art dumpage of me and my weirdos impending. Tell me how I did so I get good feels and maybe take away something useful for a future career! My strangeness elsewhere if you care: DeviantArt Tumblah for Art and Sillyness Pinkie Pie, mostly for a warmup from 2 months art hiatus. Also second chalupa, so this is totally relevant.
  8. Woah, it's like transformers, pokemon, and watchmen wrapped into one.
  9. President Garfield could write in Latin and Greek with both hands simultaneously. There is no way that this test would qualify as hard evidence, as it is already possible, albiet uncommon, to be ambidextrous and do such a thing. Given, that would make for a neat party trick, but it's not objective evidence.
  10. Well, leastways I now know why Alexis stops midsentence and I still understand her. The stream of conciousness is weird.