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  1. Hello everyone, First off, I'm new to this community and have yet to create a Tulpa myself. However, I have this question in which I'm looking for an answer- or guidance. When your in the process of creating your Tulpa, which I know can take some time- you need to go through deep thought, focus, visualisation and concentration. My question is, how deep into focus do you need to be able to successfully and effectively create your Tulpa. For example, if you are perhaps someone who would spend their day at work, school etc and you were thinking about the aspects of your Tulpa is it possible to do this in let's say a 'shallow' type of way. This could mean there would be distractions such as background noises, people talking to you, you could be multitasking (say doing work), Is it possible to be able to develop a Tulpa in this 'shallow' focus? Would it work just take longer? And would it be better to go for a more quiet and meditation type method? Thanks.