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    I'm Mew, and this is The Network! I'm 21, male, and almost graduating from college as a computer science major. The Network is my baby, and I've pretty much grown up with it; I didn't create it consciously, and I've had it since I was around 4-6 years old. We work as something between a souldbonding collective and a gateway/endogenic system, is what I've gathered so far from my research and from talking to others.

    I'm probably the only one who will talk here, if I talk to anyone at all; I'm mostly here for snooping around and learning. Feel free to message me if you want, though, I don't bite!
  1. I feel like we should introduce ourselves for posterity's sake: we're The Network Collective, and I'm Mew. So far in my research we've decided we can best be described as living in the grey area between soulbonding and endogenic multiplicity. I'm pretty sure that The Network isn't comprised of accidental tulpae, but I've recently been very curious about this community. I probably won't interact very much, but I wanted to have full (or relatively full? I'm not familiar with the site yet) access to the site to be able to poke around. I might ask some questions as I poke around, and I'm also willing to answer questions if anyone is curious about us. About me specifically: I'm 21 years old, male, Jewish American, and a Computer Science major (currently about to be a senior). I like to draw and create other forms of art (painting, dioramas, clay, crochet, etc) and I have a cat, a rabbit, and an alarming about of 'bonds. I'm interested in both the metaphysical and psychological explanations for everything, as I personally like having both trains of thought happening in my head side by side. I doubt the others will talk here at all, so if they wanna edit this and add an introduction they are free to. But I think I'm really the only one who is interested in the tulpermancy side of headmates. Whoever's talking will sign their name at the bottom, which seems to be the custom for plural groups on forums. I hope to have a good time here and learn a lot! -Mew