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  1. I think it's because when someone posts automaticly becomes the winner. So everyone who posted is a winner and even though being new winners you have already won.
  2. Oh ops, what a missclick! My vote was for 1-3 weeks. It wasn't supper good (I couldn't differentiate her from my thoughts) but we manage to see it clearly with head pressures. Whenever she talked, I asked if it was her; head pressure=yes, nothing=no.
  3. Well that's not pertty far of my point about it. I thought it was about learning how to multitask and later doing one task each. That's like visualization. You focus visualizate and later they become able to move themselves. The same with imposition or vocality. In other words you learn how to multitask and then one of the proces could be used by the tulpa
  4. I read some days ago that you weren't able to do parallel processing nor the activities to improve it. I don't know if you improved on it (don't have time to read all your progress report sorry :P) but I'm stuck in that situation like you, I found this: and i thought it could help you because we were able, with a lot of effort, but yeah
  5. Ghang

    What're you up to?

    Well I've been busy with studies and other problems but also: -Have done an school investigation project. -I've been looking at Michael Grubb, planning to do something related to it next summer (a lot of scams in this area, but i continue searching for more sources). -I found about sungazing and i wanna investigate further before doing nothing. And some other minor stuff of course :P
  6. Ja!, I'm obviously the winner now
  7. Openness to Experience/Intellect You are relatively open to new experiences. (Your percentile: 70) The other person typically doesn't seek out new experiences. (Their percentile: 47) Conscientiousness You are very well-organized, and can be relied upon. (Your percentile: 86) The other person is very well-organized, and can be relied upon. (Their percentile: 97) Extraversion You are relatively social and enjoy the company of others. (Your percentile: 64) The other person is relatively social and enjoy the company of others. (Their percentile: 70) Agreeableness You are good-natured, courteous, and supportive. (Your percentile: 83) The other person tends to consider the feelings of others. (Their percentile: 74) Neuroticism You probably remain calm, even in tense situations. (Your percentile: 7) The other person probably remains calm, even in tense situations. (Their percentile: 18
  8. -Headaches: This only happens when we go beyond our limit, she can't do whatever she was doing or anything else and just causes headache. Even talking betwen us is difficult in that state. Next time I'll try to remove it. -Head pressure: We just use it as a way of comunication. -Increased concentration: I'm way better concentrating on work and Rairy can also help me too. -Sleep blocking: After sleeping 9h everyday during vacations, I was able to stay perfectly 3 consecutive days sleeping 5h (I don't know about you guys, but this isn't normal in me). Also, there was a moment where i was getting sleepy and she said,"Don't worry, I've got it" and it faded away. -Twitches in muscles, also as a way of comunication. -Positive/Negative impact on mood: It's just depending on how she feels. 90% positive -Emotion manipulation: She can give me a big wave of motivation or she can block sadness. Probably her strongest hability, to the point of crying without feeling anything. And she can let other feelings while doing it.
  9. At the time when I couldn't recognise if I was parroting or not, I told her to use head pressure as her sign. When some thought pop up i said, "Was it you?" and the head pressure apeared or not. Over the time i could recognise her more easily and actually I barely never use it.
  10. Pretty fast as you said, but that's not bad. Keep it up, continue working, but probably you will find something you are not good at, so prepare yourself to not be frustated if it happens and be chill, just working as always. I reccomend you to talk to your tulpa and make him understand how sensitive he is, and that he need to understand it and when something happens, try to control his emotions. And also, will be difficult to be shy to the person who is your brother or best friend or whatever, think he's not different (or maybe he just deviated).
  11. Well, I had to read Marianela for school...super extensive descriptions and a slow helped me with insomnia, I reccomend it :P Next person has a brain in a pot.
  12. Well give them some ice cream too, that will help for sure :P Nice to see you two doing well and I hope to read more of you.
  13. Also you should try to change that purpose of creating him just to help you. I mean, the best thing to do is to visualice your future as friends, and trully seek that friendship, and not the thought of he helping you. And don't worry, friends are supposed to help each other...but anyone want to start a relation with someone who just wants to use him. My first words to my tulpa were "You won't be a tool, don't worry about that, you don't need to help me in my stuff, I just want your friendship, a true one that will remain a lifetime...unless you get mad hahahah".
  14. I thought i was the only one who didn't get what he said. Before reading Mistgod reaction I asumed what he said, meh, sorry for that. Anyway I think you could talk via pm, just because it's interesting to understand someone who have a diferent opinion, or at least try. About this thread, I guess it's objective is more philosophic than pragmatic. Just someone who thought that people in the forum doesn't think a lot about this things and don't want the tulpamancers to be like "It's like this because we think so", it seems religion. Only trying to understand what we are doing with all this.
  15. Yep, i just explained how the posibility existing real and imaginary tulpas, is viable, but was a bit hard for me to do it (to explain it).