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  1. RTGT

    LGBT Tulpamancers

    Guys, guys, why the hostilities? I meant this as a peaceful thread. I was just curious about the amount of LGBT+ people in this forum, why is anyone starting a fight over it? From now on, can we cut the political/ opinionated/ hypocritical bullshit and stop hating each other? We don't need to bring the American civil war and Hitler in to this
  2. RTGT

    LGBT Tulpamancers

    It's nice to see people helping others find themselves on my thread. Beautiful
  3. RTGT

    LGBT Tulpamancers

    You have a solid point. And although you are in a way talking against LGBT or other such groups (at least it can be interpreted like that) it is comments like these which don't offend me. You state a point, you back it up. You don't actively attack someone, which is what others would and have done in the past. You're not trying to be offensive, you're just explaining your views. The opposite is what some of my classmates do. There is a small group of people in my class which disagree with religion. A valid point if you explain it. But they just throw out slurs like religion is cancer So, despite your views, I applaud your bravery to stand by your views and explain them to people who are unlikely to see the same way. I agree with parts and disagree with others, but because of how solidly you have formed your answer, it is hard to argue against, so I'm not going to bother. Also, thank you for everyone who came out on this thread. Telling people who you are inside may be easier than telling someone face to face, but so are spewing hate comments, so thank you for risking having your identity challenged anonymously on this thread, although to be honest I didn't expect any particularly vulgar hate comments. From what I've seen this is a nice community. But thank you, nonetheless. It feels good to be part of a community with people who are in the same minority as me and I can relate to. With a forum about Tulpas, a very personal creation, it makes sense for people to be confident enough to open up personally to others in the community (with in reason, of course. Internet safety is a big problem)
  4. RTGT

    LGBT Tulpamancers

    The point of LGBT+ is that love exists everywhere, regardless of who you are or what you are. So we can be all these things, bi, gay ore ace, and still be equal. So yes, we are separated by how we identify, but we are pulled together by LGBT+. Plus we kinda have to separate ourselves from society for our own safety.
  5. RTGT

    LGBT Tulpamancers

    Okay, because this is LGBT Pride month I've decided to post this to find the variety of sexual orientations and gender identifications on this blog. So if you are part of the LGBT+ community, here are the questions: 1. What is your sexuality? 2. What is your gender? 3. Is your sexuality/ gender important to you? 4. Are any of your tulpas LGBT+? Here are my answers: 1. Bisexual 2. Cis-male but I have some feminine aspects 3. My bisexuality is VERY important to me 4. I'm only just starting so I don't have a Tulpa yet, but I have decided to make a gay Tulpa called Orlando (to pay tribute to the dead of the shooting earlier this week) Thank you for reading, and thank you for answering if you choose to. This is Pride month after all so we should all be ourselves.