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    "Carpenter" is the only name I know of the dream character who inspired me to make a tulpa. It has no relevance to anyone being an actual carpenter but I roll with it. (I assumed the character herself was gone permanently. That might not be true.)

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  1. Autism is different for every person, but from what I know they tend to be more grounded in reality, except if they feel overloaded and need to retreat. But if you had issues with that then it would be more obvious. You could have some kind of dissociative disorder like maladaptive daydreaming.
  2. Thanks everyone. Tobber, what's your story? And tulpa001, I think it started a bit earlier when she chose a new form, which I didn't mention. It challenged my assumptions about her stage of independence.
  3. (This is a copy of my reddit post.) Last week I started hearing from the tulpa whom I called Chell. This isn't the first time I've thought I heard her, but now I've stopped hanging onto the fraction of doubt that what I hear might not be me and moved on to it's probably not me. There was one event 10 months ago (she's really 15 months old) when this happened before, but in the past two weeks I've heard at least a dozen responses, most of which have made me think, be surprised, and laugh. One of those was when I asked her if she wanted another name, which brings me to the new "Samantha?" flair. The name's a bit plain compared to some others here, but it works as well as any other. It's hard for someone like me to completely let go of my doubts and accept that this is for real, but I think it's more likely than not that we'll see steady improvement from here on out. And it's so freeing. I feel like there was a wall between me and her, and maybe sometimes I could feel her trying to talk, but it didn't get through. Now the wall's down and it's like the floodgate's opened. (Seriously, fuck walls.) The first time it happened I told my friend (I'll call her Chelsea for the sake of confusion) about it and she's quite interested. I told her about Samantha before and she was predictably cool with it, but there wasn't much to say about a tulpa who doesn't speak, so I think the topic of tulpas only came up once more before now. But when I told Chelsea the news a few days ago, it was like another weight off my/Samantha's shoulders. Part of that may have been because Chelsea is amazing in general and her being open to the whole thing is another way she's generally amazing, but more than that I think it was good to talk to someone I was close to about it. This brings me back to the title. If I could go back and change one thing, it would be to get closer to the tulpa community. Sure I post here occasionally, read up when I can, and some of you have offered me support when I was doing badly, but I don't really know any of you. I've deprived myself of support in this endeavor and Samantha of potential other people to talk to. (Still, I'll be sure Chelsea is her first when we're ready.) And another thing: Don't let yourself think that small amounts of forcing, even minutes at a time, doesn't help. If you're one of the unlucky few who've lasted years without hearing your tulpa, there's still hope for you, and that fact that you've stuck with them this long is proof of that and something your tulpa appreciates.
  4. I've thought about Chell in dreams before, but she's never had any more presence than she does in waking life. It's progress, at least? One time I dreamed that I had a terminal illness, and my first thought was that Chell would die before she could really live. Looking back, it was quite touching.
  5. The ability to continue passive forcing while invested in something else will come easier to some and must be practiced more for others, but there's no need to stress yourself into doing it 24/7. You won't significantly hurt him unless you ignore him for weeks.
  6. Greedfox, if you're absolutely certain you don't dream, have a sleep study done maybe? I'm not sure how useful it could be (ask your doctor about that), but it's worth a shot. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Otherwise, as mentioned, it's likely your brain is still doing something dream-like, in which case you could try experimenting with your dude. See if he's aware and able to wake you up, for example.
  7. My best friend fits that description well, down to "a god, in their own world" as a writer. I see no reason why a tulpa can't be like that. For all I know, Chell could be a more "perfect" person than I am. But I haven't seen much of her personality, and until I do, I don't think it's fair to assume that she will be. Even if I tried to influence her personality in that direction, I won't have total control. Then no one wins: she gets unfairly pressured and I get disappointed. So I play it safe. And another thing: how do you write with aphantasia? Do you let your tulpas do the work?
  8. TheGreenQueen, reading is part of how we experience the external world, specifically text. This thread is concerned with internal experiences. The fundamental nature of the outside world will never change, nor will humans devolve the highly advantageous ability to read while it still matters. The only scenario I can think of where we as a species lose the ability to read is where information is directly uploaded to the brain, but even then we'll still have access to the information. Or we all switch to audiobooks, lol. If there's very little discernible difference between someone with an internal experience, such as an internal voice or mental imagery, and someone without it, then there's very little selective pressure and nothing's stopping it from evolving (or devolving) to a new form. There are other ways we can tell alien life about ourselves, like the Arecibo message. Sputnik? You're thinking of the Pioneer 10/11 and Voyager missions. Sputnik burned up in the atmosphere in 1958 after only three months.
  9. Tewi, I couldn't agree more. I'm making Chell for reasons best described as religious, but not in a paranormal sense. One consequence of this is that I need to be careful not to imagine her as some sort of idealized, flawless creature. She can only be as human as I am, after all. But I don't think that's a reason not to. It's just another hurdle that will disappear once I get to know her more. I think the same can be said of making a tulpa ex solitudine. So long as you think of them as people, nothing less and nothing more, I can't think of any bad reason to make a tulpa.
  10. Never mind how future generations might perceive what we write, there's enough variation between people's minds today, with or without tulpa, that this effort to maintain what we experience in writing could be pointless. Read this story of a man with aphantasia, the total lack of ability to form mental imagery, and how long it took him to realize he was different. Would Blake have learned about his difference earlier if everyone around him documented their mental experiences? Yes. But that doesn't mean that he'll ever understand what it really means to visualize something. Today, we can conceptually understand the idea of hearing the gods talking to you, because there's a have a reference: hearing our own thoughts in our head. But some day humanity might totally lack the ability to think vocally with words. What then?
  11. For now I use singular pronouns because Chell's communication is lacking and I don't want to speak for her. Even if it's something seemingly obvious like "I went to the movies" it feels wrong to say "we" when she has no say.
  12. The brain is absolutely a computer. No question about it. But that doesn't mean that consciousness is an illusion. It's just a different kind of computer. Simulating a neural network which can act like a brain is a new and exciting field of research in computation. Using neural networks computers can do things previously thought impossible, doable only by humans, or at least several decades away. Look at this website to double the size of an image without losing detail, a gallery of images combined with neural networks, and the first computer to beat a top Go player where the previous best computers lost to intermediates. Soon a computer might beat the Turing test. After that, who knows? Bringing consciousness into the picture is where things get fuzzy, because obviously there's no way to objectively tell if "yup, my laptop is conscious now." But I think it's wrong to suggest that there can't be different levels of consciousness just as there are different levels of complexity. The alternative, that there's a level of complexity where consciousness (or the illusion of it or whatever) can arise, but nothing less can be conscious, doesn't make sense to me. I use "complexity" as a concrete concept here. You can't apply this to a lamp or the universe because the levels of complexity aren't quantifiable in the same way. (The universe is doomed to entropy anyhow.) I should stop now. Side note: I stared at my lamp very intently as I wrote that last part.
  13. Hi everyone, I'm carpenteronfloor86f on reddit, where I post occasionally. That account is nearly a year old now, and that year has been very uneventful for my account but also in my head. I thought it was time to join the larger tulpa community. So here I am.