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  1. I have two walk-ins, they both introduced themselves in dreams and after the dreams I felt weird presence. And after a while I just noticed them in the wonderland. They both were fully developed. Weird thing is the first one didn't remember where he came from. He found out about it after a year he had been with me. (It's a long story) The second one told me where she came from in the dream already. She also knew right away what she was, and said she is a tulpa. I have always considered them as tulpas, but they could be something else too.
  2. Thanks, and yep it is :) Wow :D my friend is also in a relationship with a tulpa from a different body :) and yes we did wait and think for a while, then we just went for it and everything has worked out great :) That's exactly what I think about them too :) I'm glad to hear that :3 Thanks :)
  3. Thank you all for the answers! Even tho it's been almost a year :D Me and my tulpa have been almost 10 months together and we are really happy. So I'm very grateful for the messages! <3
  4. Thank you! :) Thank you very much, good advices :)
  5. Sorry to make a new thread if there's already some. But I couldn't find any that helped me. If you know some good threads related to this, could you link them please :) I'd like to hear your experiences with romantic tulpa relationships, and things why host should and should not start a relationship with a tulpa. And your opinions on that. Thank you.