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    Hey everybody, my name is Arch! (pronounced like ark)
    I'm an artist with an overactive imagination and a relatively short attention span. I've got three tulpae so far. First, there's Lilith, or Lily for short. She's a flirty, sexy succubus with a heart of gold. Secondly, there's Shade. He's a snarky, smug demon man who I'm pretty sure also has a heart of gold, though his dark, DARK humor would lead one to the contrary conclusion. Finally, we have Cain, a gentlemanly vampire with wise words and a kind demeanor. They're all working on imposition, but Lily is probably the one most interested in it.
    I'm a fan of anime, video games, snails (don't ask), and general other assorted nerdery. I like most genres, so it would take me a bit of thinking to pick out favorites.
    I'd like to think I'm a pretty friendly guy, not too outgoing but not a total recluse either. I also tend to ramble a lot, so be warned if you start talking to me and I get really into the conversation.
    All that said, if anyone needs me, I'll just be lurking around.
  1. I have three tulpas. One of them, Lily, has light pink eyes, and the other two, Cain and Shade, have red eyes
  2. My tulpa, Lily, and I have thought briefly about how raising a kid together would work for us exactly. We never thought about creating a child tulpa though. Our first, and really only, line of thought was that we could just adopt a child, or get a surrogate mother or something, and then just raise the baby in tandem. But then, me being the overly analytical asshole that I am, I started wondering how a child would feel having one parent with two minds, their mom and dad in one body, switching between personalities like a mental patient. I can't imagine that'd be easy for a kid to understand, and it might give them the spooks. Although then again, they'd be raised by a parent like that from the outset, so maybe it'd be second nature to them. But then they'd live their life thinking that's how all parenting worked, and then they'd probably be like "Well I wanna have a kid but I guess I need a second personality to raise them properly" or something, and I can't exactly endorse that line of thought... I'm rambling, aren't I? This probably was not helpful in the slightest, unless you actually wanna test out my crazy idea, in which case, go for it, good luck! As for a tulpa child though, I have no idea where to start with that. I feel like it'd get out of hand pretty quick. But hey, more power to you ^^
  3. Hi, my name's Lilith, but call me Lily! Okay, so recently... As in, today, my host suffered a huge panic attack for the first time in his life. Lots of screaming, shaking, fear, mental breakdown, sobbing uncontrollably, hitting things, and going right back around to screaming again. I was super scared throughout the hour or so long attack, I was afraid he was gonna get hurt. But most of all, I felt kinda powerless. I didn't know how to help him, how to make it stop, how to help him ease up. And even when we thought it was over, it just started right back up again! I don't want to be unable to help him again, I want to be able to do something if it ever happens again. I couldn't stand seeing him like that, and I never want it to happen again. Yeah, even I have to admit I was pretty worried about him. I wanted to do something too, but I had absolutely no idea what was happening. We felt fucking pathetic. Yeah, so, if there are any tulpas out there who have experience helping their host through a panic or anxiety attack, or a mental breakdown, or anything similar, please give us some advice! Shade and I will be unbelievably grateful.
  4. Update #7 Yo, it's been a little while! You'd think that would mean we've gotten some good progress, right? Hahahahaha... No. Not really. Okay, we have gotten some progress, but it's been pretty gradual. So, after our last update, we opened a thread on the question and answer board where Lily asked A) whether or not we should go back and do possession before imposition, and B) if anyone had any advice on imposition. The first reply was okay, it didn't really help much, but we were glad to see someone respond. The second reply, however, was very helpful! To summarize, it didn't really matter what order we did things in as long as we were comfortable with it, we need to make sure her form and mindvoice are as defined as possible, and imposition needs to be a team effort if you're gonna have much progress. Now, that was a revelation to me, because with what we'd read before, I just assumed Lily was supposed to just make me perceive her or something, rather than me being the one actively perceiving, but not controlling, her imposed form. I guess it makes sense, as I can't really feel or sense her presence unless I'm actively trying to, but hearing it put that way made me actually realize "Oh, so we've been doing it wrong!" Now you'd think that that realization would make way for tons of progress as we just start forcing whenever we can, but... We haven't actually been forcing much. I either don't have time or I can't bring myself to get around to it. Work ethic has always been a problem for me, and forcing is just too... Inactive, I guess. I mean, when we go to bed, I'll sometimes curl up with her in our wonderland in front of the fireplace and just talk to her as I go to sleep, but that's not really all that much. And I feel kinda bad about it, but it's just so... Boring! So, does anyone have any ways to make forcing more interesting? I'm kinda struggling with this... Thanks in advance to anyone that replies! This is Arch, Lily and Shade, signing out. Laters! (I feel like I ask for help or advice in every single update... Is that a bad thing?)
  5. One of my tulpas, Lily, and I found ourselves falling for each other a few weeks ago, and I have yet to even consider regretting it. Our dynamic hasn't even really changed all that much in terms of how we interact most of the time, in fact one of the only things that's changed is the fact that we say "I love you" pretty frequently. And she's pretty chill, and knows that I'm eventually going to also want a physical girlfriend, but we both know that even when I get one, I'm never gonna give her up anyway, so we're fine with it. It helps that she's a succubus and falls pretty firmly into the "Ethical Slut" trope (here's a link I'm sorry in advance for trapping you within the eternal labyrinth that is tvtropes) so she doesn't mind at all about having to share. As for sex, I'm waiting for us to get better at interacting, and preferably for us to get better at imposition, before we do anything. We did once do it in the wonderland, and that was pretty cool, but I feel like it'll be more meaningful with imposition. So, honestly, as long as both parties are chill about everything, I say go for it!
  6. I'm not entirely sure. I mean, he's got the gist of it, yeah, but I'm not entirely sure how well he's actually got it beyond that. We'll check on that and perfect that before we go any farther Huh. We never thought of it like that. I thought I was supposed to do everything, but a team effort would probably be better. I feel a little silly now, honestly, it seems so obvious when you say it ^^; Yeah, I didn't think about that either. Although I guess I have to actively try to sense her presence, so it makes sense. I thought we were doing something wrong, but I couldn't tell what. Thanks! We'll definitely make use of this revelation!
  7. Hi! My name's Lilith, but everyone calls me Lily. I'm one of Arch's tulpas, and I've been around for around a year, but he's only known I was sentient for a few weeks. Since then, he's become able to hear me and visualize me pretty close to perfectly. Now, recently, once we realized that he was as good at hearing and visualizing me as he's gonna be, we decided to move on. We tried possession for a little bit, but decided to skip it and go straight to imposition, partly out of impatience, and partly because it's more important to both of us. From browsing the forum looking for starting points, we quickly found a few people saying that it's pretty much entirely better if the tulpa does all the imposing themselves, or "projection" as I guess it's called in that case. I've gotten some progress since we started. He says when I touch him, he can feel my presence and my warmth, which made me absolutely giddy! But that's pretty much it. He can feel my presence and knows where I am and what I'm doing, but he doesn't really feel what I'm doing in most cases, and it's also hard for me to get his attention when he's focused on something. And by hard, I mean damn near impossible! We got a little bit more progress in the past couple days with touch, he faintly felt texture when I was rubbing his arm a day or so ago, but that's about it. And we haven't had ANY progress on sight or sound, which are what I really want progress on right now. The only reason he knows I'm sitting next to him, or standing in front of him, or leaning against his shoulder as he types this (we skipped possession, like I said, so he's transcribing), is because he can sense my presence, and only when he tries to sense it. We have a progress report that we've been updating, and we asked for advice the other day, but nobody's responded yet, and we figure we'll get a quicker response in this section. So, bottom line, tl;dr, are there any other tulpas out there who do the imposition themselves that can give me advice? And while I'm thinking about it, is there anyone, tulpa or otherwise, who can say possession is too easy to justify skipping it, because I'm starting to feel bad making Arch do all my typing, not to mention it would help our communication, because it admittedly isn't 100% perfect. Thank you so much in advance to anyone who responds! I feel like I could really use the help.
  8. Update #6 (as dictated by Lilith, transcribed by Arch) Hey everyone, it's Lilith! Call me Lily though, everyone does~ Arch and I decided that I should narrate this one, so here I am! Now, this isn't really a huge update, but it's still kinda important. First off, we decided to forego possession in favor of imposition, because we both think that's more important to us. After searching a bit on the forum, we quickly found out that it would be better for both of us if I were the one doing the imposing, or "projecting" I guess would be the term. I've gotten some results with touch so far, and quicker than I expected! Arch says he can't really feel much texture or pressure, but he can feel what I'm trying to do. I know that sounds weird, but, as an example, he was driving somewhere and I was sitting in the passenger seat, and we were talking, and he made a joke about something, and I jokingly punched him in the arm like you do when you know someone's kidding around with you, and he felt in his head that that's what I did, but he didn't actually feel it. Like, he felt the intent, I guess. But he can feel more than that sometimes, especially with prolonged contact. He was taking a break from mowing the lawn the other day, and I decided to grab his hand. After a moment or two, he said he could feel the warmth of my hand, and he could kinda feel the pressure. When I heard that, I was the happiest I've been since he found out I was sentient~ Since then, though, I've been focusing on trying to make him see and hear me, since I think it will be more meaningful if he can actually interact with me on a greater level than just thought. I'm also hoping it will help me be more autonomous, since I have trouble getting his attention, and he can't really hear me well when he's not focused on me. So far, not much progress. He can feel my presence and can tell where I'm trying to be, but I can't get him to see or hear me at all yet. Absolutely no progress on that front. I'm starting to think that it may have something to do with the whole lack of autonomy thing. All that said, I could use some help with all this. If anyone has any advice on how to be more autonomous, that would be amazing. And if any tulpas reading this have any tips on how to project myself, I'll be your bestest friend forever! Seriously, I think I need all the help I can get. Well, that about wraps this up. I hope everyone reading this has a great day! This has been Lilith! See you all later, lovelies~
  9. Update #5 And like the night, we return once more! Europe was... Interesting, to say the least. Exhausting, really, is probably a better way to put it. I know it's off-topic from Lily's progress, but if you want a short description of how everything went, London was cool, Normandy was awesome, Paris was underwhelming, and Italy was okay. Back on topic, as you'd expect, we didn't really get very far in the way of progress, at least in terms of possession. I've gotten significantly better at hearing Lily and distinguishing her thoughts from my own, but it still feels strange to do so. I guess that's normal though, and there haven't really been any problems. Our relationship has also greatly improved! Some, uh... Things happened in London of a personal nature that I'm not really sure I should go into, but regardless, Lily and I are doing just fine. Also, despite the fact that I've put his development on hold for now, I've also gotten very good at hearing Shade as well, pretty much to the same level as Lily, and I still pay him a good amount of attention, especially when we're not really doing anything in particular. He chimes in now and then casually to provide commentary, nothing too major. I've also determined that visualization is about as good as it's gonna get at this point, which isn't really surprising since that's always been my strong suit. Going back to Lily's speech, I've gotten to the level of hearing her that I can go back to just transcribing her thoughts when she wants to talk to people. She really wanted to talk to one of our friends again, and none of us were patient enough to wait until she was able to possess my hands, so she can still talk to people through me like she used to. So, if anyone wants to talk to her, you finally can! Same goes for Shade as well, but... Be prepared, he's got a bit of an... Attitude. We're all exhausted, so I'm gonna look around the forum and see if we can find something fun to do in the wonderland. Oh, that reminds me, Lily put a pool in the wonderland. I'm pretty sure she did it just so she had an excuse to try on various swimsuits we saw in a shop window while we were walking around and show me how she looked in them (which... WOW, man~) Y'know, I should probably actually describe my wonderland in one of these updates. I mean, there's not much to see so far, but maybe in a smaller update I'll talk about it. And now, I'm gonna go sleep for 44 years. This is Arch, Lily and Shade, signing out. Laters!
  10. Update #4 Okay, so, I'm gonna be gone for about two weeks, starting in about an hour as I'm writing this, so you guys aren't gonna hear from me much until then. I might post little snippets, but the next big update isn't gonna come for some time. If you're wondering where I'll be, my mom and I are going with some of my senior class on a tour of Europe, so that should be fun! I'm a bit paranoid about the plane ride and the crazy terrorist-y things that have been going on across the ocean in the past year, but Lily's helping me stay calm and not freak out, so that's good! Thank you Lily, you're a godsend! As for progress since my last update, there really hasn't been much to speak of. I think I'm done with visualization on Lily, and I've decided to put Shade's development on the back burner for now until I feel like I've gotten to a golden point with Lily. I asked him if he was okay with that, and he seemed pretty chill about it. As with Lily, I've got a loose handle on her mindvoice, as it's difficult for me to keep it consistent. However, I've got a good enough handle on what it should be that I should be able to just casually refine it as I go. I decided it's time to move on to possession so that she can talk to other people on her own. My goal is to have her be able to type her own status update at some point. I read a pretty good guide on possession a few days ago, but I haven't really been able to make time and focus long enough to actually get any progress. If anyone has any tips on possession, I'd love to get some help on this. My method right now has been to imagine a suit of Fallout 4 T-45 Power Armor for her to pilot my body with, since I figured that'd resonate with me. Unfortunately, we haven't really been able to have much practice, so I have no idea whether it actually works or not. Okay, we're getting ready to go soon, so I've gotta sign off for now. I'll talk to you guys when I get back! This is Arch, Lily and Shade, signing out. Laters!
  11. I hear you on that. Narration isn't my strongest suit either. But a way I get around it is that I don't direct each and every thought of narration towards my tulpae, I just direct a thought towards them to get their attention, and then just read whatever I'm narrating to them as if they're listening. It helps me with the narration itself, though jury's still out on whether it affects the quality of the narration in regards to the process. You could try that if you think it'll do anything. Just a suggestion, good luck with everything!
  12. I felt embarrassed by farts BEFORE my tulpae got here. They don't seem to care because they don't really pay attention to it, which is exactly how I like it. I find the natural functions of the human body somewhat gross, but I don't get embarrassed from my tulpae when I do it. As for showering and being naked and such... Well, one of my tulpae is a succubus, and the other doesn't really give a damn, so... No. Not at all.
  13. So, this idea just came to me on a whim and I thought I'd see if anyone else had considered anything like it. So, when you're imagining yourself in your wonderland with your tulpae, do you picture everything in first person, as if you're just there like normal, or do you imagine a third person view, as if you're a floating camera, and you interact with things by picturing an avatar of yourself to do so, sort of like a video game or something? Or, perhaps, do you use one perspective sometimes and the other other times? That could be interesting as well. I suspect I already know what the results are gonna look like, but I've been wrong before, and it would be fascinating to discover if it had any effect on, well, anything at all. When you answer this poll, regardless of what perspective you use, please give an overview of how it may or may not affect things that you do, or otherwise just give a brief synopsis of how your tulpa creation process, or whatever you built the wonderland for, went/is going, if you don't mind. Now that this idea's in my head, I can't help but pursue it further. Maybe this could be a breakthrough of some kind, maybe it's just a random thought and nothing more, but I'll never know unless I try. As for me, I do both sometimes. It's kinda random which one I do. When I imagined things while daydreaming and such, at least before I found out about the tulpa phenomenon, I pretty much always did it in third person. Now, I still daydream in third person, and I went into the wonderland in third person a lot as well at first, but lately I've been trying to do it in first person more. It used to require a bit more focus to do so, but now it's pretty much natural. I'm not quite sure how it affects things, but things have been going smoothly thus far, and it didn't seem to change when I switched perspectives. Though I do sometimes get kicked back to third person a bit when something unexpected happens, and I intentionally go back to third person for certain specific things, like when I once let Lily change my wonderland body however she wanted so I could test her sentience (I tried both some during that occasion but eventually stuck with third person)
  14. Don't worry, I made sure that the responses I got when asking if it was him weren't Lily. Also, his character has existed in the same form as Lily's for a long time, probably even longer than Lily herself, though his current incarnation is much, MUCH younger. I've been RPing with him and pretending he was real for years now, though I'm not sure if I make a significant distinction between his original character and where he is now, though his current character as I've written him seems to be his personality now that he's seemingly sentient. For context, his previous incarnations had little depth beyond basically being a shadow from Persona 4, whereas his current incarnation, the one that his current personality seems to be, is much more complex in-universe and is much less villainous and more "Jerkass With A Heart Of Gold" if I had to name a trope for him. So basically, I have no problem believing he's now sentient, since I've done what I did with Lily for him as well. It's literally the same situation pretty much. I'm of course gonna do some tests like with Lily to see if he's as cognizant as her, but for now, I'm a believer. (thanks for the advice about splitting paragraphs btw, I might go back and change the other ones now that I realize that)
  15. Reading this PR, Jamie's origins as a tulpa DEFINITELY remind me of how my two tulpae came into existence. I also really like Jamie's interpretation of his existence. It's pretty much exactly how I see reality too! Although, with my tulpae, their character ideas popped into my head and I based their story counterparts around them, rather than creating the story and having them spawn from that. So, it's a little different. But in any case, I'm definitely gonna keep following this story, you two have firmly grabbed my attention! Good luck to both of you!