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  1. Hi! I'm pretty new to this forum (join about ten minutes ago). I was scrolling through YouTube and found ScareTheater's "The Tulpa Phenomenon," I'm amazed by what the human mind can do, and I think I'm captivated by the thought of making a Tulpa myself. Of course, I have a few questions in my mind before I can continue. Firstly, privacy. Do you need to be in a quiet, serene place where you don't get bothered whilst you create your Tulpa? If so, can anyone suggest where I could go, because I have no privacy here? XD Second, imposition. I'm kind of scared when I think that someone or something that is a fragment of my mind (my mind is still debating if ghosts are real) can do crazy and unnerving things such as looking at me all the time, going violent, or just anything weird that affects me in general. Will this be normal with having a Tulpa? I really need to know. Third, personality (and how my Tulpa will act or 'do its own thing'). If I think of something like my Tulpa will just suddenly have a scary-looking type of bodily, facial or anything physical in general, will my Tulpa manifest as how I suddenly thought it morphed to? Will my Tulpa do things that I think will do it? For that field of thinking, I kind of have no hold of my mind when it comes to thinking of stuff like that; if I think about nothing or something happy, my mind just suddenly thinks about scary stuff and it just pops out in my mind, and mostly are related to people I know. Sorry if my sentence structures are mixed up/lacking something. English is not my first language. Thanks! :)