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  1. Ah, I didn't actually know, thanks for clarifying ^^;
  2. This mostly applies to non-human thoughtforms, but does your tulpa request/get ecstatic/beg and pout for you to wear something? In my experience, my tulpa Notebook as an alien cat begs for me to wear this tiger tail I've had since middle school, and pouts when I tell her 'no'. When I DO wear it, either she feels great about it and shares her emotion with me, or her satisfaction inadvertently travels to me. She's urged me to wear it even at college, and it has made me feel good to express myself as a furry/host, so I can't complain much :)
  3. I do write stories about her, but she doesn't say much and neither of of us really have a consistent way of how she acts =( If I'm SUPPOSED to be parroting/puppeting most of it then I'm on the write track. Whenever I focus hard on something other than her I essentially shove her out of my mind, but maybe I should try harder to keep her in focus (when the activity doesn't visually have her in it). Hopefully when I ask her what to do in games she'll eventually respond ;-; I think she does want it to be romantic or at least closer than friends, but I've told her not to kiss me because I'mnot c
  4. MisterMetokur makes over-the-top videos either as his opinion or as satire, and shits on people as a joke. It's like laughing at race-based jokes imo
  5. It seemed more like a silly fake horror story by a typical neckbeardy emo character still in middle or high school. But yay publicity (after some shitflinging)! Oh, plus? If anyone was genuinely interested they would read around here and the tulpa.info page and would have paused to read the tulpa.info page :)
  6. The vid was funny but there will definitely be an influx of le funny trolling xD by his fans since everytime something is shown in a video by anyone is perfect bait? Hi, Metokur, I love your videos :3c
  7. That is a good idea, thank you! I'm not very creative when I'm trying to make a person who will soon be somewhat grounded in reality (or at least seem that way to my senses)
  8. I get really nervous and lock up, I guess, it doesn't help now that we have bad history either
  9. Last time I forced, I had a light on, and was lying on my bed with a pillow half over my face to block out most of the light, plus I was wearing headphones and listening to binaural beats, various chill music, and then something about third eye opening. I know you can't keep a secret from a tulpa, and I don't know what you mean by distance other than setting boundaries, which I've done to little effect
  10. Whenever I tulpaforce, it's awkward, and after 45 minutes my head starts to hurt for the rest of the day. Most of the time I am also tired, and my boyfriend/roommate is off making noise in the room and interrupting me by just doing his own thing. It doesn't help that I'm a shy person who feels unsure of and doesn't know how to get to know people well to the point of putting it off and avoiding them regardless of what I actually want... I see my tulpa right now as a friend, but it's very hard to hang out with her (tulpaforce) when she can't/won't talk to me much, and after 45 minutes of just
  11. Sounds like you made a soulbond like me, haha ^^; I had her originally as a story/roleplay character.
  12. Your system? Like how you were developed? That's actually what I was told it was at the start, but then I was told different ;; :O Oh my goodness that's a long time!! That's really crazy to me but I'm glad you're alright ;v; I never knew about those tulpas, thank you for educating me more about this I appreciate it so much ;; I just think it would be her best interest to have a form, I know that's what I would want That's great!! I was thinking "well isn't that better than just basically being the same as your host?" I'm glad to hear you and other soulbonds/tulpas can be
  13. I love that so much xD 1. Bisexual 2. Genderfluid (Demigirl... am I doing this right? 95% ♀ and 5% ♂) 3. Only when I make jokes about it! Or when someone has a problem with LGBT people, or needs advice from the community. 4. The character she's based off of is pan/bisexual, so I'm expecting her to be that right now
  14. That's a huge weight off my shoulders and I'll be accepting as much as I can with her, thank you very very much!!
  15. Hello everyone, apologies for the rash non-introduction, but this is personally distressing and something I can't resolve without advice (after looking for multiple guidemakers' opinions on it, with no success, mind you): I have a somewhat formed tulpa who has spoken to me a few times, but not recently, I unfortunately only formed her this much 2 years ago with my boyfriend at the time. Now, I HAD given it some thought, just as is apparent not enough. My schoolwork and depression (diagnosed) tied in part with my social life kept me from tulpaforcing often, until I just forgot about it entir
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