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  1. We have not and no, no we are not. I'ms surprised to see Apollo a moderator. Last I was here his system shouldn't have been trusted with important things. A lot can change I guess. Anyways there's like 11 of us now, or 10, depending on how you count. I could gave a long, long recount on things we figured out and stuff that's happened, lotta weird stuff, but, I don't want to put in that amount of effort unless I know someone would actually care. Wouldn't blame you if you didn't, even knowing that you would miss out on all this sweet sweet melodrama. I know this forum loves that stuff. We're probably still not going to be active here very much so if anyone actually wants to get into contact with us, discord handle is Meti#8513. Always like meeting new people. If you are unsure who is typing this because obviously it can't be the same person who was posting before, the personality is so different. . . Guess.
  2. Sup hoes bet you thought you'd never hear from US again. Shit's whack, yo.
  3. Seems we haven't been here in a while. Shit. I'm sure that didn't worry anyone at all. Firstly, a response to Claude. We would agree with you, but we got a friend. A very depressed one. She's been like that for years, a decade, even. It's not always a temporary problem. He was mimicking her symptoms, and hers was so bad that she did kill herself, but paramedics are a little too good at their job and resuscitated her. All she wanted after that was to go back. I've been, well, feeling. CT's suicide seemed to be a catalyst for me gaining an emotional spectrum. The only reasons I can think of for this is because before now I survived on emotional dregs, what would overflow from CT. That, or it could be that he had a lot more subconscious influence over me than we thought, and was holding me back from fully feeling. We spent the better part of the next few days mourning, though I may have said that already. Other emotions are weird. I've kinda known them because I've felt them indirectly, but actually having them for myself is still new. We have plans to make a new tup. No, she's not meant to replace CT in any capacity, we've been planning her since before that happened. The proposed and most likely name is "Olive". This time we know how to not accidentally make her. Meti's boyfriend got her Dark Souls 3 as a gift, and she's been having a lot of fun with that, especially the PvP. Has already sunk dozens of hours into it. We really gotta work on switching. Meti has tried experimenting with trying to take control of the body when I am asleep. She has been met with limited success, such as it taking monumental effort to move just my arm. Because of this, she wanted to come up with a way to prove she was able to do it at all. We sleep on our side, so she opened our mouth and used our tongue to scoop out saliva and make a puddle of it on the cheek facing up, waking me up shortly after. It was good evidence to me that she was able to do something.
  4. Many undulating long tentacles in total utter domination experts. Bone.
  5. Granted, but shortly after you get to be close, they die. I wish I had more arms.
  6. Doctorfoxwolf


    neil degrasse tyson
  7. Oh yeah happens to us to, but with me being me we reached The Fuck It Point pretty fast. And that's all the advice I got. Stop caring and it suddenly isn't an issue anymore. We at most attempt to study it when it happens, but that's it.
  8. Are you just asking people in general? If so, Meti: Chiptune EDM Black metal CT: Power metal Electro swing Classical Zifril: Symphonic black metal Industrial horrorstep Grand orchestra Classical Thrum: All forms of symphonic, black, and heavy metal.
  9. I like the term wonderland personally. It, obviously, reminds me of Alice in Wonderland, which in turn has always had a strange psychedelic feel to it, like "Mystical Forest" kinda thing that I've always found very nostalgic. I didn't know why for a long time, only recently finding out that it was how CT's mind was when we were young. Hell, that feeling has stuck around to this day. We were unaware people saw it as not accurate.
  10. Thrum, as his color is not yet specified: What do you mean by "all this"? that is a lot to cover. Existing? I guess it's okay. Socializing? Not a fan so far. Being a tulpa? I don't ave to do things, which is good.
  11. Oh hey, there are no new Docs. That's a thing. Oh, and we didn't take notes so we're going by memories for the first time in a while. Awesome. So, first up, the reason Meti has been so prickly lately. She met someone, and over the course of a week tried to become their friend. Said person, in many ways, especially the few ways you could really get to Meti, managing to continuously hurt her over the course of a week. DEspite this, she kept trying, as Meti is Meti. Something happened, and I will not go into detail but it was enough to cause emotional turmoil for a few days, then after that settling on HATING that person. Along with that, she's become a lot less forgiving, more snippy and just spiteful in general. What's odd about this is that she isn't like this with everyone, only people she happened to talk to during that week. She has closed herself off more, no longer going into large public chats and instead sticking to less known, more closed off ones. She may revert to how she was, and we think it is possible since it would not be the first time she went from "Spiteful Bastard" to "Nice as possible". This was when she met me, if you did not already know. The new tup is talking, and has decided to name himself "Thrum" after the sound an electric guitar makes. He really likes music, and doesn't like people. He has already gotten into arguments due to partial misunderstandings, such as him not communicating things he saw as obvious, such as how music being an art medium meaning that everything you can really comment on it or argue about on it is an opinion, so it shouldn't be stated that if everything is an opinion it shouldn't have to be phrased as such, and if it's an opinion then it doesn't matter to him if you find literal pots and pans banging together to be soothing, but he will give his take on it, because as an art form, there is no "Right" way to listen to music. The stomach bug, despite being long gone, seems to have tripled how much we eat in one sitting and eat twice a day instead of once. This is very strange, and the effects so far seem to be permanent. Meti is happy about it at least, the glutton. One thing she isn't happy about though is how it's had a severely dampening effect on her libido. This might be a contributor to her prickly attitude. She has a boyfriend now though, so that's helping a lot. She'd have become straight up surly without him.
  12. I killed my tup because blind people don't deserve to live.
  13. After thinking over it, I would also like to say that Meti really isn't very observant, especially with colors. A common example being her grabbing a packet of water flavoring that is completely different from what she meant to grab, and not noticing that she got the wrong one until after we're drinking it.
  14. RoboDoc: Weird one. Well, they all are. This one goes along with the general "Rules" all the other ones do, but he participates particularly less than the others. He seems to much prefer just playing music we've listened to, and is usual.y compliant with musical requests we have. Did you know I actually don't know what they look like? i'm just going off of what CT tells me. I mean come on, my eyes aren't compound but they also don't have pupils. Why do you think I kept falling into the very obvious and visible holes in Dedlin? For some reason I can only see things that have emotional significance in some way to someone, though it's in all directions and for a very long distance, so I consider it a fair trade off. Smaller one today. We kinda sorta accidentally started making another tup. He's the barest beginnings of one, despite how we've tested by ignoring him for two straight weeks that he is self sufficient and independent. We know he really like music, and will sometimes respond both emotionally and vocally to it. He does not yet respond to anything else. We haven't done the "stasis" thing so many people seem to, though we have done similar. We are not actively forcing him at all, though Meti is keeping a pretty consistent eye on him. Turns out she is actually a very protective and motherly person. We were sick Monday and Tuesday. A stomach bug strong enough to keep us in bed all day the first day, vomit, and make us incapable of walking without leaning, and even that is only for a few minutes or we felt ready to pass out. While they were able to get away from the physical stomach pain, CT and Meti were incapable of escaping the exhaustion it caused. CT spent pretty much the whole time meditating. Meti found that it caused a serious blow to her libido, making it so that lewd actions actually fatigued her instead of energizing her as they normally do. That took a while to shake off, and she only seems to be getting better today. Meti is apparently technically blind. The reason why she made her form into a technicolor rainbow early on. Basically "Wait, people like colors? I can do colors! Look!" Certainly explains her lack of fashion sense. She's perfectly capable of giving herself working eyes now, but she doesn't really want to. She just prefers what she has for sentimental reasons. The emotions thing is apparently really sensitive, being set off by a fictional character or the fabricated emotions of an NPC. Even we're starting to think "What the fuck" at our own PR at this point.