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  1. Haven't really forced that much lately, still talk to her, but if anything, I've lost progress. I need to start doing some actual forcing, since passive is not cutting it right now.
  2. Another change of form...blaaaaaaarg. Noticed it after getting up during the night still half asleep. I started trying to visualize her. And BAM. New form. I think it's official now. Sakura is a shapeshifter :3
  3. So I haven't forced properly in a few months...which is kind of sad, I haven't had the time to do it, and when I do my family is at home, and well, it's not like "Hey guys don't bother me, I'm going to force/meditate." That shit just doesn't work here. I still talk to her regularly. But I feel without the forcing backing us up, were not making much progress, if anything I feel were loosing progress. Visualization is not good, mind voice is weak, oh boy...stress, when I forget to focus on her, I'm sure she knows its not on purpose, my mind is a wreak. All left to do is try to get oppor
  4. Did a brief 30 minute forcing with a guided hypnosis session, with very good results I must say, the vocalization is getting better, since I understand more of what she says if I focus, and she's starting to get more talkative, she asked some pretty deep questions, like, Why there are wars, why was she there and why am I here, those are some crazy-ass questions. We now have a place within the wonderland specifically for this kind of hypnosis sessions, which given the good results I will continue doing.
  5. 24/3/2013 Did a good 30 minutes of forcing, now I'm going to make a drawing of her and maybe the wonderland and then to play DeusEx with her :P
  6. 60% more or less, what I meant was that, when I started it was on vacations, so I could force anytime I wanted, now back at school, between proyects, homeworks, family and misc stuff I find it hard to organize my time. By I do tulpastuff, just not on a very organized way, or regular basis, but just when I feel like it...I really don't know if I'm explaining myself, if I start doing it like it is an obligation it will stop being nice and I don't want it to turn into something that gets tedious so instead I do other stuff, while talking to her...
  7. 21/02/2013 Just keeping it up i guess... haven't done much actual forcing, since I don't have much time and the time a have I'd rather spend it playing videogames, reading o working on my stories, which by the way Sakura participates...usually. I'll keep with the "passive forcing" and try to find time to work on visualization and vocals, IMPORTANT STUFF.
  8. Update 21/02/2013 Feeling her presence is getting easier (at when I'm not at home getting distracted by everything) and keep narrating random stuff, like I'm driving and a cool song starts "I like that song" another song starts "that's a cool song" And so on until we've reached our destination or I get something more interesting to talk about to her. Keep asking her questions, about, whatever I think she could answer, still can't hear her clearly, more like a feeling, like I've said before, need to get our cables separated :/ Visualization is... average, I guess, I can get her basic fo
  9. 18/02/2013 Sakura's got a cool outfit now...looks awesome :3
  10. 6/02/2013 Did nothing today...no forcing, no nothing...well a bit of narration...but nothing special... BLARG :/
  11. 2/12/2013 so keep narrating and using some hypnosis thingy to help me relax and force, but I really don't know what to talk with her, also its still mostly a one way comm, because she's still not vocal enough, I don't know I more forcing sessions will improve it, for the time being I start using beats again, although I find them a bit annoying, but they've been helpful before so I have no reason to believe they won't help this time. I really got deviated from the topic, BACK TO IT! She's still not vocal enough, meaning her voice its a faint sound in my head that get mixed with my though
  12. Its harder than I originally though to feel her presence.... must work on that And keep checking personality..just in case...yeeeah...
  13. Nice progress, it took me like two week to be able to hear Sakura's answers, haven't been in our wonderland for a while now, i prefer just narrating to her instead of visualizing, I'm lazy, anyways, good progress. :)
  14. 23/01/13 So, she has more sentience, but she I still can't hear her unless I consciously try to get her answer... I also started to try and feel her presence around me, don't know how to do that, but I'll get it, eventually, no rush xD. Uh...so yeah, I think she sometimes listen the music I'm listening, mostly because I ask her to listen to it, but still, I really have no idea of what I'm doing anymore, just doing random forcing stuff I find on the site and trying to add it to my current program, which is narration and sentience, not so much visualization and imposition, that comes later
  15. the I guess I'll try to mix it up a bit, thanks guys :)
  16. I've been reading several threads of people that say that they force on different places, I feel that I need to be, like, with eyes close to be able to focus on the mind eye, which takes me to another question, forcing has to be done with eyes closed or it doesn't really matters. So yeah... Thanks
  17. 28/12/2012 Stopped working on visualization to focus more on narration and keeping her constantly in my mind...I thinks its working
  18. well thanks for answering all the questions
  19. This questions might be stupid, but I've been having this doubts for quite some time, and if someone could answer them it would be awesome. 1- Does tulpas see the things you see, or can they see stuff by themselves. 2- Having sex with tulpas, is that shit even possible? Like HOW? I've got my theories and ideas but...damn 3- I've been busy these past three weeks and haven't been forcing, still talk to her though, every day, since I wake till I go to bed, no forcing could be affecting her development, even though I pay her enough attention (at least I think I pay her enough) also I've
  20. Nice, you know, just wondering, stuff like this had never happened to me before, so, the blame goes to imagination, good to know :D
  21. so a few days before, while I was forcing with Sakura, I was transfering energy to her, she has the form of Tayuya from Naruto, so, when I finished gathering the energy in an orb and sent it to her, she was in form two (which is the bad ass form of the character) and after the energy touched her flames came out around her, some cool, kick ass, black-blue-dark purple flames, it was cool. I'm not worried or anything, but, what could it mean? -.-
  22. so, sometimes when I talk to Sakura early in the morning and she doesn't answers, so...if you haven't imposed you tulpa, and are still working with mindvoice and stuff.. how do you know when he/she/it is awake... HOW...DO YOU...KNOW? I just talk to her past after noon, by that time she's already awake...most times xD
  23. 27/11/2012 Haven't worked on vizualization or personality recently, personality, its stablished, but need to be more defined, visualization, there goes, narration, that's my main focus right now, well that and be able to clearly distinguish her mindvoice from my own thought, we're making good progress on that.
  24. the mumbling thing really helped, also I wear a chain od a necklace that was broken so I am contanly getting reminded that she's there, it has prover helpful so far.
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