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  1. I should have said i already tried that for months, everyday. We had a wonderland too but then we started to talk while forcing and at the end we got bored and spent all the time just talking. I didn't see too much progress neither, i guess after 6 months we are in a point were we preffer to spend our time doing more entertaining things. At the same time i wouldn't like to give up about the possibility of seeing her like i see everyone else.
  2. That's pretty interesting, i always thought about visualization as something that would require tons of discipline and effort, and maybe that was my mistake. Question is how to translate what you say in a regular practice.
  3. Do you think you can expect to see something just with passive forcing? That should be ideal but it sounds to good to be true. I tried all kinds of visualization techniques for active forcing, but after some months i just got completely bored of them. My tulpa doesn't seem to be particularly enthusiastic about it neither.
  4. I started tulpamancy six months ago. At the beginning i forced everyday 1-2 hours, trying to meditate and visualize. Since i could start talking with my tulpa we forced less and less and now we basically spent our short forcing sessions talking and little else. Having to do more meditative stuff seems to be really boring for both of us. At the same time i do passive forcing almost all day, i'm pretty bad at visualizing (almost completely unable to do it) but i always have her position in my mind, it's almost instinctive at this point. Let's say i spent more time with my tulpa than ever but the active forcing we do is almost unexistent. I should return to old boring forcing if i want to be able to see her someday? Or at this point it wouldn't be really useful? I don't even know if i would be able to focus on visualization for one uninterrupted hour again.
  5. You made me remember of myself. My tulpa was really annoyed about that so we made a bet; i had to spend an entire week without saying the word "sorry" to her. After two hours i had already lost and we had to watch her favourite movies everynight during the whole next week. Now i don't say sorry that often so i guess it worked.
  6. That makes sense, really. I guess i'm still influenced by the old guides. Also i wouldn't want to impose me over my tulpa too much, but i'm gonna try all this and see what happens.
  7. Those kind of threads scares me, i'm afraid to end like this too. The same happened to me, i opened a thread just some weeks ago about it. There's even a name for it, some people doesn't have a "mind's eye". Still, even without visualization, it seems possible to have a tulpa, having a form it's not essential. Isn't that parroting?
  8. Well, it's not easy to give a short answer, you should really try to read them to see how it works. In platonism the material it's less real than the ideal. According to gnostics it's not only less real but essentially corrupted, false and evil. Berkeley approach it's really original. It's also easy and fun to read ("Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous" it's all you need) and it can be really mindblowing if you can catch the idea. Also it would make all the problem disappear if your tulpa gets convinced. I really think it could help, at least to see different points of view. Or just too see how really different and wise people in human history wouldn't have considered your tulpa to be less complete or perfect than any other human.
  9. That's interesting. It sounds like... your host? and i have that in common. Still, i must say i'm not skeptical about tulpa's reality. I know it's entirely possible since i'm already conscious about some of the amazing things the mind can achieve. First time i heard about visualization or imposition wasn't in or any other internet site, but while studying in college. My doubts are about my personal capabilities and actions.
  10. That's an interesting approach, i appreciate it. At least it means that even with that "aphantasia" thing one should be able to have a tulpa, also a meaningful relation as you seem to have experienced. I think i'm really afraid of putting too much effort, time and obsession into this and at the end not getting any results due to some insuperable limitation. The more i think into my potential tulpa the more i feel the need to interact with her, so it's some kind of vicious circle. I still have this doubt about what exactly makes the sentience possible. I'm too rational sometimes and i need to clearly see the chains of events in everything. Maybe it's a more holistic thing?
  11. I can't help you with anything about real tulpamancy, but maybe a philosophical approach could help your tulpa. In other words, make your tulpa try to read Berkeley, Plato or the gnostics. It could make not having a physical body a trivial matter.
  12. I think i have a problem with abstraction, because i don't get the concept of "mind's eye" at all. I don't know if it can be a pure language problem or this it's actually physical and my mind doesn't work like the others. I've been thinking rationally that giving up it's the best i could do, but emotionally feels really wrong. I wouldn't like to just have another imaginary friend, that's for sure. I think that could help. I thought i had no problems imagining things, but now i'm not really sure. It just doesn't feel like the real thing. It's like i'm expecting something different. I can't see how doing it it's gonna help me to achieve anything. I also feel like everything i read in the guides doesn't look like the things i'm doing. I don't know if using other senses could help me. My sense of smell is nearly non-existent. I could try though. PD: I'm not a native english speaker neither, but i think that's called a trunk. Thanks both for the advice, really.
  13. This is my first time here so excuse me all if this is not the place where i should be posting this. Please move ir or delete it at your will if it's necessary. Also excuse my poor english writing. I've been reading this forum and guides for some time. At this point i think i've read most of them, even multiple times. I started with the practise 10 days ago. Yesterday i finally noticed how i didn't really know what i was doing since the beginning. Let's say i don't understand what are you talking about, what the guides try to explain. It's like they assuming something, apparently pretty obvious, that i can't get. So i did some research, and i found this; Maybe it explains why i don't understand how anyone can see things with that "mind's eye". I thought at first it was some kind of metaphor, but it seems people actually see things with his mind. The whole concept sounds really alien to me. When i close my eyes i can't see nothing. Well, maybe after some time i can start seeing visual noise, low level close-eye hallucinations; But i can't conceive how someone can see something extremly complex like a wonderland or any kind of creature, if it's not under the effect of drugs or other altered states of consciousness. That was my biggest problem, but not the only one. Let's say i also didn't get how the process of acquiring sentience worked. I know how the narration step works, i actually practised that for years since i had an imaginary friend. I also know that doesn't end in anything similar to what a tulpa is. So i've been missing something else, but like before i don't know if it can be something that i'm not really able to understand. I really thought it was for the better to give up on this, i don't think i can make any improvement due to my basic limitations. But while thinking about this decision i experienced a terrible sense of loss. I've been working in this passively and actively 16 hours a day so i guess i've been attached to this character of mine too much, even if i didn't make any progress at all. Now i feel like i'm stuck in this situation. I think things can really get worse if i continue with this, since it's going nowhere, but i don't really know how to quit neither. So any advice would be appreciated. I'm really sorry for writing this unnecesary long post, i'm not really good at summarizing.