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  1. I kind of know this feel, try this. Tell everybody you need to be left alone for a certain time during the day to concentrate on college work (or homework if you're still in grade school), then use that time to force
  2. I've had pretty different results than most people so far, apparently. Lyra rarely speaks (that I can perceive anyway), but when she does it is very clear and concise
  3. pretty sure we had a thread like this a while ago anyway, tulpamancer definitely. sounds the most badass
  4. so in summary, and correct me if I'm wrong, the essence of this thread is
  5. If that truly was the definition, I'd probably be OK with it. But it isn't, is it? Something more along the lines of obnoxious autistic neckbeard is what comes to mind for most people. If a label has to be forced onto me, I guess ponyfan or ponyfag is fine
  6. Playing poker with some bros one evening. I get a really good hand and she steamrolls me with a wave of emotional responses (I'm assuming she was excited about the hand), which causes my usual stone cold poker face to involuntarily contort into a silly smile. Which then of course causes everybody to fold
  7. I don't need a label to enjoy a television program. You're only a brony if you call yourself one
  8. Um, well I don't consider myself a brony, but The reason I'm making a tulpa based off MLP:FiM is because 1. Big fan of the show, great characters, etc. 2. A FiM style pony is cute, something I'd enjoy seeing in my day-to-day life 3. I realized those were really the only two reasons, but it seemed silly to have a numbered list with just two items 4. Three is cutting it a little short too
  9. Sounds like this might help you out
  10. >be in Digital Imaging class >teacher asks everybody to introduce themselves because it's the first class of the semester >pleb classmates ramble for ten minutes each about their life story >mentally narrate to Lyra about how bored as fuck I am >suddenly, emotional response everywhere >get all hyped and forget where I am for a second >audibly say "fantastic" like a massive faggot >guy who was currently introducing himself stops mid-sentence >everybody turns towards me >feel spaghetti seeping down my trousers while contemplating how boring the guy's speech must've been to cause everybody's focus to shift on me for saying one word >realize I need to break the awkward silence in an attempt to salvage my remaining spaghetti reserves >"f-fantastic" I repeat, while gesturing towards the guy >pasta levels reach a point of infinite mass and density >entire campus warps into the spaghetti black hole
  11. It would help a bit if the tulpae had a 'tulpa' label above their head, to more easily differentiate between tuppers and tuppermancers
  12. There's a new wave of thought going around that you should assume every reply from your tulpa is truly from your tulpa, whether it was really you unknowingly parroting or not. This supposedly adjusts your brain to the idea of your tulpa being fully vocal, and consequently helps your tulpa actually become more vocal So yea, try that
  13. Nah man, get that time table and hour count shit outta here. You're telling yourself that your tulpa will achieve a certain milestone at a certain point, subconsciously chaining the tulpa's progress to that point As for parroting, I don't think it really matters either way. All depends on how you feel about it