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    OC tulpas:

    Nameless: in the spirit that names are arbitrary, also acknowledging the possibility that names affect personality http://theweek.com/articles/477557/how-names-influence-destinies I have decided to let this one name himself, when he wishes. In some cultures, choosing or changing a name is commonplace, and tulpas provide a unique chance to forgo them entirely. He is the youngest and least developed tulpa I have, and as such has not formed a concrete sense of self yet. Also the only intentionally made tulpa. All others started as soulbonds. He is a griffin of a black raven/white lion back half. [color=#000000] (black) He is partnered with Amberwing for now.

    This guy also has a contentious relationships with names, so he says you can call him Rain, but that's not his name. Like an online pseudonym. Here is his short story. He is . . . um, mostly human. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nC3GqOGFEOs8pkyUptidlSQSnbcw4peWzexAaWKHb_Q/edit?usp=sharing He is based somewhat on irl friends' struggles, somewhat on a few characters I like. [color#040880] (dark blue) He is partnered with Toriel.

    Tulip: A bubbly fairy with feathers and beetle wings. Yes, the name is a play on tulpa. Here she is in action: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1N86rxvnBtD3CWAVAf7QdPTcZY411o5pMl_OVdiznJTU/edit?usp=sharing She has chosen to fuse with Gaster 8.

    She and Gaster 4 came to my awareness first: https://community.tulpa.info/thread-our-saga-begins-meeting-my-tulpas-part-1

    Amberwing, my oldest tulpa, a tempermental tiger-patterned griffin who can, with assistance, shapeshift into a human. No, I did not get that backwards. Potionsmaster. [color=#FF0000] (red) She has a story on FFN, but I don't know if I will finish it.

    Loosely Undertale-based tulpas:
    (their names will be changed and the writing adapted into an original novel eventually)

    Asgore: A gigantic furry white dragon with manticore and minotaur ancestry. Botanist and artist. Intro here: https://community.tulpa.info/thread-this-is-what-happens-when-reality-and-fantasy-collide-a-spectacular-explosion [color=#FF8844] (red-orange)

    Toriel: Slightly larger than human-sized bipedal lion/bull/dragon hybrid, also white. Biologist, nutritionist, and writer/poet. [color=#44FFFF] (light blue)

    Alphys: Dragon, smaller than Asgore, with orange scales. Programmer and entomology enthusiast. [color=#FCFC44](yellow)

    Gaster: Humanoid spider. Physicist, philosopher, dancer, also a poet. He and Toriel were the sources/vehicles of much of my poetry (link in my signature) but they say they are not Muses, it still came from me. Because of circumstances in the story, there are two of him, Number 8 and Number 4. More shy and more assertive, respectively. [color=#F0ACED] (lavender) [color=#D05BFF] (purple)

    Their collective story: http://menollysagittaria.deviantart.com/art/Prologue-Asgore-s-Wars-Within-Without-600933795

    Update, six months later: Asgore's new name is Gorthorn. Alphys' new name is Alexee. Toriel has become a dragon like Asgore (seems related to a meditation session I had), and chosen to get back together with him. Her name is still pending.

    Gaster 8 has kept his first name, Wing, but his spider language name is Issstedl.

    Number 4 has decided to leave us. The nameless griffin has faded away. I'm not 100% sure Rain is around, either.

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  1. In my brief stint in nursing training, I plucked up the gumption to mention the possibility that demons exist (i.e., SHOULD we treat patients who talk about demons as categorically, objectively wrong?) but for some reason bringing up the deliberate development of 'audiation' (which is the audio form of 'visualization') stuck in my throat.
  2. Ah, first it's fictives, (soulbonds/tulpas based on fictional characters) and then there's factives (soulbonds/tulpas based on factual people!). Perhaps your echoes of forumgoers are not yet sentient, nor do you want them to be, but I imagine if you stoked them, they'd certainly have the potential. Of course they could become their own person, even rename themselves. Much like a child can begin as a close imitation of their parent, then establish their own identity later. I'd imagine that as your focus waned and you got caught up, your 'bandwidth' was taken up, which is why your connec
  3. The term "code switching" was traditionally coined to describe the mixing of two languages in a bilingual individual (the sort of meta version of this is a 'pidgin' language, though it arises due to initial contact between two groups of people rather than with familiarity or mastery of both languages). However, in the modern era, "code-switching" has come to mean a switching of accents to fit into different everyday contexts, especially black people switching from African-American Vernacular English when with friends to something more 'acceptable' in professional spaces. It can also apply
  4. Yeah, I mean for fusions it's very obvious, but Pearl is a single gem, so that's why it was such a surprise. I do like the detail of Fluorite speaking very slowly, because she has to integrate so many minds. It's a nice touch.
  5. There is a mention of factives in a book published in the 1930s in this thread: https://community.tulpa.info/thread-synchonicty-tulpas-and-books?pid=202401#pid202401
  6. Well I hope this post does not get relegated to the Metaphysics and Parapsychology subforum for mention of synchronicity . . . This is fascinating. I had heard that book title before, but had no idea it contained references to proto-tulpas. Well dang, now I kinda want to make 'factives.' "Very few people are going to look past the fan-fiction feel to see evidence that something grander is happening in my internal life." Yeah I feel ya. My original intention was to 'out' myself in my story . . . but I don't know if I'm courageous enough for that . . . and also unsure if it is my '
  7. Yeeeeaaah I'm seeing a lot of invalidating going on in this thread and I'm not liking it either. Singlets will attempt to invalidate your experiences as a multiple system . . . I think the least you can do is not turn around and invalidate others', draw more lines in the sand. My tulpas, as fictives, did have a lot of thought put into them before they became sentient and started talking back to me. And as batshark said, I did not ask for this, and I was only lucky that I had at least heard the term tulpa before so that I was not as scared out of my mind as I could have been. The
  8. A doctor has diagnosed me with schizoaffective disorder in the past. That's why it was pretty terrifying to have involuntary fictive tulpas spring in on me, because I thought I was having another minor psychotic break. I don't take any medication, and I think that the first approach should not be medication unless in severe manifestations, and most of the time goals should be organized around weaning off of medication. http://sciencenordic.com/some-schizophrenia-patients-can-cope-without-medication https://www.newscientist.com/article/2074229-rethinking-schizophrenia-taming-demo
  9. So, if you've watched the two new Steven Universe episodes . . . it's probably just a stylistic choice to portray Pearl's layers of personality. But I find the idea of her being a multiple fascinating- my sister raised a theory that every time a gem (or, more specifically, a Pearl) regenerates, a new level of consciousness is created, that are autonomous from each other. Of course, it may be dissociation and multiple personality formation from trauma, as well. But that is still a Multiple System, just a differently generated one.
  10. I just checked YouTube and Ford and Aury's channel has disappeared. They were doing videos about research into tulpamancy and its applications for treating mental illness, and they were SO ON POINT. I bet they got some nasty trolls after them. PLEASE tell me someone downloaded their videos? Or know of a different hosting site they are on? Their Tumblr is wiped too. I am so upset.
  11. It is commonly repeated in the psychology community that people can't "truly multi-task." Has this finding been tested rigorously against tulpamancers and parallel processing?
  12. This is absolutely possible, and there's a community for it. They call it soulbonding http://www.soulbonding.org/ and refer to it as 'outsourcing.' Whereas an original character is 'insourcing.' This happened to me completely by accident, and I was freaked out about it before I sat down and thought through it and read some more about it. Tulpamancy, soulbonding, and thoughtforms are all essentially the same phenomenon, just with slight differences, in my opinion.
  13. Out of eight (or nine, depending on how you count), two of them romantically love me, one moreso than the other. The one that loves me less romantically also acts as a parental type and guardian.
  14. Extrovert =/= loud, and introvert =/= quiet. Extrovert =/= good with people and talkative, introvert =/= shy or withdrawn. Check the definitions. What you do to recharge/gain energy is the qualifier, nothing else. One of my best friends is a socially anxious extrovert (they really want to be around people but are also afraid) and I am a pretty socially relaxed introvert (I can take it or leave it).
  15. I really appreciated the therapist's pointing out that your parents weren't being malicious. When you're raised with strict beliefs, it's hard to move outside of them. A lot of LGBT people and all around weirdies like us get really angry at otherwise well meaning parents, possibly because of all the bad stories they hear, without trying to be understanding. Listening to your other story told from Aury's perspective, it's all the more amazing that you were able to retain that maturity to accept that assessment. I applaud you. At 2:56 and 3:11, you have a clip that repeats itself, btw.
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