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  1. What would eclipsing be? Is that what I refer to as a partial possession? How did you guys start your early stages of it? Thanks! Gathering as much info as I can.
  2. Thanks for the insight! After last night's experience, I seem to be able to more easily reach what I think is a disconnected state.
  3. This happened during meditation. The intent was to switch (or at least disassociate myself) and this is what happened. You're giving great advice, and that's exactly what I'm doing. My preferred way to delve into new things is the find out what others experience (since usually there are a variety) and then use those experiences to follow my own path that works for me. The problem with this is that without a good sense of direction, its difficult to tell if you're headed in the right one. Which leads me here, asking if what I experienced is similar to what others feel at the point of switching. If the answer was yes, I'd know what to work on.
  4. Had an interesting experience last night, was wondering if anyone had any input on it. As I said before, ive experienced an upwards tugging feeling like im being lifted out, but nothing ever happens. Last night, that feeling was increased at least 10-fold, a very intense pulling upwards. It honestly didnt feel like I was connected anymore. Then suddenly it felt like I rolled over and then the intense pulling felt like I was pulled downwards. The feeling lasted several minutes, and I told Iselia that she should try to take my place, but nothing happened. Im guessing she just didnt know what to do. Based on this, were we close?
  5. Haha yeah, as someone who has never been able to do it, I cant even fathom what it feels like to put my being outside of my body. At times i feel myself being lifted out but it never really goes anywhere. Maybe i'll try the silhouette idea. Also the "level" and "achieve a 10" wasnt really to make it scientific, moreso to identify any prerequisites that could be there, for example, would a person who isnt yet able to impose able to switch etc.
  6. This is good info. It would be interesting to know how many have tried but not been successful, and what were the circumstances around it. Any tips on how this is achieved? Is there a level a tupla and host must reach before they can achieve a 10 in switching? I worry that someone with limited visualization skills will be handicapped at this and many other tulpa-related activities, namely having a wonderland. I have quite a few things I would love to use switching for. As Tewi does, I would like Iselia to be able to step in for situations more her style, or if we get really good at swtiching, we could play some tabletop rpgs together.
  7. I know this is probably impossible to track, but does anyone know the percentage of tulpa and hosts are capable of switching and/or possession (i believe there is a difference)? Not including those who don't want to. Also, of those who cannot, what are some of the reasons why a pair would be unable to do it? Thanks.
  8. Thank you! ive seen some of these tips before, but I never gave it too much thought. What is meaningful for me is that it literally says he went from total mental blindness to vivid imagery. To me, that changes everything. I'll have to see what comes of it.
  9. Thats fine, I dont expect anyone to just understand and accept, but i figured a group of people who have created separate beings just from intent would be more open to the idea of doing the same thing as other groups with just different terms. I feel masses of eletromagnetic energy moving around me, and when i was a skeptic, I tested the person by asking them where there spirit was, and every time it was exactly where I currently felt that magnetic-like repulsion. When I focus on my tulpa, i get the exact same feeling. Its proof enough to me, but obviously and unfortunately I cant prove it to anyone else without meeting in person.
  10. I dont think that A invalidates physics at all. The theory of the multiverse and being able to travel between them has already been put out there. There are also things that science still has yet to explain, such as dark matter. We cant see it, we cant feel it, we dont know what it does, but we know its there and there is alot of it. Spirits and entities are masses of energy, and tulpa I believe are the same, just having been created by our minds. Think of the placebo effect, our minds tell us something is happening to our body, and it happens. How about hypochondriacs, they so deeply fear illnesses that their body produces symptoms. Is it so outside of the realm of possibility that our minds can create a mass of energy, and in that energy is enough of our will and intent through forcing that it becomes intelligent? When I work with my tulpa (right now it is just an orb I talk to) I can feel the mass of energy near me, its exactly the same feeling im already used to, so I see no reason why someone else who can feel energy would be unable to. If I am fortunate enough to develop my tulpa to full intelligence and imposition, i'll be sure to test this with the few other people that I know can feel energy.
  11. Do you have a link? If its the one im thinking of, i am a part of it, and have been since before the term aphantasia was coined. None of those people have made any progress, and honestly dont seem to be trying. If there is another group that has found ways to overcome it, i would love to find it. Honestly I believe that aphantasia may be because those that have it just dont understand what it means to visualize. Its a tough thing to describe. You'll have the same person say that they see very vivid pictures with color, detail and movement, but then at the same time they say that it isnt like they close their eyes and see images on the back of their eyelids. The way visualization is explained, its like creating false memories and remembering them, but then people say that the experience things like, finding markings or letters in their mental space... but how do you know that without literally being able to see? idk lol.. maybe I have been able to visualize this whole time, I just dont understand what visualizing is.
  12. I have this same issue. I just started the tulpa creation process a few days ago and I am a bit worried that my success will be limited because of aphantasia. Do we know of any mentally blind people who have achieved full imposition and switching?
  13. I have some experience in metaphysical stuff, namely, spirit keeping. Ive just discovered Tulpamancy and I see alot of overlaps. In relation to this question, Ive read that when you impose your tulpa enough, you feel a "resistance" when you touch them. To me, it seems like the tulpa manifests as a mass of magnetic-like energy the same way spirits do. If that is true, then anyone who can sense a spirit or feel energy will be able to feel a tulpa. Less experienced people will only be able to sense them when they are looking for them though. Also, im early in the tulpa creation process, the head pressure feeling is the exact same feeling I get when i talk to my spirits.