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  1. does it even work? its rather hard to believe
  2. the astral world is real? do you have any good guides for me to follow?
  3. yeah. i found that yesterday. i already donated! its not the amount i wished for. but, again. i didn't get that job.
  4. you can donate without using bitcoin? how?
  5. the problem isn't with islam. its the muslim i have problems with. there's a reason why people call scholars "islam traders". most of the time, i feel they are trolling us, their proof is non existence. how does pokemon promote gambling?
  6. non. i'm a saudi myself but i don't want to make it exclusive for saudis only. so i went the extra mile to make sure its as formal as it can be! i actually don't know what would they think about this! I had a panic attack a month ago when I realized something bad might happen. It isn't forbidden or anything, its just some people are close minded and might think this is magic or sorcery (face palm) i finished the glossary, maybe you should check out the tulpa.oi link i mentioned above no problem guys. it is hard, especially at the beginning, since it was ramadan at the moment and i was fasting and translating at the same time. but in the end, hearing all your support. it really motivate me to do more.
  7. i've began translating guides into arabic, like some of you might already know from my older posts. i have finished ayla's guide and half way finished the glossary. the poll: you can check the progress here:
  8. lol, why? you guys things that are leagues better than just a mere translation. i'm the one who should be thanking you!
  9. wouldn't show more activity than a normal brain? and if you going to do that, ask your tulpa(s) over something complex, and then see the result. i mean it should show something right?
  10. I aspired and I'm gonna change my wonderland to that!
  11. I can't even sing in my room without feeling embarrassed, you want me to stay undress? lol, i don't believe i have enough balls
  12. yeah. i did, it was too much that i worried that i would die. half of my face was covered in blood. it stopped though.