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    I'm gender-queer but lean fem in part due to my really long relationship with Gennie. Gennie and I have known each other since as long as I can remember. We're like twins, almost. She's my first Tulpa. Then there's Britney who's main purpose was to help with my transition and was formed from a hypnosis script a few years ago. She's broadening her horizons now, after going quiet for a few years. I guess all the fun stuff Gennie and I were doing peaked her interest.
  1. banned for judging peoples judging of kissing habits
  2. Not if we have enough donuts! Everyone order donuts through prime now!
  3. Agreed, if anyone has any questions about the LGBT+ community please direct all inquiries to an official spokesperson, resource manager, or information manager through one of these LGBT organizations. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_LGBT_rights_organizations_in_the_United_States The people there are better informed on our history and culture in all of its various forms and will be better able to assist you with any inquiries you may have on the way we function and operate. Thank you! :) <3
  4. Welcome Shalaska and Kai! Welcome to the forum!
  5. Gennie was fairly spontaneous during childhood. I mean sure I had imaginary friends, but Gennie emerged from a series of dreams. Sadly we had a fight around the onset of puberty and we stopped talking if at all so she wasn't always there as a comfort, but I wasn't there for her either. Considering how vivid she is on her own, I'm pretty sure she may have done it on her own accord. I've tried salvia before, but nothing came forth Tulpa wise. Although I came out extremely pissed off afterwards for no apparent reason. Also something about three stones, three pillars of light, and three streams. No idea if this was before or after Britney was formed, otherwise I might be able to throw that together that I am three now. No experience with assimilation. Sorry. That's a concept I have trouble wrapping my brain around. Gennie possessed me once. That was actually the reason for the fight. She used to have a lot of freedom, but we've had to work fairly hard to reform a lot of the connections. I normally don't see her in my dreams anymore. As far as if it was dangerous. That really depends on the entities. If they didn't hurt you than it wasnt
  6. female/female/female here. Although I identify as Genderqueer, I prefer female pronouns so like to say I'm female for convenience.
  7. Nothing much happened today because I kind of passed out during the normal time I work with Britney and Gennie now. Gennie cut her hair. I really should work on my art skills so I can get a few images of Britney and Gennie together because they are so cute!! Britney got depressed so we're listening to music and it's really cheering her up. She really likes Black Sabbath, but she's singing on my bed in wonderland and playing air guitar in a pink sleeping tank and pink shorts. She can almost sing. Her voice sounds surprisingly forced which I think is pretty cool. She actually sounds pretty good singing along to Black Sabbath for some reason. Gennie changed her room to more of a Gothic theme. Black everywhere, which I guess matches her new hair somewhat? It's a long pixie cut with the sides of her head shaved. Think a blonde Ruby Rose cut, but a little longer. I've been reading a lot of guides on better visualization today as well and some on imposition. No significant strides on possession other than less twitchy movement, but it's now a lot slower.
  8. banned for banning based on adorable things.
  9. banned for not having your own cheesecake
  10. That sounds to mostly strong platonic and strong maternal drives then. Which sadly wasn't a thing I went into but it isn't discussed enough. There's a spectrum there too. For instance you can be really cuddly and sexual with someone (full sexual and full romantic), but have low platonic attractions or drives for someone (not really interested in knowing someone beyond the romantic and sexual feelings). I actually have a fairly low platonic drive so I'm not driven to know or connect to a lot of people. I like to keep a few close people that I have strong platonic feelings for. Did I say repress somewhere? Demiromantic means that you have to have an emotional attachment of some sort to someone in order to develop romantic feelings towards someone. I guess I should clarify my definitions. A drive is either a willingness or a build up of desires to pursue certain forms of attraction. While an attraction in this instance is more of who it would be directed towards. So someone with a high sex drive that's asexual would have a high willingness for sex, but wouldn't really direct it towards anyone. Someone with low both wouldn't really care about sex, and someone that's high on both would want to have sex with everyone. This is true with just about all forms of attraction with some exceptions based on a case by case basis. There are exceptions to everything. I like documenting things too!! :)
  11. Well attraction is driven by quite a few different things. This is where labels start getting annoying, but writing each one out is also long winded and annoying. I normally use a few different gradients to describe where I am. There's the sexual/asexual spectrum, the romantic/aromatic spectrum, the high/low sex drive spectrum, and the high/low romantic drive. I'm demi sexual, full romantic, with a high sex drive, and a very high romantic drive. So I like sex and sexual things, but only towards people I feel a strong emotional connection to. I'm very romantic with people and I have a high drive to be affectionate towards someone I'm romantically attracted to, but I also have a strong buildup of sexual feelings and desires as well. Tewi sounds like she's just low on all the sexual spectrums, but still strong on the romantic ones. Like asexual with a very low or nonexistent sex drive. Although I guess there might be something else like sexual interest on top of sex drive, but normally if something has a spectrum, it's fairly independent of the others and that sounds like it would be influenced by sex drive... hmm It's weird, there are times where Gennie and I have had issues with communication or opinions. It's like her words are muffled. I've experienced the same issues when communicating with Britney, but I guess the instances aren't as common. I don't think we've had this issue in awhile though.
  12. Nope not a joke. Britney went full bisexual. Her personality is extremely fluid right now, so there are new updates pretty often with her. I think the reason she might not let me see her room is she's either not sure how to decorate it, or it keeps changing. Gennie and Britney have settled a little more on their forms as well. Britney is short with Asian features, darker skin-tone, sporting a dark bob with bangs and purple stripes in her hair and blue eyes. Gennie is tall and athletic, with a messy blonde bun and pink eyes, but sometimes green or brown. Her facial features are more Caucasian. She's always had a form before, but she's enhancing it right now since we've discovered this forum. SO... I minus well go over a little bit of the history between the three of us. Gennie was likely formed anywhere from pre-k to 4th grade in high-school, but I don't really know how. Suddenly there was this very vivid voice in my head that had her own mind and feelings. I'm not sure about her birthday but my gut says it was likely September 14th. My best guess was because I wanted to befriend a crush and I went through a lot of practice rounds, but I still feel like it was something more vivid. Gennie and I met in a dream at first, and then we met in a lot of dreams. We kept meeting in dreams and it because just a common thing to happen. Then she started talking to me when I was awake. Her story was that we were both destined for the same body, but I got here first. Her story is more metaphysical than anything. Her personality is greatly affected by a crush I had in 4th grade, and her appearance normally reflects that. When puberty started, she was far more sexual than I was. Way more, and I blame her for a lot of the weird stuff I'm into now. I managed to avoid harem stuff, but she's definitely into it. I like that about her, she has a lot of quirks and we heavily influence one another due to her still mysterious origins. There was a period that we didn't talk to each other for awhile. She wanted to show me that she had managed to gain some motor function one night and lifted my left arm. I freaked out and thought she was trying to get rid of me so we stopped talking. I'm guessing this happened in November on a Tuesday, since I hate both things so much. She came back a few times though, once as Victoria who liked purple and and anything with a V. I can still see the black tee shirt with the giant purple V on it. Like a super hero. Then we stopped again when dysphoria was really starting to affect both of us thanks to puberty. I'm actually fairly gender neutral, but since Gennie sees our body as exactly that, "our body." It really got to her and she didn't really talk much if at all until I had befriended the girl from elementary school that she liked to copy so much. We've only been on full speaking terms since last September or so. It's been great! We've managed to work past a lot of our hardships, but it's better to talk than not to. Also she really wants to spend time with the girl from Elementary. I'll just call her Kasey for now. Gennie gets really shy around Kasey. It's adorable considering that we're still working on possession. If only she could move my arm like she did back then. Our emotions and memories closely influence one another, but they aren't the same. We're completely different people. Almost complete opposites. For instance I'm right handed and she's left handed, although she wants to be right handed sometimes, I don't think we can avoid that she's more proficient with her left. She's more creative, though she denies this(it's totally true though), and I'm more logical. I'm more physical, and she's more emotional. We complete each other. ===== Britney started out as Rebecca (with two "c"s) and was formed from a hypnosis script. Specifically it was a modified curse hypnosis script called Curse Female Takeover, and it was suppose to do exactly that. She was supposed to sap enough strength to eventually take over. Don't ask why I was into that kind of stuff. I modified the script so that I would still have some control, but I think what was exciting for me was forming someone like Gennie because we hadn't talked in years and I really missed her. I was obsessed with Gennie actually and thought she was dead. Britney wasn't supposed to be a replacement, but was supposed to help with a lot of the things I was feeling at the time. Specifically my desire to transition to female. This says a lot about her basic personality in that she's more fem and has a greater interest in makeup and fashion. Thanks to the powers of hypnosis scripts, Britney was mostly sentient in about 2 days, but never got to the point of possession. I stopped the scripts for awhile due to stress and work issues, and Britney eventually just faded away. I think it was because I wasn't really willing to go as full fem as she was volunteering me to be. [i/]Britney's thoughts: you were completely uncooperative.[/i] So, yeah, hard to fulfill her purpose, and since i diluted the script, she couldn't force me to like she was supposed to. She started speaking quite loudly yesterday, and I think she was trying to get our attention a few days ago as well, but we weren't sure if they were intrusive thoughts or not. Then she was just there, with her cute freckles and pale skin, with her hair up and blue eyes. She also looked more Caucasian at that time. It was a big WTF moment. This brings me to why her personality is extremely fluid right now. Unlike Gennie, and due to the source of her creation, she was tied directly to my memories and emotions. So she was more of a sentient second filter that would make decisions based off of my experiences and memories. Although she had her own, she was influenced a lot by mine and was holding that over on Gennie. There was a small fight yesterday when she introduced herself and I cut her off from the direct access she had so she could better form her own memories and emotions. It's a weird thing to explain, and I'm surprised it happened so easily. Except for the cutting pain going through my head in the process. I'm not sure how I feel about it ethically, but emotions were high for everyone and I wasn't sure what anyone's endgame was. Not even my own. I think this is the main reason she won't let me into her room. I'm going to build up her trust in me. Which is good because she needs to develop on her own as well. It's still a mess sorting everything because I thought it was just Gennie and I and then suddenly Britney! Starting to feel like my head is a sitcom -.-
  13. Okay so yesterday was interesting. Worked a bit on possession, but Gennie got a headache and was reunited with an old friend that goes by Britney now instead of Rebecca. A lot has changed in all of us since we were trying out curse hypnosis files. Powerful stuff, I don't exactly recommend it still get her name wrong on occasion, but I've gotten better at it since Britney wrote her name is big bold letters on a board in wonderland. I guess we are a trio now :3 Gennie and Britney seem to be friends now. They're having a fun back and forth right now after reading the " Ban the person above you!" thread. We created a wonderland last night. It's a boathouse on a lake overlooking Mt. Fiji. Tall tree's surround each side. Gennie picked the room at the bottom and created an underwater observation deck. She likes pink, everything in there is pink right now. Britney picked an observation deck up top to see the stars. Mine's in the middle overlooking the lake. Oddly symbolic, but I'll take it. Britney hasn't let me see her room yet, but I don't blame her. We don't really know each other very well right now. Which sounds weird, but she was created more through hypnosis than conscious thought. Has anyone else used hypnosis to aid in Tupla creation? We need to establish a day/night cycle for wonderland as it seems to be in perpetual twilight. Really good progress working on possession today. Gennie was able to grab a cup of water and bring it to her lips, and Britney showed smoother motor function with minimal twitching. She was originally supposed to excel with motor control, but she's poor on visualization. She's right handed. I was able to tell from the pressure/tingling sensation I felt when she was working my arm. Which means Gennie is likely left handed, but might be right handed. We worked a lot on possession with the left hand before I found this forum. Basically my method right now is to disassociate from my arms as much as I can and let them gain sensory input. It's weird, I can actually feel them taking control. It's especially heavy in the hands, but most of what we worked on today has been arm motions and opening and closing of the hand. wrist and arm rotations, and arm raises. Gennie's been working really hard today without many issues, but Britney did get a bit of a headache. We need to work on making vocals more distinct. All of us can sound the same or completely different at times with mindvoice. Also need to work on Britney's visuals and appearance. So far she's short, with dark hair and bangs. Don't really know much about her interests except she's straight (except when it comes to Gennie apparently, but I think that's a joke between the two of them), and likes makeup. I've had a much stronger craving to put on makeup since her activity has increased.
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