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  1. I was watching this clip about a girl who had a tulpa, and the way she described it all made sense to me because I had been doing it all myself! It really got me excited because I would always think "It would be nice if I could talk to this person in my head" and so I looked up tulpamancing and boom, I started developing a tulpa.
  2. 1. Pansexual 2. Bigender 3. I honestly don't care for my gender or sexuality. Call me by any pronouns. It is what it is. -shrug- 4. My tulpa is pansexual and not romantically attracted to cis-gender people. I'm sure all the tulpas I would create would be some form of an LGBT member. The host(me) is transitioning to more masculine features so that they can balance out and ultimately look more androgynous. Plus in general, I just connect to LGBT members more. From my experience, queer people have been pretty accepting and very..queer!! I love variety.
  3. I'm an artist, so visualizations comes very easy for me.(Plus I already visualized plenty of scenery while reading and drawing or daydreaming throughout my life) My wonderland is kind if big, and nonsensical. The main part is a forest like setting, where I have a large house surrounded by a mote and bridge. The left side of the house is only windows to let the sun shine in. There's plenty of rooms, but I don't want to go into the many details of it. Past my house there's another bridge, this bridge leads to Autumn-like scenery. There's a pond, and beautiful trees. On the opposite side of the Autumn setting it a parking lot cause my tulpa likes to drive. It's also semi-necessary for him to drive because beyond the lot is long roads on large rocks(obviously it's like a typical road so the car can drive on it), but the road doesnt turn until very far out, so it's fun to speed up and feel the wind because below the rocks is a beach-like setting. If he's not up for driving, we can always go through a portal to get to our destination. What I did was start small. I visualized a house, then shaped that house to meet my desires--it was essentially a replica of my dream house. Once that was establish I continued on to what was around the house. My tulpa was sentient but still very young, so I assumed what he would like and let him tweak when I could hear him more clearly. I always let my tulpa have a say in things like that because that's where he would spend most of his time. What you could do it look at a character you're familiar with already, on tv, or in a comic/manga. Stare for a while and soak in the details of what image. Then close your eyes and try to see that character, and remember their appearance, like a watch, the type of shoes, if they wear anything quirky. You could practice on not moving images, then make the character move once you've got the hang of it. I started doing that a lot with anime characters back in the day, it helped to do 2D images at first, then 3D. Good luck!