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  1. Hey. I'm new to tulpas (literally learned about them yesterday morning) and I've decided since I have the time, I'm going to make a tulpa. His name is Kat and he has red hair, and any eye color he wants. I'm going to let him choose his name once he becomes vocal. So, it's only been a day now since I made him.. and I'm really scared I'm not doing it correctly. I'm scared that I'm puppeting him sometimes. I've only finished his form and I'm working on his expressions and the way he moves etc. Yesterday, I noticed that he changed the white shirt I gave him to a pale yellow. I was really surprised by this. Also, I'm really good at visualizing because.. that's what I literally do when I daydream in school and when I try to fall asleep. It's super easy for me to imagine anything in my head. Last night, also, I heard a voice in my head. I didn't parrot, and it didn't sound like my voice. It sounded like a generic male's voice. Like the ones you hear on a GPS. I questioned, "Would he like this?" when thinking about some voices for him, then I just heard in my head, a different voice from mine, "I don't know, would he?" Something along the lines of that. But it freaked me out and I started sweating cause I had no idea where that came from. It was creepy, lol. Now then, I know this is normal but he's not really doing anything but emotional responses sometimes and head pressure.. a lot of head pressure. He does emotional responses when there are loud noises that I usually don't react to (which are normal in my house,) for example construction or my dad unlocking the door and opening it when it is really quiet, or when my brother rages due to losing or dying in a FPS game. What I'm really scared of, however, is that he's not doing anything in the basic wonderland I created and will be working upon, which is basically a giant grassy field. He's just.. stationary. I don't know if he really does anything, maybe because of my intense fear of puppeting is holding him back from doing anything. Or it's maybe because I haven't made the basic movements for him yet. I've heard stories of tulpas already moving at late day 1 so I'm really scared I'm doing things wrong. But, I've been narrating throughout the day the whole day yesterday, thinking about what he would say if I did something, and just coming up with traits for his personality, such as friendly, funny, adventurous, witty.. yeah. Now then, I'm going to repeat this again, have I been doing things correctly? Also, are there any tips/advice you guys can give? Thanks.. ;-;