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  1. Well I can try if you like but to create a whole new wonderland takes time even with Nir's* help. *my tulpa if you didnt read my introduction
  2. Hi I'm John Mallett I have been with the community since irish first posted his guide. Though i prefer chupi's. My tulpa is Gnir. She looks like shiro from deadmanwonderland and like me is a sadist. She likes to watch movies and read manga, as do i but she is kinda possessive. If anyone would like to talk here is my teamspeak server that me and my friends use feel free to come on but please stay in tulpa craft and charles hangout, unless you are playing games. there is teamspeak info. And if chupi or pleeb read this i would really like to talk to them. Gnir is in overthought stage, at a point where her thoughts are like second thoughts for me we often engage in converstations during class and such. So thats it for now good to finally meet all of you.