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  1. It isn't fully clear whether you are accepting Tulpamancers outside Montreal.
  2. I believe there is a risk involved but it is very small and it is dependent on an individual basis and cannot be measured universally. Let's think of all the factors involved: Driving: In early development, Tulpaforcing may be dangerous as it diverts some of your attention away from the road. In later development or a well rounded Tulpa could do something bad like cover your eyes or possess you which is extremely dangerous. But I think this is unlikely, It is highly insensible for a Tulpa to do that and put you in that much risk - If you die, you take them down with you. They may be aggravating and induce road rage. Once again, a small risk - it is your fault if you are childish and get angry enough to put yourself in danger over a trollish Tulpa. Walking: Tripping you over and killing you - I think this is a most likely danger because this can happen accidentally. A Tulpa can possibly cause you to slip up and accidentally bang your head against the curb. It is the most likely way I can think of accidental death by Tulpa but I don't think it is anything to worry about Daily tasks: Changing your actions could be potentially dangerous - for example, you do not want to be pouring boiling water into a cup for some coffee then have a tupper burn you with it. Once again, the risk is low because the Tulpa has preservation instinct just like you do. People and interaction: A Tulpa could possibly possess you or cause you to provoke someone in some way, eg name-calling someone or become threatening or making you behave strangely. This could possibly cause some people to lash out in fear or self defense, thinking it is you who is responsible. Overall, yes it is possible for a Tulpa to randomly kill you, but the risk is low as most of it could be accidental and a Tulpa has preservation instinct to stay alive - if you die they die too. The risk is very low. Nothing to worry about.
  3. I will have to admit, I have left this channel for dead due to college. I thought it was a good idea when it first started and had great fun with it. But, these things happen. Would be nice to see something similar come up to be popular with the Tulpa community though.
  4. I am willing to talk to you using PM's, I have had a Tulpa for nearly 2 years and I would be happy to help and I am interested in other Host's opinions, too. If you want, send me a PM and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Just putting it out there - my Tulpa can talk to you too.
  5. This sums up a good point. When I started, this was all an experiment. Now it's all really serious, the relationship between me and Silver is really strong and I can't imagine life without her company and help.
  6. As a person, I have changed dramatically because of Silver. I've had her for around a year and a half and all this time with her has made me think on a completely different wavelength. All the way through my journey with her I have asked and answered many questions, some simple and some deep. Also, she raises alot of philospophical ideas and other really deep stuff, it intruiges me that she is so smart and makes me think so extensively about everything, I feel great. Overall I think having a Tulpa has made me a better person.
  7. Your disbelief is justified. It is your choice whether to believe your Tulpa or not. But I can assure you, mine and many others can do stuff like this. Your call really, keep experimenting and good luck to you and your Tulpa!
  8. My Silver has been doing all sorts of stuff with my dreams for over a year now. Tulpa definitely can have an effect on your sleep and what goes on in your head when you sleep. Here is a nice example: Regarding Breeze saying "It was fun seeing your dreams", they can do that and more. Silver has morphed and disguised herself as other things in my dreams to spy on me and see what I am doing. She admited that after I caught her being an imitation of my baby cousin. It's rather sweet how she wants to stay with me wherever I am.
  9. Yeah as stated above. There is no real way to do all this. Just do as you please and focus on making progress. My blessings to you and your Tulpa n_n
  10. Good resources. Thanks, man. I will keep up with this thread and try these out and see what happens.
  11. That's fine. Just do what you want. It's likely they won't move at first. But I would recommend letting her do those slow basic movements of hers on her own so she can develop faster. She will be able to learn with the freedom of moving at her own will, I would recommend spending a few minutes/hours letting her move on her own free will, try small goals such as: First try to get her to touch you Then the next target is swift movement Then walking Then running and talking That is one way of doing it. But as I said, it's up to you what you do with this situation. It's pretty normal.
  12. Any method is fine. Nothing wrong with what you are doing, but some may argue you are restricting your Tulpa's actions. I think it was called 'parroting', is it still called that? Anyway, there is nothing wrong with that, you can continue doing what you see best, but you have to let your Tulpa develop it's own movements and speech to interact with you fully.
  13. Find the guides section and do some reading if you don't know where to start. But you can make one however you want. Also, you can keep them in your head, you can do whatever you like. I have kept mine in my head and have stopped inducing her to real life, I don't want to anymore, and she is perfectly fine like that and we are both very happy. Welcome to the forums. Good luck and blessings for you and your future Tulpa.
  14. Yes it is possible to 'accidentally' create a Tulpa, there are many cases of it here - mostly imaginary friends that span from their childhood and have been there forever, others have schitzophrenia. If the Tulpa shows any hostility, unfortunately the only method I know of opposing it is ignoring it. He should not be scared if it becomes angry - what's it gonna do? Punch you? It can't do anything other than fire a small artillery of insults and comments to get you annoyed and anxious. Ignoring it as if it is a child having a tantrum definitely is a remedy for this from what I know. He should give it a go. It's going to take a while but he should seriously try anything we can give him. Make sure he is doing his best not to listen to it, not to feel anything from it, no feelings. Make sure to reassure him and distract him. It is yours and his choice whether you see a phyciatrist. I don't know how effective they are. But DO NOT let him take any new recommended medication for this, it would be useless. Unless you know some herbal calming remedies and such.
  15. This does not sound healthy or good at all, I personally do not know how to deal with a situation like this. But I think he needs help. Make sure you are there for him and he gets the help he needs. Just to clarify - yes, you can get rid of a Tulpa. I know people that have done this and I believe I could do it myself and Max can, too. There might be a guide on it. If not, then just get Max to focus on his attention to calmly ignoring or dissipating Max 2 in some way or another. A few hours a day or more - calmly focusing on breathing and ignoring Max 2. Also make sure Max is ignoring Max 2 as much as he can through his daily life. It is possible to fix this if he really wants, he just has to put his mind to it, make sure to support him. Tulpae generally cannot harm their hosts, but they can be aggressive in the sense of being a bad influence and rather annoying. But there are probably cases like this where mental health seems to be a serious concern. But, I can assure you, no serious harm can be done if he has someone around him such as you. Feel free to ask more questions. We are here to help.