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    So The titanic is about a boat. Anyway some people fall in love, the boat sinks and everyone dies. I like reviewing movies.
  1. 10/19/2012 I have discarded my wonderland and have a massive headache as supporting two tulpa (I think especially since it's my first time) is hard. Last week sunday and monday (and the saturday and friday and thursday the week before that) I would tell my tulpa I would stop working or fell asleep while working and horrifically fearful nightmares of torture, vivid, worst than any gore I've seen (and I've seen a lot) so I kind of stopped working but It has since calmed. I stopped tulpaforcing for a few days (with occasional light sessions like I would narrate through class and imagine them
  2. 6/10/2012 I just spent five hours, shopping, with my mother. I thought I was going to a doctors appointment. So when the second tulpa came I had this weird split vision kind of thing (like being in the wonderland and real life at the same time only inception-y) where I was on a beach in narrating to Aithe and seeing into a void with someone that looked like her. This happened for a few moment which was confusing like a computers read error because of the contradiction. It broke and not far down the beach in front of me was this girl that was sweating and exhausted looking like she had
  3. I picked from summers line of dresses and a loose long sleeved scoop neck with a waist band and a simple pair of black pants. In my wonderland I tulpaforced a hoodie with teddy bear ears and stuffed teddy bear shoulders so it looks like I'm wearing teddy bear armor, but more badass and cuddly. Also no homo, I just like to keep up with fashion.
  4. I find psych as taboo as cosmology even though there is no doubt it is not false but no doubt it is not true. The DSM-IV doesn't consider psychopathy as a disease, psychologists, psychotherapists, and psychoanalysts need to work a bit more on their field. We may feel we have come far since 100 yrs ago when phil and psych separates thanks to Vgotsky (who I consider a person of major contribution to the field), but we are still in the early stages and despite my belief that Freud is wrong with most everything he did I didn't leave when I saw his models (even though it made me hesitant to continu
  5. I changed it "For Science!" so I'm less depressing and shit. Anyway giving my tuppa super powers was a bad idea. Some shit happened today and her doll is no longer a limb but another tulpa. So I have twins identical looking too! I really hope my other two imaginary friends growing up don't turn into tulpae also. I like that I have a second tulpa, I really didn't intend to have more than one though. They look the same-different haircut, and views- but they seem extremely different and INTJ types, I have a feeling I'm going to get a lot of emotion with this second one. I'll elaborate saturday
  6. 9/30/2012 Well fuck my dad woke me up by telling that I need to watch the puppy when I sleep, I told him I can't watch a puppy when I sleep and he should be home for more than 30 min without sleeping or his girlfriend if he wants to be the one that feeds, lets out, and cleans up the shit of a dog I don't even like. He shrieked for a good 7 minutes and gave up, remembering it's useless to argue with me. There was a lot of shit about me being a smartass and how I should take better care of a puppy that I let out every two hours, bathe once a week, feed, give water to, and he house trained i
  7. I saw this read the story and my view on dissolution changed, now I am more concerned that tulpa's will make you go full psych ward crazy long term. On the bright side it seems to make me want to make a tulpa even more.
  8. This log is mainly to keep a record of my progress, even though I do not expect people to go through my wall of text logs, someone might still go through my wall of text logs. 9/29/2012 Who I am. My name is Penguin, 17 years old, I have been involved in many things through my life and grateful for all of it, most of my interaction with others has been the recurring opinion is varying comments on how "smart" I am, or the most recent "Your just like that guy from goodwill hunting" but I never understood. I believe everybody has the ability to learn so what makes someone smart an
  9. So I was thinking after reading FAQ man killed his tulpae and in other stories people seem to do that when their tulpa gets out of control. This forum seems like it helps because it see's them as or like a conscious entity and treats them with respect in such a way. Their is a concern I have, that long term my tulpa will get bored and then depressed because from day one life is whatever can be imagined. Is their anyone with thoughts on this?
  10. Yes.. well I like to write, I did this from my phone, and terrible at paraphrasing. I broke it i to section now that I'm at a computer, and thanks Koomer.
  11. ~~~~Okay how do I go about this? I thought this tulpa thing was just a bunch of trolls until last week. From what I can tell around the time Chupi started his was when I started mine because thats when my little brother told me about them I just thought this was bullshit but I sat down for a half hour and thought about what I wanted my tulpa to be like and imagined these things being a floating ball of light. So the only reason I thought this could be possible was because of this disease known as alien hand syndrome (it could be caused by an operation) which speculated there might another cons
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