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  1. I told some of my family , but no answer I keep my tulpa picture on my pc screen but my mother hate it and told me to remove it , but after days I returned back . You know I'm 41 years old lloooooll :) . I had my own villa ..but I live with my mother and sister in our home .
  2. I had some kind of this experience. :) One day I decided to make a new tulpas , then a A bad insults from my tulpa come to my head . He was angry because I was making new friends . Remark : I heard my tulpa as clear voices , not the old way which you still and feels pressure and thoughts.
  3. Thanks to all :) I think I'm going to let him do , what ever he want . I'm going to study his attitude only .
  4. I noticed in imagination I control my tulpa and stopping him to do bad behaviour or silly things . My question, did you let your tulpa to do what every thing he like , and how you stop feeling awful when look silly or bad in his look or moves.
  5. World :prahtoolf. Area : wood chair in park . I noticed the perfume which I smelled before entering imagination , make a programme sensation link to seeing clearly . We talked a bout not having any expectations and plans in a world we can't control . Of course you focus on doing something as good is possible , but even that you can't control what comes . My sister go to alot of evants and meetings and she said she had one workshop change her life a bout this subject . So yanus a device me not to have expectations in world you can't control it , just surrended.
  6. Hi Here my gift , let your tulpa do the same :)
  7. Thanks :) Dashie bear , summer and angry bear .
  8. Thank you " angry bear " and " reilyn_alley" ************* World : Prahtoolf. Area : the shade of flowers. I just smelled yanus perfume that I choose for him , and start entering my wonderland. He was wearing white shirt with black part on his chest and hands , and short milky pant. We talked about not to push our selves to feel happy , not trying so hard to feel happy , just be still and balance , no need to do the effort to feel good , just be still in every mood you are .
  9. Steps : 1_ relax in a comfortable chair. 2_ use head phone to listen to 1 hour anime piano music . 3_ imagine you tulpa dance as ballet. 4_ look to his body and hands and moves. I'm sure you gonna pray for me ..With happy feeling .
  10. I notice when I meet my tulpa " yanus " in imeginery world , I feel awful and refuse to see men or guys I don't know what happened , but really an idea stuck in my mind about guys smell . Although my tulpa is always nice dressing and clean but a memory of guy's smell come to me . So I made a deal .when I imagine yanus I smell a special perfume before that called dior . And it's perfume for yanus only , I use it for him so the memory of bad smell dissappear now . :)
  11. Thank you for your response :) The dream can really help had strong sensation in 3 d of your tulpa.
  12. World : Prahtoolf. Area : the shade of flowers. We walked and talked , I said to yanus . Me : how can I trust that I'm here in my reincarnation to change old level dimension I was in it before. Yanus : ok , what information do you have of me . Me : you are being in dimension called Prahtoolf. Yanus with smile : correct , and would be logic that after you dead we meet and go there . Me : yes . Yanus: under this , there are lower dimensions for pain and high to enjoy . Me : but can bad people change the Lower. Yanus : ok put it that way , the existence of lower for what ? If a person can change it and not experience them , so the soul for that is aging and cleansing in them and start again fresh in physical world . . Me : ok , what I can do the reach high level . Yanus : keep your self in truth knowledge and you feel inside when you do bad action to other or not , then stop it . Me : I like light a candel and thank god only , I don't feel I like pray for desires , I like thanking only . Yanus : good for you , that is the peace you should reach always , satesfid.
  13. "Normal dream" to me can increase the communication ,To your tulpa . And it can turns to a lucid dream also Before sleeping repeate your tulpa name until you fell to sleep , make the tulpa name like the last you remember from the awake state . Also you you can say loud " I will see my tulpa in the dream , then I will notice it is a dream " Do it always, and good luck. :)