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  1. The problem isn't my visualization skills. They are decent. The problème is that I can't find / create (it's the same...) scenes because I don't have the idea. Okay, thanks.
  2. Thanks for the fast response :) Yup I understood that, but I still can't find many scenes. I think I don't have a good imagination. Ho, thanks for the template, it'll be really helpfull. But If I force while reading or filling the template (eyes opened so), it'll be considered as passive forcing, right ? Do you think it'll be enough to produice good results ? Also, do I stop the personality phase once I explained all the traits, or what ? I have the feeling that I'll retard the development of my tulpa if I skip that phase. I don't think my tulpa can grow by himself since I don't have a good imagination.
  3. Hello. I'm trying to start tulpamancy but I struggle with the personality phase. I read a lot of guides but they didn't really helped me. I tryed some sessions with JD's personality forcing guide using the parrot forcing but I'm not really at ease with it. I need to think and visualize my tulpa's reactions / behaviour, right ? But the session doesn't last long because I can't think about how my tulpa acts for many occasions. At best I can only find 2 or 3 scenes... So I switched to the first method, the list based trait forcing but I'am confused too. At best I take 2 minutes per trait. I think it's too short but I don't know what to say to make a consistant forcing session. So each session is the copy of the previous one because I don't have new ideas. Also should I do that eyes closed or not ? So I should memorise each traits ? I'm not satisfied at all at the end of my forcing sessions and I think it was a waste of time. How can I make consistent personality forcing sessions ?