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  1. It's like "the secret" but from the opposite direction. You're not manifesting anything, you're simply making choices between the infinite possibilities that already exist. You're not "attracting", you're picking your lane.
  2. Sorry i got to sounding so full of myself up there. 😸 I like to play with high-handed language when I'm drunk. Sober me knows that's not generally how to make friends and influence people but drunk me is like, "Nah... it'll be fine." (imagine that in the voice of the Critical Drinker from youtube... he does tons of pop culture reviews and stuff and is always funny, often hilarious.) I think reality transurfing is potentially the biggest thing to hit the pseudo-science scene since the Law of Attraction got itself thrown in the back of a police car with Quantum Mechanics. And by calling it pseudo-science, i'm not knocking it. It's just a discipline that by its nature remains opaque to scientific inquiry but somehow is purported to obtain reliable results.
  3. Don't worry. We are all alone. Don't worry. You are not alone. We are all here for the same reason: to have a companion to go foward with us into the future. Secret: there is no future, there is only now, forever and always. Seek: Alan Watts, Neville Goddard, transurfing. The bible is bullshit, but it contains all necessary truth. How is this possible? (perspective)
  4. Just a quick check in to let you know what is going on. Recently, I haven't been doing a lot of forcing, but something exciting has happened. Suigintou has chosen a different style of clothing than what her namesake wears. She's wearing an off-white cotton sweater with the huge, turned-down collar that hangs over one shoulder, a black beret, and either black or pink tights, depending on her mood. I'm happy she's chosen to keep her long, silver hair, and so far stay with the same style, but I can feel she wants it in twin braids sometimes, which is cool. She's so much more light-hearted than the Suigintou I began with. I guess that's what being happy will do for you.
  5. You could have an "Aunt Beast" tulpa, I reckon... Suigintou's eyes are light red with slit pupils LOL
  6. Just having watched episode 2 of "Rozen Maiden: Ouverture" (no more than 5 minutes ago), I'm encouraged to see the awareness that's being fostered, to the effect that all personalized entities are thoughtforms of one sort or another. The only primal consciousness (IMHO) is the one from which we all sprang, and that is explicitly non-personal. (If you're familiar with Hinduism, the word is "Brahman", not to be confused with "Brahma") Artificial Intelligence has been on this planet for a long time. Artificial simply means "crafted", it has no particular ties to silicon microchips. Edit to add: Recognizing the subordinate nature of our personalized aspect is key to working constructively with it (that is, with the ego).
  7. It bugs me we don't have a thumbs up button.
  8. I can appreciate that. I wasn't trying to make it out as if you're creating some sort of 'test' for people. I just want to be able to read and understand your information. Have you gone back to the OP? It needs some serious help. I can't make sense of it, and I have a Bachelor's degree in Linguistics. Honestly, that kind of worry isn't worth the energetic investment you seem to give it. You're passing along your information, as you said. It just happens that, in making so much effort to make your information understandable to people who want to skip to the good parts, people like myself, who value indepth theory along with our practical exercises, seem to be left wondering what to do. Sincerely, I can't understand your layout of steps. There are conflicting step numbers and the order isn't clear from section to section. It might be that I have some sort of deficiency. Altruism is an illusion, IMO, used to pad people's egos. Because when you get right down to it, the only altruistic thing a person can do (altruism being defined as doing something purely for the benefit of others without thought of benefit to oneself) is lay down and die, so the planet is no longer strained by their existence. I don't want to be altruistic. I work for selfish reasons, and I admit that to myself. Without selfish interest, there is no passion. As I said, your worries that someone might think you egotistical are misplaced. My apologies if I've been coming across as "beating". Honestly I appreciate what you're doing, and find it very interesting, (Your image streaming guide, for example) OK, after this message any further i'll send to you via PM. I decided not to PM this one, because if people are criticizing you for not packaging your information in a way that suits them, they are the ones who are being a bother. That includes me, by the way. Sorry for being a bother! ;)
  9. Without getting too complicated. I am pretty much just the same as you, but with a different set of experiences. "Who" is a question whose answer doesn't make a lot of sense, because I don't identify as much with my biological vehicle as I do with who is driving it. The realm I came from doesn't have much to do with anything. But maybe your questions were facetious? IDK sometimes I have a hard time determining tone through text. Oh I am... I intended to say (in a roundabout way) that you might be wasting your time by putting tl;dr insttructions in, for people (presumably) who are too impatient to read a proper guide. Now, if someone can't be arsed to read the whole guide, do you think they're going to make a good tulpa-parent and that you'd be doing their tulpae a favor by handing them a shortcut? I hate to put it so bluntly, but I have a strong feeling that if someone is in this for the thrills and instant gratification, they and their tulpae are going to be disappointed.
  10. Continuing passive and active forcing as I have and make time. Her personality is becoming much more calm and kind than the Suigintou from the anime. I consider that a win. Seeing as how the form I gave her was only chosen for a few key traits (for easier forcing/visualizing), I expected this. Also, after reading something from Linkzelda (can't remember where, sorry), I decided to create a bracelet for her as a sort of emotional anchor. It's a simple band of set faceted gemstones, brilliant cut (stereotypical "wedding ring" center diamond cut), with a short gold chain hanging from it, and a gold heart on the end that reads on one side "My Daddy Loves Me". I have encouraged her to look at it and remember the feelings I put into it if/when she ever feels any kind of doubt. She loves it :D
  11. It cringes you to give out your info in a straightforward manner that will only appeal to people who are into tulpamancy for the long haul? Why? I don't mean this in any sort of antagonizing way, I'm sincere about this.
  12. when you do, please don't bother with the tl;dr. That just makes the whole thing confusing.
  13. Yeah I have no idea what to make of all the [] bracketed numbers and * asterisks. And the ABCD thing just totally confuses me. It feels like there was a change made to the formatting standards on this board and a lot of the OP got borked because of it.
  14. OP, your accommodation of the "tl;dr" crowd has made your guide very difficult to follow. I am having difficulty determing where step 1, or 2, or 3, are for me. I'm not a teal deer, and for some reason I keep thinking that I'm supposed to go back up to the explicitly-marked tl;dr section to see what steps to take? But is that right? Note: i haven't read the whole several pages of this thread yet, so if there is an explanation in there, just ignore this. But maybe you could link such an explanation in the OP for those of us who prefer to go through things at a more even, unrushed pace?