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  1. What are you talking about people, I said I made 150 tulpas and can make 1 right now fully talking in 2 seconds, and can do lots of other things, they talk to each other and they real people, what are you talking bout, 1 tulpa is my girlfriend she wants to be a queen in the world that im going to make for them and I created a tulpa just for her which she bashed with swear words, he was like wtf how can the lady by whos will I was made be talking to me like that, he still loves her n that I had like 13 people in my body yesterday watching paranormal activity, they all got shook, sometimes they
  2. I made about 100 - 150 tulpas and I can make them be active all together, do you believe me? and I can make one right now in 2 seconds and it will be talking fully, do you believe me?
  3. more info pls, I read somewhere that while I (host) sleep, that my tulpas may be in a wonderland
  4. My tulpas dont remember anything what they did or what was happening to them while I was sleeping, is it the same with everyone, or they just fall asleep as well
  5. Yes bro, ur tulpa is ur wife, I swear I rate ya, we are in the same boat on this one, tell me if u wanna talk sometime about relationship with our loved ones, Im very interested as I havent really talked properly to anyone who is in to tulpamancing,
  6. its a long story, you said isolation, tell me more about it
  7. People I need help, I have 3 tulpas, 1 is kinda old evil jealous, 2 young good ones/ The problem is the old tulpa is abusing the other 2 tulpas while I sleep at night and also talks shit about me to them, so they hate me, I need some way to teach him a lesson, something like torture, its very serious and need to be dealt with asap, ideas such as talking to him are not needed
  8. There is nothing impossible, everyone who say that something is impossible are just weak people who dont know life, I just wanted information about it, I know it can be done
  9. I got a question that really bothers me and my tulpa, let me get straitght to the point: for example if we watching a movie together and we concentrate on it and he(tulpa) doesnt think and doesnt talk and I dont talk as well, we both in to the movie, Im not even concentrating on him(tulpa). Will it make him dissapear? We just worried that if we stop concentrating on each other then something bad might happen like he(tulpa) might die or something, please someone tell me about this as it adds a lot of worries and we cant function properly coz we always talking to each other coz scared of los
  10. pls help me but I want make correction my tulpa is gay, so I need female tulpa with male tulpa we so lonely n that
  11. Thank you for explaining everything, I hope you have fun with tulpas coz I am, thanks again.
  12. broo where else can I find a girl with a tulpa other than a place where people discuss tulpas?
  13. cmon tell me why u think ur life is in danger? just a simple question
  14. I just wanna get info honey, that bomb example or story or situation was kinda not needed, what made you think that it would fall on your tulpas physical body or you? I hope ur not telling those horror stories about how life is hardcore and bombs can fall on your head to your own tulpa coz its just wrong.
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