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  1. Interesting :) May I ask what you wished for? Unless it is too private of course. I do not wish to pry :)
  2. We saw the magonia url :) . I thought that you might like this: Creepy imaginary friends. At least one of those is consistent with the repeated naming convention noted in the summary you linked to :)
  3. Ake says that I smell like strawberries :)
  4. Interesting, thank you for posting
  5. Aww, man. We were just going to talk to you, too.
  6. Go with what you feel. There is no shame in it. Love each other, respect each other and see what happens. No need to rush, you have each other for the rest of your lives. You can figure this out as you go.
  7. We were here four years ago, but I don't think that we interacted with you. We were interested to note a few parrallels between your story and ours. We are glad that you are having a better time of things than you were.
  8. Happy Birthday to FigN01, killhard38, KingJick, roninDreamer, Jhuyu, Amas, Oleg, humanehero, embergale, PsychoticNurse, efflorescentus, Fungi, Raxter, Akai Suicchi, CP01, dener, Rokk, Setz, starlilynight, OliverKittyKitty, Delther, Fandomatic, Lovie54L1, ZackAndArchie, ygawyha and those 12 naughty hidden people who are sneaky :) :) .
  9. That is so great, she loves it, thank you so much <3
  10. I know that you haven't much time now, but I was wondering... I loved the picture that you did of me so much, that I know that my sister would love one of her just as much. If you have the time at some point, would you consider doing one of her? I don't have a picture of her with me, but I can describe her. She has black hair and pale skin. She wears her hair in a shoulder length pony tail, that starts at the back of her head, rather than at her neck or high up. A bit of hair at the front usually pulls out of the ponytail and hangs down at the side of her face, or is tucked behind her ear.
  11. Maya Trueheart


    Not everyone has to be a super motivated activist and take over the world, Mar.
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