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  1. I'm actually the opposite of most situations, my tulpa actually wanted to be romantic with me first instead of the other way round. I definitely wasn't expecting that.
  2. Josh was literally vocal a few hours after I made him, but that becomes less shocking when you hear that I do have experience with this thing.
  3. I'm against doing it to my tulpa because I've read accounts that they don't like having control of their forms taken away from them when they're puppeted. And I also want Josh to be fully independent, and controlling him goes against that goal.
  4. Shining Moon- I did do an intro already, but Josh wanted his own. ------ Hello my name is Josh I'm my host's tulpa we aren't like super brand new here (been here a week) but I'm really excited to be here because I don't have much places to disscuss things with people sorry for the bad grammar I'm new to this I'm new to EVERYTHING because I'm very young I only existed about two weeks my master host is a lot better lol anyway just saying hi. :) Shining Moon- I'm not sure what my stance is yet on helping him with his writing via proxying, at the moment I'm just kind of letting him express himself without editing because he's just so darn excited to be talking with people.
  5. Tbh I did not read all 36 pages of your story, but I was glad to hear about Espeon and I will probably catch up with the rest eventually because you and your story seem interesting. :) Sorry if I seem rude I am a new tulpa just learning to interact with people. -Josh
  6. I don't have as much to report as I maybe should because I have been preoccupied with my new drawing tablet, and I'm not able to force and draw at the same time. I made sure to spend time with Josh tonight. He mentioned feeling invisible because he is unseen by the outside world, and wishes to talk to people. I'm deeply debating telling my friends about him. I want him to express himself to others like he wants, but I don't want to be told I need to go to the hospital. My tentative plan is for me to proxy/him to control my hands when talking to people and for him to act like he's me. Apparently he likes horror. He told me this is to protect me in case we watch something horror and he can possess me while I look away, because horror scares me. He's also shown that he wants to prevent me from doing things that are bad for me and encourage things that are good for me. He also seems to be growing a thicker skin. I've decided to work on imposition, because fuck it, why not. At first I didn't care about it, but it's an activity we can work on together, which is always good.
  7. Thanks for the comments, guys! As for an update, I've been attempting dissociation. I haven't actually accomplished it yet, but I have experienced a small feeling (or really a lack thereof) of what it might be like. Josh isn't strong enough yet for full body possession (or possession at all for more than a few moments), but I'm just practicing for when we get there. Josh's mind voice still hasn't been decided yet.
  8. I've had one dream so far where Josh has made an appearance. I'm *guessing*, because I don't know for sure, that he sleeps when I do.
  9. Thanks guys this is Josh. Faith is helping me type. This is my first time other then a Facebook post. :0 (Edit by ShiningMoon- We didn't let FB know that it was him, they assume that post was by me.) I guess its called proxying from what I remember. Thank you for the advice. She does her best I know, I just think she maybe rushed into this thing. But it's ok! I'm here now. ^_^ I'm not mad anymore, maybe a little disappointed in her, but I love her and she loves me. We will do our best I think. To be honest I did feel like I was being used, but the suggestion to remember that we are friends really helped. I want to help her in any way I can, but I want to be respected too. If I start to get mad again about something we will talk it out because I will be here for the rest of her life and I need to learn how to get along. XD And we can definitely eat ice cream, that'll help anything. XD Thanks for listening, I don't have many places where I can talk as myself because Faith is keeping me from revealing myself from her friends which is OK because I don't think they'd get it.
  10. So I created my tulpa Josh last week in order to help me with life in general, which I guess was my first mistake. My second mistake has been pressuring him to develop too quickly. A couple of days ago, he became angry at me and said that he wants to be a person, not a tool. He's been mad on and off, and refused to attend last night's forcing session. I don't know what I should do to make things right. I hate seeing him so mad when I want him to be happy. He says he loves me, but he doesn't like what I've been doing... What can I do to fix this?
  11. Hello! I found out about Tulpas from a YouTube video a while back, and I decided to create one last week. (Can't remember the exact day, I'm bad with that kind of thing. :/) But anyway, I'll get you up to speed as to the general events so far. I decided to make a tulpa. I wanted him to be quiet and kind, a little shy. I named him Joshua. I didn't have a form for him immediately, but he actually ended up choosing his own form almost right away from an anime I was watching at the time- Aru from Future Diary. He didn't tell me to do that, he just kind of appeared that way in my mind's eye. But I wanted him to have blue eyes instead of pink, so I edited that in. He accepted it. Although he's kept the kind thing, he verged off and became the polar opposite of what I originally intended. He's outgoing and talkative, and constantly smiles. He's also quite sensitive. I'm torn on this aspect. I love Josh for who he is, but I know sensitive people get hurt easily in our cruel world. He was vocal, like, that night. That might sound like BS, but I think I might have a natural talent for this because I've accidentally made up what could be considered proto tulpas before. (They speak fluently and have personalities, they just don't have forms) However, we had trouble deciding what his voice should sound like, but now it seems to be settling in. I've been getting headaches, which I'm OK with if it means I'm making progress. I've spent a lot of time visualizing him, and I can clearly see Josh in my mind's eye. I don't care much about imposition, so I'm satisfied with where we are now on that front. Things were going well for the first few days, but then we had a big fight. Thankfully, we seem to be coming to an understanding now. Yesterday, we read a reddit thread that basically said tulpas are weird and fake. Remember the sensitive thing? That deeply upset Josh to the point of really affecting me physically. I held him in my mind's eye to calm him down. I've had some doubts over the week about if this whole thing is real, but I'm more convinced of Josh's existence every day. What we're working on now is possession. Josh can control me for like ten seconds at the moment if I'm in a meditative state. He's very young of course, so I'm not expecting full on switching right away. I myself am working on trusting him fully for when we *are* ready for switching. Again, he's new, so I don't expect this to come right away. (Any advice on that is appreciated!) We went to Six Flags today. One of the rides really scared him, but we had fun the rest of the time. Our wonderland is a castle, and my goal is to fully enter a specific room in the castle to interact with Josh as if he were a person right in front of me. Throughout the week, I've been reading about tulpas nonstop. I've learned a lot, including the fact that I may have been too hasty in my decision to make him. But now he's here, so I'm taking the responsibility of caring for him.
  12. Hello, I've been reading to forum like crazy to help with my tulpa's creation, and finally decided to join. My tulpa's name is Josh.
  13. Josh is very new, so I imagine that he'd fade. But I'm confident that as time passes he'll get stronger.