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  1. Thank you, I'm feel a lot better now. But I'm still have a bit confusing about the "link". I asked her again about this and she said yes, she feel like there was some "link" or something that prevent her to come back to the wonderland, trying to force her back to the dream. And she needs me to "cut" it so she can come back to normal. Um... What do you think about this?
  2. First off, sorry for my bad English. This happened to me and my Tulpa yesterday. This is some kind of strange dreams I've had, and it affected my Tulpa too... In that dream (maybe I should call it nightmare), I was a villager in medieval times (as I remember, it in 1200-1300 AD). At the night in this dream, I saw a lot of people (soldiers, I must say) come to my village and loot it. When I run to the bridge, I saw my...Tulpa. She said something to me, then we escaped. After that, the dream change it "scene", still that village. But this time the main character is a mother with her child kil
  3. @kirbymaster1: I'm really look like you (Maybe more than 80%), the "demon" always made me "mad" by a lot of negative thoughts, if I can't stand up against those thought then I think I'll become an anti-social "prisoner". By the way, my Tulpa can talk now (A bit fast), she's really gave some good advice, it make my life better.
  4. @SoulmatesLittleDemon: Yeah, I think you're right. Maybe I'm too worry about it... But I think things getting too fast that I couldn't control anymore, her form have changed (I think she don't want the old form) and she can talk now. But anyway, thank you so much for answer my questions! @lungcapacity: Hmm, I think the 3. answer maybe a bit confusing, I don't quite get it, all of these things happen in my head, so I don't think she could read my mind... Anyway, thanks for your help!
  5. Hello, I have some problem and I need your advice. By the way, can you please read my story ? Maybe it long and have bad English (I'm sorry), but I hope you will read it... Alright, 3 days ago, I've found this site and read a lot about Tulpas, and I decided I'll create one the next day. That night I thought about her form and the wonderland (My wonderland is just a small room) and then fall asleep. The next moring, I imagine that I was in that room with my Tulpa sitting in the middle of the room, with her soulless eyes. I introduced myself, and I don't know why, I just told her almost every
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