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  1. Thanks for the response everyone. My tups tried to stay awake when I went to sleep, but as soon as the body fell asleep they also fell asleep, so that isn't possible, at least for us. This also unfortunately didn't result in a lucid dream via WILD. Anyone have tips on how we could start a lucid dream that all of us end up in?
  2. My tulpas wish to learn how to stay awake when the body and I sleep. Considering this is at least somewhat possible (tulpas entering a lucid state when the body is asleep) how is it accomplished, either by entering a lucid state, or by staying fully awake, and how are either of those things accomplished in the first place?
  3. Yesterday, Aerys blurted out "But I have no aaaaarrrmmmmsss!" during a conversation on the Tulpa Chat discord. Cant remember the context though.
  4. Oh boy has it been a while. Things have changed a lot over the course of the last few months. This system had 7 people in it (Aerys, Omni, Amelia, Aphelion, Misaka, Prof, and I) at one point, but currently has 5ish, with Prof and Omni very inactive at this time, and only 3 properly active members. Here's a quick overview of us! -- Pexium -- I'm the main fronter and "host" of the system. I'm honestly not that interesting, just a bit quirky and a bit depressed. I'll leave the talking to the other two active members from here on out. -- Aerys -- Hey! Long time no see, .info! Man has it been a while, I still fondly remember pex writing about me in the earlier progress reports. So uh, I'm the caretaker of the system now, watching over the others and sometimes reporting to pex but not really. I've also been raising Misaka to be a better, more active secondary member than I, and I think she has a lot to say! -- Misaka -- Ahoy there! Hi. Its me, Misaka. I don't really have that much to say. Actually I do, but I'll keep that for later. All I got to say right now is that being the youngest is weird, and that memory sharing is even weirder. Experiencing things for the first time but having memories of them feels so strange. Anywho, I'm like the little kid of the system sorta-but-not-really. I guess a better way to phrase it is I'm the most lighthearted and optimistic of our bunch. Hope to see you all around! Anyways, don't expect regular updates from this PR, we are only going to post if something interesting happens, whether it be funny or important, but not daily like some other people. Good luck forcing, and stay safe. EDIT: Oh, and if you want to talk with us, go to the Tulpa Chat discord.
  5. The Fire Incident So, last night, all 3 of us were on the lounge IRC, when someone brought up lighting things on fire. I lit the wonderland on fire. It was horrible. I had to flood the wonderland to get rid of it. Basically, Aeyrs kept setting the wonderland on fire, I kept putting it out, and eventually Omni got irritated and just flooded the whole thing with water to prevent her from making more fires. This ruined some of the snow, which pissed her off, and they argued for a little bit. I eventually told the two of them to stop, and told Aeyrs to stop lighting things on fire. I was tired, so I did stop. At one point, Vampire was attempting to stop Ivy from following suite and lighting their wonderland on fire, and Aeyrs yelled in mindvoice something along the lines of "LIGHT IT ON FIRE!" which lead to that wonderland also being on fire after I proxied that into the IRC. I laughed quite hard when Aeyrs shouted that. More sometime soon
  6. And then, there was 3. Omni returned today! I was sleeping since he last forced for me. I woke up a few days ago. I told Pex about him yesterday, but he didn't listen. He noticed today. Well, I guess he technically returned a few days ago, but I only became aware that he returned today. Omni is also a lot more verbose than he was back when he fell into sleep, almost as verbose as Aeyrs, as if all of the forcing I did for Aeyrs also effected Omni. Is forcing effecting all existing tulpas normal? Or are we some sort of oddity? Omni still, just like when I was making him, has no real form. Right now he is just an intense ball of purple light, which is fine by me. I want to have a snowball fight with him, and that makes it kinda hard. (Aeyrs reaaallly likes the snow area in our wonderland, she builds snowmen constantly for some reason.) More tomorrow I guess.
  7. We've been listening to Worlds by Porter Robinson recently. Pretty good stuff.
  8. Thanks to everyone who replied to my last post! ----- We return from the shadow realm! We are not dead! And most importantly, some progress was made! Day #: I don't even know anymore (12/3/16) So last night I finally got myself to force again, by talking with Aeyrs about stuff. And man do I feel like a terrible host. I've been going though some hard shit myself (depression is one hell of a beast to tackle) so I didn't pay attention to her much, and she's became lonely, so I'm going to make it up to her by spending a lot more time with her from now on. She also abandoned the mimiga form completely, settling on a version of Rin from the Shelter short, but with dark green, mossy hair with small flowers growing in it. Think Angora from The Meek's hair. The hair turns red whenever she gets excited from what I can tell, but it seems to only happen sometimes. She changes her clothes on a whim, to whatever she wants, basically. She's currently wearing some sort of pink robe. Her personality has shifted a bit as well, with her being much more affectionate, excitable, and energetic than before, which is the opposite of how I am these days. A lot more hugs have resulted from this, which is something I honestly need. Last night, however, she was also, lets say, sexually charged. I'm going to spoiler tag the mildly NSFW stuff. I feel as if these feelings are due to me not talking to her for too long of a timespan, making her desire to be with me into something more. That sounds about right. Anyways, I never wanted a romantic relationship to occur between me and Aeyrs, but here we are I guess, even if it's mainly romantic on her side, and mainly platonic on my side. AEYRS'S CORNER So I guess this is where I talk and stuff, its like an experiment in proxying or something. Don't have much to say, Pex said most of the stuff you need to know. All I know is that I love him. Don't know if it should be romantic or not though :/ .
  9. Just posting a minor update to let everyone know we are still alive. Haven't forced properly for about a week, and so no progress has really been made. This is due to multiple factors, such as medication changes and schoolwork. Also, I don't really know what to do when forcing. I'll post another update in a few days I guess, either then or when we make some sort of progress.
  10. Day 6 and 7: The Little Things Not much happened on Day 6 of note, other than 1 major thing. I discovered the animated short Shelter though the music sharing thread here on the forums, and Aeyrs and I watched it, and to put it lightly, it was very impactful. Watch it here: [video=youtube] Aeyrs was quite moved by the video, sending out constant waves of alien-feeling extreme sadness to me. I can tell this sadness wasn't mine, as even though I was moved by the video, I wasn't crying afterwards. I checked the wonderland, and Aeyrs was visibly upset. It took around 1 hour for her to calm down after watching it, and even now we both feel pretty impacted by the video. Today, due to my meds being moved from the morning to the afternoon, I was quite depressed, and was out of it all day, so Aeyrs didn't get enough attention, and I had to leave school early due to said depression, this being the first time in 2+ weeks I've had to do so, thankfully. I tried to force this afternoon, but fell asleep. Was able to get a bit of forcing in after I woke up, and Aeyrs was using a new form based off of Rin from the video linked above (I asked her if she liked the video, and she said yes, even though she was upset by it to begin with) , then switched back to her mimiga form. I added some furniture to the house in the wonderland that she built a while back using a tablet-like object, once again inspired by the video above, including a TV that shows what I am seeing in the living-room like area on floor 1. Also did a small bit of imagery streaming. Overall, not a large amount of progress was made, but the fact that I could feel Aeyrs's emotion after watching Shelter was quite amazing.
  11. Things have stabilized for the most part in school, so I should be good. Early this year was hard, but my meds are working now, so I'm doing pretty well now, and should be able to manage forcing and school. School will always come first, and I'm pretty sure Aeyrs understands why.
  12. [video=youtube] Since the Nintendo Switch was revealed, this has been stuck in my head. Sooo catchy.
  13. Oh hi there. Welcome to my new rebooted progress report, the "This time I wont stop forcing due to school" edition. Anyone who saw my older progress report in the past might be wondering what happened to Omni. Well, to be honest, I'm not really sure. Either he is incorporated into my new tulpa, or he is still in stasis somewhere in the depths of my brain. Speaking of which, its time for everyone to meet Aeyrs! (Sorry, mobile users) Ive been working on her for the past week, and so far she has become somewhat vocal. Her form is based off of the character Sue from Cave Story, making her a mimiga. However, due to recent deviations, Aeyrs's dress is a light shade of pink, her eyes are a shade of purple and "anime style" in appearance, and a tuff of hair sticks up from the top of her head. (She also doesn't have the scar that Sue has, for anyone wondering.) (Image of Sue that Aeyrs's form is based on.) Expect an update tomorrow. Updates will happen at least once a week if I stay on schedule.
  14. Been playing a lot of Realm of the Mad God recently. It's a Bullet Hell/MMO fusion, and it's free to play, which is nice. Also have been playing King Arthur's Gold, which is a sidescrolling, medieval-ish PVP CTF. It has fully destructible terrain, like Minecraft or Terraria, which adds to the fun. Both games have a large learning curve however, so I don't suggest either one unless you have a lot of time to waste.
  15. I think I found out about tupae though a reddit thread, can't remember what exactly. It prompted me to do some googling, which made me discover /r/tupla, and then Been interested in the phenomena since that day in January.