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    Stupid Jokes Thread

    How many feminist does it take to change a lightbulb? They'll just post on tumblr on how patriarchy treat women like sex object and that the phallic shape of lightbulb represents rape culture in our society.
  2. It's not that easy, I just randomly get one. Also, it's usually easier to get LD during a quick nap. I think I kinda lost lucidity there, when I saw the big house, lol.
  3. Definitely getting ps4 for that! Also, Ace Combat 7.
  4. What rectangular vegetable based pastry is Tulpa talking about?
  5. Earthquake So I was about to sleep in the guest room in my parents' house until my mom knocked my door. She said the AC's dead in her room so my dad and her had to sleep in my old room. Suddenly, an earthquake hits. The house feels shaking like crazy. I calmly pushed mom out of the house. Outside, mom curled on the ground(none of us thought about dad. Poor guy, lol) "This is terrible, this can't be real", I thought. Just so; I pinched my nose and could still breathe. Lucid dream ensued. First thing first, I tried to summon my soon-to-be tulpsy, Nagi. Failed. Frustrated, I just walked around the block until I saw a big house and broke in. The owner, my underclassman irl came out and kicked me out. I walked out, then overheard her getting scolded by her parents.
  6. glint4

    Stupid Jokes Thread

    My motto is just like my blood type. B negative.
  7. Goodbye. Silly spirit never played CTR or Mario Kart. Then again, it had nothing to do with the question.
  8. Hey, you're doing good. Kino's definitely well on her way now. Congrats! :)
  9. D Been awhile since I last posted, spirit's still drunk
  10. Day #40(9/15) Wonderland Expansion Hey. It's been awhile since I had Nagi. Most of the time I just impose her following me in real life. I was thinking about expanding our wonderland. We live in a small-ish apartment, it must be boring for her to be there all the time when I don't think about her. I'm thinking about the same island I had in my daydream story. It's a small fictional island with some artificial expansion(for a bit futuristic look) somewhere in Pasific. I call it Mikazuki(crescent moon) Island. Just like Nagi's name, I picked that just because I like the sound. Fun fact: I just googled the meaning of nagi in japanese, turns out it means "calm" which fits perfectly with her personality. So I took her out. We went around the island, played on the beach, took some lunch, and at the end I took her to some clothing store. I guess she's also bored with that maid getup all this time. I just told her to pick whatever she likes while I kind of suppressed my expectation. She picked a white long sleeved white shirt with black trousers. Not casual at all. As expected from her... Wait, what? *about to punch my unconscious*