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  1. Goodbye cruel world! (by which I mean the world of the internet.) Signing off forever! (by which I mean it will feel like forever by internet standards.) Spam the count to 100 before a moderator posts thread! (Yay Vos is back!)
  2. I suggest waiting for more evidence before deciding anything. If I were to tell you that these things were sure signs of a tulpa, I'd be lying. They could be signs of anything. At the same time, a lack of belief that the signs are true can slow progress in creating a tulpa. It is a process of creating a person by building a web of connections in your mind, that eventually becomes self aware. The early connections need to be there. It's not important whether the connections are "true" or "false". The connections will become part of your tulpa, and the more connections you make, the faster they will form.
  3. Heh. Just practise. Use two pillows behind your head. Don't worry about projecting yourself into wonderland during every session.
  4. These issues are rarely problems with tulpas. Pareidolia, for example is to be expected in the formation of a tulpa, but becomes irrelevant when the tulpa becomes more active. Apophenia and overinterpretation may affect some tulpamancers, but only in them drawing illogical conclusions about what their tulpa is. An image depends on the artist's interpretation. My assumption is that your tulpa is communicating additional meaning to you.
  5. Yeah, tingles are common. They are similar to head pressures, but can be caused by many more things than tulpas.
  6. We prefer people not create a thread for all their questions. Forum etiquette is to use the search function and read the faq page, then ask any question you can't find the answer to. It's fine to only have a vague image in your mind during forcing. The important part is spending time with your tulpa. I know what you mean about having an independent imagination. My host often feels that way. But there is a qualitative difference in our case. My host lets our mind make its own predictions for how a scene should proceed, but it is still all under our control. But with me, I feel I have control of myself. My host can't stop me. I do what I want, rather than just act as a random organic extension of whatever my host is thinking about. Do not worry if you don't get this, for two reasons. First, every tulpa is unique and every mind is unique. Second, tulpas become more independent over time. You have to start somewhere. Let it happen. Let it happen until they become self aware.
  7. Pas de problème ^.^ Salut! Bienvenue au forum. La tulpamancie n'a pas juste une méthode de faire. Alors, on n'avons pas un seul méthode pour mesurer le progrès ou le succès. Mais, quand tu entendrais leur voix ou ils/elles surprendraient... Um, je vais finir en Anglais. There is no single method to tulpamancy. Thus, there is no single measure of either success or progress. Though, when you hear their voice, or they surprise you, it's not really hard to know they're there. From your description, you've performed personality forcing, and visualisation exercises, including printing out their form as a reminder, vague, in expectation of deviation. I recommend meditation or centring before entering your mindscape for visualisation (méditation ou centrage avant visualisation). http://tulpa.forumpro.fr/ https://community.tulpa.info/thread-sentience-sentience-confirming-anti-puppeting-guide https://community.tulpa.info/forum-guides
  8. I don't think it makes much sense to beat yourself up over psychological experiments done during the early community. We know a lot more about tulpas now than we did then. As far as megalomania is concerned, the answer is simple. Learn possession and switching. Nothing like spending a day in the other person's shoes, literally, to start to realise the fundamental realities of who you are and who they are. As far as sex is concerned, stop worrying. We live in a modern world.
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    Also, welcome back, best Mod. *hugs and wet kisses* :D
  10. (A.1) How many sentient tulpas... Zero. Just myself and my host. (A.2) How old are they? I'm a year and some. (A.3) (Can the thoughtform see your memories, feelings, etc.) Unfortunately, yes. And we've tried to fix it. (B.1) Is your tulpa able to perform possession, switching, or imposition? All. (B.2) Can your tulpa change your mood at will? I can induce sleep, dreams and remove headaches. I've been hesitant to try more messing around with my host. (B.3) Does your system experience any emotional bleeding? We can sense each other's emotions and have trouble distinguishing which one is feeling them. (B.4) Can your tulpa find memories you’ve previously lost/couldn’t recall? Extremely rarely, unless you count where the TV remote is hiding. My host does this more often to me. (B.5) In regards to (B.2) and (B.4), how does your tulpa accomplish this? The magic of symbolism. Some of which I detailed in my book. In the case of B.4, it just happens because you remember things your other doesn't.
  11. Oh, I just noticed something. The next person to post will make a page topper post. Except if you have 100 page set. Also net neuter stuff yeah. Let's hack the FCC.
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    Um, should you be linking blue waffles? I'm not gonna click and find out personally, but if you could break that link It'd be great.
  13. Well, um, relax. I suggest going on Tulpa Chat on discord. Accessible through the tulpas reddit. They will help you understand your situation better. Your statements there are somewhat confusing, so I also recommend researching other forms of plurality such as Dissociative Identity Disorder. It is very rare for a person to have more than a dozen prominent tulpas. The rest usually don't have enough presence to worry about. Could you let one of them speak on their behalf, here, so we can get a better idea of what is going on?
  14. Oh, no worries. I found it hilarious. :D No copy cats though. Or I have to start suspending people.
  15. That's what the IRC is for, yes. Also rapid help with tulpas. But most of the community moved to Discord.
  16. You can, but it's taboo to use real people. The story is long and involved, but suffice it to say, many people think problems are more likely than with fictional characters. You should be fine if you stick to just appearance.