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  1. I feel like this thread is asking for opinions, so I will throw mine in.. I don't clearly remember the circumstances of when you guys last left. All I remember is that a conversation between us went south and it ended by MistGod sending one of us a nice love-filled PM. I always thought your inputs were interesting when reading old threads, and I'm still very certain you guys have interesting experience to bring to the table anyhow. Welcome back ! (even though we kinda aren't here much nowadays)
  2. Thanks a lot ! I suppose I had an issue during download... Will try again then !
  3. Hey, sorry we are a bit late on this, but I'm having issues reading some of the files (for now, just one actually). Wanted to re-watch the "2 Weeks to Switch _ Ep 5 _ Dissociation[...].mp4". Tried a bunch of things, but I can't get VLC to read it :( Am I the only one with this issue ? Does anyone have a clue on how to fix it please ? Edit : Realized videos are streamable from the archive link. Will do the trick until I manage to fix these :)
  4. Coming back from limbo to throw my thoughts here :o I follow the rule Lumi explained, so I use Tulpas. As for a replacement to tulpamancy, and tulpamancers, I like tulping and tulper: Me say "A tulper practices tulping. This means forcing tulpas"
  5. (Hi guys, long time no see :) ) Just to say that we liked this guide, but the fact that it says "possession is easy" multiple times kinda hurts, as we didn't manage to get to that in almost 4 years. I'd say this : If it was/is easy for a system, it may not be for another... And saying all over the place that it's easy may hurt the less talented ;) Anyways, thanks a lot for this guide, it provided us with some great tips !
  6. Floh

    Images of your desktops

    imgur works really well !
  7. Our "social self" has a last name, but we both don't :) We are Floh and Cora, and we both are *John Doe* (insert first and last name) to society. We don't need last names inside the system ;)
  8. Added Cora, had no clue this existed :o
  9. My diet is superclean, I exercice 6 days a week, for one hour. The only chemicals I intentionally absorb are nicotin because I'm still addicted and a pill that keeps me alive by regulating the K Vitamin in my blood. I'm still crap at tulpa skills and haven't been able to properly switch or let Cora posess our body, after almost 3 years of sharing this brain. That's why I don't think food has much to do with what we do here :/ I think some brains are good at it, some are bad and need way more work to reach the same goals. All this IMHO
  10. I just don't :o I personnally gave up on switching or whatever skill we were trying to master. Putting so much effort for absolutely no result made me tilt completely. Cora still would like to work on it, but I gave up. We'll stay as is for now. Maybe my visualisation (I mean all senses in wonderland) will get better with time passing by, and maybe we'll learn how to switch without trying to. But I gave up on trying.
  11. I prefer sunsets, because when I see a sunrise, it usually mean I didn't sleep at all. Sweet or savory?
  12. I'd say a common word :p I picked this for Corazon too. I supposed the fact that it's in another language doesn't change much.
  13. Didn't try snorkelling, but scuba-diving gave me some of my best memories :D Have you ever been abroad, living with a family you didn't know before ?
  14. Fitness (thanks Tulpa, finally someone reasonable about animals :D)