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  1. I used to when I would do sitting meditations. I overcame the problem for the most part by using breathing focus, mantra and counting beads. I eventually was able to hold a totally still mind for a half hour or so. Not overreacting to the intrusiveness but quietly refocusing are what my coach recommended. Sometimes it's more of a problem with sleep deprivation or sitting in too comfortable a position. Doing your visualization when standing can help and I already explained the shadow meditation out of the Tantras. Also using the thoughtform's name as a mantra may help as well. each time you say it's name try to make out parts of it's body the head and face in particular if it's humanoid. Try to make it appear every time you say the name.
  2. This is for those who are having some trouble visualizing their forms. Two ways to do this. It requires a stretch of sunny weather with fairly clear skies. When your outside and your tulpa form is humanoid focus on the head of your shadow watching it intently impose the features of the tulpa on the shadow form. This is can done with a large drawing as well cut it out stand it up focus on it impose features. When you can see.... and I do not mean imagine I mean see features forming on the shadow raise your eyes to a patch of blue sky away from the sun so you don't hurt your eyes and try to impose the image against the sky. Takes about 2 weeks of practice if you focus. ... maybe sooner if your already able to visualize detail in your head easily and for a length of time without breaking. Same can be done with moon shadow if you live where the air is clear in winter and snow cover is good for that. This came from a yoga version same idea as tulpa making just a way of doing meditation that gives some variety. I'll throw a couple up. I think it's in the Tantras by Woodriff but I'm not sure off the top of my head. Since I'm planting right now I dont' have a lot of time to look up the specific reference.
  3. Orq that's an excellent diagram!!!!!!!!
  4. BFP

    Scientific evidence.

    I'll tell you right now your going to have a hard row to hoe doing things this way. This has been done with other forms of esoteric work. I would go through the journal of parapsychology and look through meditation, spirit mediumship and evocation. The first part of a good research project is a literature search. You need to know and research related topics which you don't appear to based on this reading. I can help you through that if your interested. EEG's will not reveal whats going on with Tulpa work they will only indicate the state of meditation being attained. Same was done with Astral projection and there were no significant results found. Even though people were able to coraberate information outside their bodies during the experiment. The Philp experiment was attempting to measure a different thing attempting to measure human telekinetic ability. Here is one site. You may have to go to the library and look up articles there is a reference book that can help you do that but the name I can't remember as I need a pot of coffee before that part of my head kicks in. They can get the old issues on their readers. If they can't you'll have to go through a medical library. Also if you want to do neurological measurments you need to a have a neurologist to write the scripts interpret the data and get research permissions contracts ect. Blue it is an occult practice. It's of Tibetian Buddist origin. The same practices were bought to the west by two women Blavenski and David-Need. They formed part of the basis of the work of Alister Crowley. It is considered an advanced form of Evocation. The theory that it's " all in your head" is also one of the major theories behind evocational practice. The practitioners are about evenly divided between those who believe the phenomenon is psychological and those that believe independent entities are involved.
  5. Either way should be okay It sounds like you don't like the cartoonish aspect. Work on visualization skills. Can you draw? Do you know how to proportion a human body? If you want your Tulpa to be realistic you have to be able to hold that image in your head and view it from all angles. I find that having the from stand in front of me and running my hands over him like I'm sculpting to be very helpful. I've seen mine twice ( that is outside and physical view) His hair is a bit darker than I expected, face slightly broader and hair/beard a little thicker. But the overall structure and form outline are identical to what I worked with.
  6. Another thing are you trying to attract adults with this site? ... seeing things like "read this first asshole" on your guide makes you sound really immature, most will go elsewhere and credibility is totally lost Again I would suggest diversity but if you want a teenage site that's fine too. I'm just not sure where you going with it. That has to be reflected in the name and web description.
  7. Your programing is related to your subconscious and may not be what you consciously set up. There are other possiblities I would consider but in keeping with the party line and doctorine I will refrain. In any case the emotion you feel may not make sense to you or be inappropriate to the situation. ... kinda feels like your mind isn't quite your own anymore.
  8. It needs to have the name Tulpa set out so that it's searchable. possibly tulpa meditation since that's whats being promoted. Unless you want to leave it open to other similar type techniques. It may not be a bad idea to attract a diverse crowd. If people get stuck it gives more options to work with rather than giving up and getting discouraged. What are your goals for this website.
  9. Have a bad hip I can't do crosslegged and sure as hell cannot stand on my head I have a camp chair in the studio I use. Use a pillow to keep my back straight. I do use pranyama techniques to help build heat and energy. I also do shamanic type energy raising with the hyper ventilating dancing ect. scrying, dowsing for suggestions or work direction. I follow the AV's directions for the most part he tends to work from different angles from evocatory to meditative. Time I guess I average 40 minutes a day sometimes do a couple sessions. I quit when I fatigue or start to wander mentally so it doesn't adversly affect the form. As I said I don't watch the clock.
  10. thats possible but you'd have to make it powerful. It would take a great deal of work and focused intent.
  11. I've also seen stuff like this myself up close and personal the actual workings I was involved in are too sensitive for an open forum. Personal confidences would be violated if I relayed the experiences but I have had first hand experience yes. . Some were servitors others were other types of entities. Whether or not they start out as servitor or egregores I don't know. I'm not out to prove or disprove this. If you want to believe it's psychological that's fine by me. It's a perfectly acceptable thing and many people would agree with you on it. I cannot make it so you can believe... proof from the outside is never enough and the mind will not accept a challenge like that very readily. I'm just relating my own personal experience and conclusions drawn from that.... Also this isn't based on something I've read. It's either first hand or someone I know fairly well and trust. Tulpas servitors, godforms and egregores are useful from a purely psychological standpoint. Just be aware of how your limiting your experience and if desired seek to expand it. Be aware that there are people who work with this kind of thing who have good reason in their eyes to believe that there is a potential for such an entity to have an objective reality apart from the psychology of it's maker. Be aware that a Tulpa is not the only fish in the sea when it comes to this kind of work It comes in many forms depending greatly on the culture and beliefs of the people. It does have a strong psychological aspect. That is a valuable thing but for me anyways is much more to this rabbit hole.
  12. Servitors depending on their abilities can accomplish tasks in real time. The tulpa appears physical whereas a Servitor usually does not. I have one servitor running right now to help with the tulpa/avatar work and am going to activate another today. The limitations depend on the creator. Your beliefs are primary limiting factor. I don't mean what you want or think you believe I mean at a subconscious level. I know of one and I don't mean .. heard of second hand I personally know the person who was able to induce an earthquake in a specific spot. In my case, I don't do tulpas as a rule that affect other's much. That's a loaded gun and can have unexpected repercussion which I found I would rather not deal with. Sigils are the most common way of activating and controlling servitors. groups can do them they're called egregores. They can become very powerful. Egregores can also become Tulpas and may be an explanation for some of the paranormal sightings. Things like Virgin mary and such might be explained that way. I don't think there is a blanket explanation for everything I think it could explain some things. The world is far too complex and the universe far to unknown. I have to accept the I don't know or I'm not sure answer for most of these things. 40 years from now we'll proven totally wrong regardless of what we think The guy who was able to cause an earthquake was an atheist by the way. He was experimenting to see if a real time effect could be done using the technique he was working on..
  13. Charlotte I try both ways I use other tools besides just meditation to do this so I have to be able to see a wall about 14 ft away from me. So I often use my glasses but when I'm just meditating then I don't I also close my eyes too. I also don't worry about time so much. I know my average time in meditation is about 40 minutes. I focus on quality, and I do more than one session a day. I don't want to loose intensity during the meditation time. So when fatigue sets in I stop rest and come back later. Focusing on time and thinking well at this many hours this should happen .. you might be creating unnecessary obstacles. The times are described as averages. Your priority has to be on the tulpa not on the clock. In the west we're very obscessed with time. other more structured forms of this it's been known to take as long as a year before visuals occur. The fact is there is you just have to keep working til you break through that barrier in your mind for everyone it's different
  14. When I work I do an active part I run my hands over the body I'm visualizing in front of me. I go over every inch. Now I'm an artist and RN so I can do the visualization of complex anatomy features fairly easily. Then sit down and do some other things. The shaping is like doing sculpture and sitting down and visualizing like doing a painting. I do the work away from the bedroom where I sleep.. in fact I have a small studio which I set apart for this kind of work. So my mind is ready for this when I walk in there and I don't get drowsy. Having a special area set a side even a chair but somewhere you don't sleep will help combat the brain eating ZZZ worms.
  15. He's not a yidam either it's kinda of a blend of things. Doesn't fit into a catagory... guess I could call it an avatar. But even that isn't a perfect description Does google kiss you goodnight and tuck you in?? I had no idea he could be so.... warm :-)